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Pelican Hill Resort, Intimate Indian Wedding

Yi yi yi. March last year as we started to pull at the final touches to this couples wedding, they said to me, are we going to be ok on our date? I said to them, oh this stay at home we are going into in 4 days will be done in 2-3 weeks and you will be fine. Little did we know eh, a year later nearly in March and I am getting those questions now for 2021 brides that already moved 1-2 times!!

So as we know it wasn’t ok, this couple moved their date two times in 2020, and then their hotel closed on them (still not open) and all monies were refunded. We are just going to the courthouse the groom said to me. I said, take a couple of days and think it over, it is your wedding day and whatever is done will be that memory, you have vendors that are paid we can look at other options. It won’t be your large Indian traditional celebration, but we can make it special/memorable. Well kudos to us/them for taking that time and for the Universe looking after them, we got to do their very intimate ceremony with the traditional mandap/Priest at one of the most beautiful prestigious wedding venues in the OC. Beautiful. And as the groom said to me at the end as they were leaving, this may just have turned out better and more meaningful/special than the original plan. Yes Nikhil yes, i believe it totally did.

Thanks to Kismit Designs for the floral/decor.

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Pelican Hill Resort Wedding 2020

Well we managed to get this wedding done March 15, 2020, the day before pretty much everyone in the USA went under shelter at home and no gatherings of more than 50 people which went down to 10 people within a day.  As I said to the mom of our groom (who was just a doll to deal with from beginning to end and wants to come work with me!!) where she was thinking the fall out of guests in the week leading up to the wedding was stressful, at least we got to have their beautiful wedding and it was such a wonderful celebration for a really really cool/awesome couple, so many after that date through now and probably mid June, hopefully not longer, I have an end of June wedding holding on tight hoping they can have their wedding as planned, have not been able to have their weddings.  I have had 6 weddings from April-mid June move dates and look very forward to the day we can celebrate them, it will be worth the wait for all.

But I digress, the Groom’s mom and bride had an inspiration pic they had been carrying around and we pretty much duplicated it.  Mom has great style and really wanted to make this wedding special, she loves her daughter in law to be and had special touches added that really personalised the wedding for them.

Thanks to TMMPRO for the rotunda draping & behind the band stage also/lighting in the ballroom +bistro lighting over cocktail patio, and the band stage cover, Simply Sweet Cakery for the wedding cake and the hidden Mickey that was special for the bride, Karla at Elegant by Design for as always putting your heart into my weddings, another beautiful job.  We had my new fav vendor Amy Serrano play the acoustic violin for the ceremony and switch it up to the electric violin with her led bow for cocktails, she has such great energy and loves what she does, the dinner/dancing was done by On demand who I have worked with a few times in the past year or so, and we had a taco cart for late night snacks as a surprise to the guests and that went down very well.  And to Miki & Sonja for being so lovely to work with and for the good pics in this post (mine are the bad ones) and to Lin & Jirsa for video on this one.

To our lovely ladies at Pelican, it was a tough day for staff there as they knew they were not going to be working for a while after, but everyone pulled through and helped me create a wonderful wedding for this special couple, our groom’s mom, and the guests who I know are not going to ever be sorry for making it to this wedding. xoxxo

Now the only good thing to come out of coronavirus is, this post makes the end of me sitting here for the past 2-3 weeks and getting caught up on nearly 3 years worth of wedding blogs/posts of weddings during that time and travel blogs that i have been meaning to do, it was nearly 200, and a lot of work, but if it wasn’t for coronavirus i would have never found or had the time to do this.  So I am now going to drink some champagne to celebrate being caught up and hopefully have a little down time before we go crazy with a years worth of weddings happening in 6 months of what will be left of 2020. Fingers and toes crossed.

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Pelican Hill Wedding Reception

Ryna and Mike were already married when they came to me, but wanted to have a wedding reception.  When we sat down to do the budget and for me to get a good feel for their style/vision etc, Ryna told me her dream was to have her celebration at Pelican Hill.  Well this is where my contacts at all the major hotels in the OC are always to your benefit and your flexibility can be paired beautifully, and so it was for my lovely Ryna.


This was a January wedding so we lost light early, so we added bistro lights at the patio where cocktails were, thanks to TMMPRO along with them doing the ballroom draping/hanging cake structure/chiavaris/my fave round dancefloor+decal. oxox

Design Visage did hair/makeup at the Resort because Ryna still got to use the bridal suite under the ballroom and they got to have lovely photos taken around the resort before cocktails began.  Flowers by Cina did the flowers and a fine job as always.  Her photographer was lovely a husband and wife team, their pics are the bottom better ones, lol, she was great about getting them to me, unfortunately we were not as good on our end to download them before they expired and after her doing it for me 2 times i felt bad asking her the 3rd time and did not hear back, oops.  So Ryna got me these pics, but again she was a lovely lady/photographer, and the pics were awesome.  Of course the team at Pelican are fabulous and they say they like me the best there, hmmmm, so let’s do more celebrations there, i want to help you future couples xoxoxox

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Second Pelican Hill wedding of 2016 for me


Was so thrilled to help Sara and Jeremy with their wedding celebration.  We had a great time planning, pulling the vendor team and vision together, gonna miss them!!

