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Last St Regis, Monarch Beach wedding


Here is the new Grand Lawn Ceremony site at the Monarch Beach Resort, formerly the St Regis Monarch Beach, and these pics are from a wedding that was planned for around 15 months and happened a few days before the name change.  So as things happen along the way, the vision our bride had for her ceremony changed with hotel changes and she didn’t end up with her final vision until a few days before, I think it looked lovely.  By taking away the rotunda somehow the ocean seems right there, and I now get more of a Caribbean backdrop feel, where the pool seems to end at the ocean.

0791 0794

Down at Club 19 we did a mix of round and rectangle tables.  This was a daytime wedding, so the colors really worked well and gave an elegant feel.  The ceiling treatment turned out perfect for Jennifer’s style, our original vision was about 15 chandeliers hanging in a variety of sizes and styles but that really was too shabby chic for her, and this more elegant ceiling was done by a vendor Jennifer found OCLA events, they really did a great job.

0797 0801

Jennifer and Brook lived out of town/northern CA but are fortunate that they come down often and always stay at the hotel, in fact their fave butler came down and sabred the champagne bottle for them prior to the toasts, so they were able to keep an eye on how the changes at the hotel were coming along.


The hanging cake

0851 FullSizeRender 2

My new fave vendor for 2016, TMMPRO, I love their dancefloors

FullSizeRender 4

The new more open look into Club 19

FullSizeRender  IMG_7373

These last two pics are mine.  The one above shows the chandeliers on, and the pic on the right show how huge the ceremony florals were that were repurposed to some of the dining tables.

Other members of this great vendor team were, Joe Latter photo/thanks for the pics above, Krieger Style dj (they had a guy they knew who was the dj, he let them down so they then spent time on a band that didn’t work out and ultimately ended up with my dj David,  the right guy, as always), Vantage Productions/Video, Elegant by Design/floral, Paul Uhlar/officiant, Wendy Smith/harpist,  Laura at the ST Regis and of course the setup/banquet team on the day.

Got lots of lovely weddings coming up this year, can’t wait to share them all with you.


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Canadian couple wed at St Regis

photo 3

Really enjoyed helping Dallen and Dean pull their wedding together from another country!!  They got married at my favourite site at St Regis Monarch Beach, Botanical Garden, and had a lovely intimate dinner/dance reception in the wine cellar.  Their family/friends that came in only found out a few days before that they were going to be attending a wedding, and no one left back in Canada knew that was what was going to happen down here in S CA.  So there was no social media happening on this day.  Great fun group.

photo 2


Till tomorrow


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2013 Thank yous

See it is never too late to send a thank you.  These notes came in 2014 and brought back good memories to me of these celebrations, as well as touched my heart.

Hi Lisa

I thought about you earlier today and wanted to drop a note and say Hi!  I can’t believe I has been 7 months sine our wedding.  It truly was the most amazing wedding and I have you to thank.  Hope all is well and Keep in touch!! XOXO Alexis

Hi Lisa

Thank you again for all you did for us, you were amazing.  Hope you’re doing well. Cheryl

Hi Lisa

We’ve been thinking about you.  I wanted to thank you so much for all your help, time and energy you put into our wedding.  It was exactly what I wanted, I couldn’t have been more pleased with the outcome.  Take care, Angela

Till next time
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St Regis vibrant

I already posted this wedding but got these photos and wanted to share them also.

Great shot of the dove release, and the Grand Lawn with these vibrant colors.

Thanks to Cloak Photography for the pics.







Till next time


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St Regis Monarch Beach Club 19 wedding

I am so lucky to do so many weddings at the unique Club 19 each year, and have done so from the day the hotel opened, so going on 12 years now. And as you can see each wedding is different, that is due to the different visions my brides have and the different vendors that are used. Love it






Till next time
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St Regis Monarch Beach wedding

Noelle was probably the most efficient bride I have ever had. She was on top of things before she needed to be and when I gave her tasks they were done in minutes. Great couple and a really intimate group that came to celebrate with them. They went over and above with the food/beverage selections, lucky guests, in fact so much so, the St Regis Executive Chef came down to Club 19 to handle/oversee the dish up himself!!!

We pulled together the perfect vendor team for their celebration, thanks to for the pics below (love working with James, he does a lot of movie/LA peeps weddings, so always love it when I can pull him down to the OC), Keith Laverty for the floral design, Fusion for the furniture/linens/chaircovers (yes another bride for me this year that loved the material look as opposed to the chivari), Peter/Vive Ent for the mceeing and dancing/party music, lovely Linda Trott for her always wonderful way she does a ceremony, and the last vendor we had was a flamenco guitarist (like me they love everything spanish and had their honeymoon in Barcelona, where I had been back to only a few months earlier) who played pre ceremony, flamenco for the ceremony songs, cocktail time and most of dinner, I loved it. Giving their celebration such a relaxing, special feel. The relaxing I know was their main goal, and it was achieved.

As always, thanks to Kelly and the team at St Regis, they are such a pleasure to work alongside, we all have the same goals, an event the B&G will treasure forever and the guests will remember.








Till next time
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St Regis Monarch Beach, Botanical & Club 19 wedding for French B&G

Well this was one of two wedding celebrations Helene had the fun to plan and they were so opposite, one wedding event was being held in Paris where they are both from, and the other was here in sunny S Ca where they are currently living.

Helene was fun, so the colors and feel of the wedding here reflect very much her personality and attitude to life, here she could do bright vibrant colors/butterflies etc and it would work, in Paris that may not have been the case.

