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Ritz Laguna – Grand Ballroom wedding

Another awesome couple.  Destination wedding coming from NY and their guests from all over the country and other parts of the world, it was a mutli day celebration of them.

We pulled together the best vendor team, Duke Photography, Scenemotion Films, Square Root of course for the florals, Liventgroup for the band/music in all areas, Harrys Party Rentals for the rectangle mirror tables, mirror tops for our round tables and awesome bar that was the center attraction of our room and TMMPRO for the dancefloor/draping and stage cover.  And of course to our partners at the Ritz Laguna, as always, teamwork makes the dreamwork and wedding dreams come true xoxox

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Ritz Carlton Laguna Indian Wedding

The above pics show how this setup on the Bluff Lawn could be for a non-Indian wedding, and then when it is setup as a mandap!!

We had Daisy bring the groom in as we do for most of our Indian weddings.  Shukavek Dasa my fave officiant for Indian weddings did another wonderful job.

In the ballroom we had the dancefloor/decal, stage cover & draping done by my pals at TMMPRO, all music from baraat/dohl player to dancing after dinner was done by Ali/Special Occasions, and the floral/décor and B&G table were by Flowers by Cina, another wonderful job ladies.


And a variety of closeups through one of the rectangle tables we had on each side of the dancefloor, the rest of the ballroom were round guest tables.  Thanks as always to our team at the Ritz-Carlton, teamwork makes the dream work, xoxoxxo

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Two day wedding/Ritz & St Regis

jayadevan_0228 jayadevan_0253

I just love it when I can incorporate my two fave locations in S CA, and so lucky I actually get to do it quite often.  Tala and Raj were doing a two day event, incorporating two cultures and traditions.  We chose to do the Indian Celebration/day at the St Regis and day 2 for the Persian Celebration at the Ritz-Carlton Laguna.  Lucky guests getting the best of the OC for the celebration of this fab couple and really lovely parents.

jayadevan_0391 jayadevan_1126

As you can see Tala wanted different colors to the traditional Indian wedding colors (my Indian weddings are rarely traditional colors), we used the existing rotunda at the cere site as the mandap structure and it worked really well.  Our groom arrived on a Rickshaw for the baraat, in the picture above the guests are congregating for the milni.  The tables on the Grand Lawn is where the guests went for lunch after the Indian ceremony was over.  Now what you don’t see/know is there was a threat of rain for the ceremony/lunch time, so the night before we draped a portion of the dinner room as ceremony backup and with the chiavaris I have to say it looked awesome.  The decision to move inside had to be made as 7am, so who could sleep right, I was up at 4am driving downtown Dana Point and the roads was slik, hmmm.  At 6:50am up again looking out my hotel window, talking to the florist who was at the property, and we made the decision to stay outside.  I saw father of the bride while I was having breakfast at the hotel and he said to me, in or out, out I said, he smiled.  And again, on my watch, all was good, in fact it was quite warm/hot towards the end of the ceremony and luncheon!!

jayadevan_1352 jayadevan_1355 jayadevan_1357 jayadevan_1359

Then the evening sangeet.  We reused the draping we were doing as ceremony backup and moved it (again the importance of vendors who work together a lot and will do things spur of the moment when needed/will make it work for me).


On Day 2 we had a bridal party, and how elegant they look.

jayadevan_2245 jayadevan_2319

Great shot of the back of Tala’s gown on Day 2, and the sofreh with a pretty spectacular backdrop!!

jayadevan_2426 jayadevan_2701

Tala was not a Persian bride wanting large/big florals, for the ballroom everything was low for the reception/dinner/dance for 300, when you do low florals in such a big ballroom they get lost in pictures, but believe me the room looked beautiful, elegant and calm, just like our bride.  We had the space in the Grand Ballroom at the Ritz-Carlton Laguna to do a mix of long and round tables which is always fun.