She flew her photographer in from Paris, he was doing her wedding there also, and in looking at his website he does weddings in some really beautiful castles and locations all over Europe, very romantic. The pictures below did not come from him though.




Helene let me guide her to the vendor team right for her, my fave officiant Paul Uhlar did the honors, Kimberly of Shane Productions took care of the video coverage so the family/friends in Paris could see how the sunny S Ca wedding was, we had my favorite harpist for the ceremony and cocktails, and the wonderful Peter of Vive Entertainment was the dj. Fusion for the furniture we used in the dancing area of Club 19 and because, remember I said she was fun, we had a nice big photobooth from Larissa/Photobooth specialists, which the guests enjoyed and as happens, carried the props to the dancefloor and used them there also.

Till next time
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St Regis Monarch Beach, Botanical/Club 19

I am fortunate to be, as far as I know/am told, the co-ordinator that has done/and does more wedding celebrations from the day the hotel opened until now, at the fabulous Club 19 location at the fabulous St Regis Monarch Beach. And what makes it even more fun for me, is if you look at the photos I post the weddings are never the same, you may see similar elements, but it really is a different/personalised wedding for each couple that chooses this location. I love it.

For the wedding below, what a great couple and what a good time we had planning this wedding. Glenda and Ken came to me through one of his employees whose wedding I had done last year. Teri orchestrated the wedding day of his employee and as luck would have it, I was already booked on their date but was able to have Teri orchestrate their day too.

Through the planning months the couple were at their home here in the OC a bit but mostly in Washington DC where he works, so there were many emails/phone chats along the way, but when they were in town we had a great time pulling everything together, a lot of laughs. They made great selections from the vendors I thought would work best with/for them and everything was of course smooth as silk on the day/celebration. I really loved the color palette we ended up with, very rich/sexy, perfect for this sophisticated couple.



Thanks to our good pal Tony Florez for the photos above,

Till next time
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Club 19, St Regis – 2011

We love, love, this area at the St Regis.  An Italian style cere site, cocktails looking over the golf greens to the ocean beyond, outdoor dining and then create a club feeling inside the dancing/bar area.  Love it.  So many different vibes in this area to keep your guests guessing and admiring.  Here are some pics from just a few of the lovely celebrations we did in this area this year, these ones used unusual colors or did the layout or decor a little different, so I am sharing, the others were lovely too, but there’s only so many pics you want to see, right!!   I just realised that with the weddings shown below, all had booked me to assist them from the beginning (budget/vendor selection & keeping them on track with the tasks to be done along the way) through the day of the event.  You will notice each wedding has a different look/feel, which shows that I am  an advocate of  ‘it is your wedding, not mine’.  Your colors/style, I just help you achieve it, and thus my job is never boring and you are not having a ‘Lisa Simpson’ wedding, it is your wedding.

This wedding was a group of 80 that all flew in from Denver, including their photographer Travis (, thanks for the pics Travis.  The father of the bride was very involved in the planning,  I miss you Fred!!  The bride and mom came in for one visit during the planning months and we had a lovely couple of days where hair/makeup preview was done,  the hotel tasting/detail meeting, linens/floral sample etc, so we were all set when they came into town for the actual wedding, they could just relax and enjoy the resort.  Apart from Travis (who was a pleasure to work with) dad and bride were very smart and allowed me to guide them to the right vendors where they got the best experience/quality and never went over budget – The A team on this one were, Ashley Video, my lovely Judge Monroe, Design Visage who keeps all my brides/girls/moms on time and looking good until the event ends, White Flite/Pamla-best dove release-I always suggest 100 for the best effect, Naples Chamber Ensembles for the cere & cocktails, Fusion for the linens/chairs/furniture, and my lovely Peter/Vive for the elegant mceeing/djing he provides-he doesn’t make it all about him.

The wedding below was an all white wedding, I just love white chivaris, they give such a complete look, and white/clean was what Kimmy was wanting.  Such a lovely couple to work with, I am so lucky. My Peni took this pic on her phone, so not the best but you get the jist.  We used Fusion again and Al from Alvarron Entertainment for his nice low key dj style.

The wedding below belongs to my lovely Stella.  Stella and her mum are best friends and mum was with us every step of the way but as support nly, she never once said what she preferred/thought.  Stella wanted yellow and green which was refreshing, such a happy feel (this color palette became quite popular through the season).  We did some cool white furniture on the lower patio which she brought pillows for.  Irmina photo took some great pics of Stella around the grounds as Stella was as daring as Irmina wanted her to be, I saw one pic where Stella was lying on a credenza by the elevator, very hip/cool shot!!  We had my fave/the best band out there, Full Spectrum that kept the party going all night long (well it felt like that and when it ended no-one was ready), linens/furniture/chivaris through Fusion Linens, Pamla the dove lady, Newport Bay Productions for video (Kamran is such a lovely man to work with), and Design Visage who kept everyone looking fab all event.

The wedding below was for a very busy bride who ended up being out of the country/travelling through most of the planning months, so our lovely groom and I became hitched at the hip.  He did a great job.  Euna had great taste and it was fun working with a new color for our base (platinum silver – which again became popular through the season) and with the florals there was that refreshing green again but this time with some white.  And for that outdoor event the white chivaris I love so much for that look/feel.  Another perfect team for this wedding – for photography (thanks for the pics Tony), we do a lot of weddings with Tony and love him to pieces, great style, so relaxed, captures all the moments with such ease and can get as artsy with the end result as you want.  Andrea Thiele for harp for cere/cocktails, Fusion for the linens/chivaris, and Al again for the relaxed/mellow style of mceeing/djing he offers, that again was perfect for this day time event.

Till next time


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