jayadevan_2708 jayadevan_2721 jayadevan_2756 jayadevan_2766

Thanks to Frank Salas for the above photos, to White Lilac for being a great partner for two days and creating such beauty, David Medill/videographer great to meet and work with him for the first time, Flawless Faces for beautifying the girls for both days, and to my favorite Persian officiant, Shahrzad Ardelan – I refer her to everyone and am always sad when a couple doesn’t go with her.  To the teams at both St Regis and Ritz-Carlton Laguna as always, we create beautiful dream weddings together, I appreciate you all.  xoxoxo

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Grand Ballroom Ritz Carlton Laguna wedding

167H5267 copy 2

Well finally I blog my fabulous Holly and her fabulous wedding.

Holly and Michael got married at their church.  I have done a few weddings for couples from this church, some I attend the church on the day and get them up the aisle and some I don’t.  With Holly she customized her service option so I came to the hotel earlier in the day to ensure she was having a nice morning and on track with getting ready, got them off to the church and I headed to the church, got everyone up the aisle, then back to the hotel I went to ensure setup was still coming along fabulously.  Lovely Teri was at the church and kept everything on track from there until they got back to the Ritz.

I really enjoyed the process with these two.  Holly had great taste and was very resourceful in sourcing the detail items she wanted for pricing I was amazed by, you go girl.  She was up for mixing up the layout/look of the room which I always love to do.  There was only one decorator/florist who was going to be able to pull their vision off and that was my friends at Square Root who gave way more than was paid for, because that is what vendors do you have great relationships with and who want to be part of a great celebration. We had some great corner seating areas with decaled mirrors/candles/cushions.  Design Visage beautified Holly and everyone else (she had such great bridesmaids, fun and supportive, loved them) and Holly loved DV so much she is now a regular customer for her normal hair/makeup needs!!  Michael wanted only two things, a ‘tree style’ centerpiece and a martini luge, he got both.  Thanks to Ice Bulb for the luge, fabulous as always.  They wanted a more interactive dj style, so Invisible Touch was the obvious choice and they also did the lighting.  Monico Décor for the rentals, Tony Florez and thanks for the photos as always, and to our fabulous team mates at the Ritz-Carlton.  We are so lucky we get to work with great vendor teams and hotel staff, and wonderful wonderful couples.

L07A3814 copy 2

L07A3816 copy 2

L07A3822 copy 2

L07A3824 copy 2

L07A3826 copy 2

L07A3828 copy 2

L07A3830 copy 2

L07A3832 copy 2

L07A3837 copy 2

L07A3840 copy 2

L07A3856 copy 2

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Grand ballroom Grand – Ritz Carlton, Laguna Niguel

Ok, it is time to post Kendi’s fabulous Ritz-Carlton wedding celebration.  This is my last post for 2013 (yes, seems late, but thankful for being a busy wedding planner).

Kendi and I brainstormed a vision and she let me guide/lead her, to where we created a celebration that Kendi and her groom can be proud of, and the friends/family who attended will not forget and probably compare other weddings to.

Greatest vendor team: Tony Florez photography (thanks for the pics), Square Root Floral Design, Fusion Décor, The Emotion Picture Studio, my fave band/Full Spectrum, Design Visage for beautifying everyone, White Flite for our 100 dove release, Carving Ice for our life size tiger sculpture, and of course my friends/team at the Ritz-Carlton upstairs and downstairs, love love you all and your continued strive to make each celebration more successful than the client could dream of.

So of course, we had a hanging cake:

L07A3473 copy

We did not want a  boring photobooth, so I created a photo cabana, the guests loved it.  Kendi provided the chaise

L07A3487 copy

We did rounds as well as two large X tables, 1 on each side, always effective

L07A3508 copy

L07A3509 copy

L07A3544 copy

The ceremony was beautiful and that backdrop is very hard to beat

L07A2899 copy

L07A2906 copy

But of course you must have  life size tiger daaaaahlings

L07A3466 copy

L07A3469 copy

L07A3471 copy

Love my brides, love my job.  Bet you can see why!!

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