IMG_3745  IMG_3756

Sara wanted elegant and calm, think we nailed it!!

IMG_3757 IMG_3760  IMG_3764 IMG_3765 IMG_3768

Vendors we love: Karla/Elegant by Design-florals, TMMPRO-dancefloor, Chiavari chair rentals-draping of rotunda, McCune Photography – but the pics above are mine, fyi everyone, lol, Design Visage-Sara and the girls all looked fabulous all night long, Monico Décor-napkins&chiavaris, and of course our team at Pelican Hill Resort, excellence doesn’t even begin to describe how you all are.

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Pelican Hill Resort

Well I had the pleasure of working with George (has now moved on to do great things with a property in LA), Fran, and the team at Pelican (have known them all for years as they all came from the south county hotels I am fortunate to be at a lot) again, for another celebration early in the year.

This couple came to me closer to the wedding date with all their vendors in place, the vision and most of the details handled.  My job was to ensure they had crossed their ts and dotted their i, and run the rehearsal and wedding day for them so they could relax and enjoy the fruits of their planning.

Thanks to Irmina for the photos.  Sometimes I find a gem of a vendor through a bride, and this is one of those occasions.  Irmina was 8 months pregnant, but came and ran around from location to location, kicking off her shoes to take photos from various perches during the night, and was just soooo nice, that I have referred her ever since, and look forward to working with her everytime.  Her passion and enthusiasm is contagious.

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Still excited

Well that was so much fun, I’m going to blab on again.

Was fortunate to be one of a group of co-ordinators from all over the US and some from Mexico that did some site visits with the NH Hotels, in Cancun and Puerta Vallarta. NH is not a brand we know about here in the USA, they are major in Europe, especially Spain, and have a lot of properties in Mexico. Their property in the hotel zone of Cancun has the most beautiful ceremony backdrop ever. 7 tall Mayan (or they could look Greek to some) columns on a curved platform with that gorgeous blue Mexican Caribbean ocean in the background. Wow. A great location for friends/family to have all the fun they can handle at the typical bars the tourist cities of Mexico are known for, you know the ones, they are all close by, lovely pool area to relax at and views from the hotel down the whole 25 miles of zone. We actually stayed at their resort property which is located between Cancun and Playa de Carmen. This would be a great place for the guests who are tired of the partying up around hotel zone to move to to now have the peace/quiet and nothing to do but relax and drink cocktails quietly. The beach is lovely and very swimable, and they have a nice pool area. They also have some great ceremony site areas. The rooms are great, bed on upper area and step down to the living area/balcony. Beautiful bathrooms and nice big bath with a window that for me looked right out to the ocean. The nice thing with either property is that you can make them all inclusive of food & beverage with your rates if you want. After we had come back and had a few months of wedding season, we got to see their property in Puerta Vallarta. Very old world charm Mexican style, yet they have a brand new tower that we stayed in that had great views of the bay and was right on the beach, very swimable. The spa was cute and we were there at a quiet time and were getting treatments for unbelievable rates, so most of us went more that once, but in order to ensure some ladies don’t get in trouble with their husbands, I say no more. Because there was only the one property there they had a bit more time to treat us to experiencing the area. I have been to Puerta Vallarta a couple of times previously, but I saw more in the few days I was there this time than in the other two trips combined. We ziplined, not just one, not just two, we are woman hear us roar, but 13 ziplines!!! After the 2nd one you chose to stop or keep going, as you were moving higher and higher from that point on. All but two ladies who had health issues did the first two, then only 1 who was deathly afraid but did the first 2, moved on. Some did the next 11 with their eyes closed, some got gutsy and went down with one of the cutie young guides who held them which allowed them to hang upside down, not me and there are no pictures to prove it either!!! Some of the ziplines we were a thousand feet above ground so high, you could see back to the bay/ocean, some you whipped through jungle, just brilliant. The 2nd to last one took you down and over the river nice and low and you ended up on a platform in the middle of the river and the last one you went from the platform very low over the water to the river bank, so low you could have your feet or hands or head in the water, depending on which way you were hanging, and at this point some people were totally bored with the normal way and were being very ambitious. One night we took a boat down the whole coastline to a property that John Huston the director had bought during the filming of the Iguana movie with Richard Burton. The owners now have turned it into a Mayan theatre that does a show after dark using water/fire and it was really lovely, then you eat a great meal, all the while on what feels like an island lit only by fire torches and candles, very romantic for those on there honeymoon, and just a great experience for everyone else.

Ok, a couple more weddings to chat about.
Andrea and Ron – Pelican Hill Resort

Loved and enjoyed this couple. Ron is a very busy businessman but was still able to be very involved in decisions that were being made, even with I think visiting about 5 different countries for varying amount of time in the few months we spent pulling it altogether.
Andrea is English and the most enthusiastic, happy to be marrying the man of her dreams, and thrilled to be getting married at a location that was so special to them bride you may come across. They live up the road from the resort, and eat dinner and enjoy the views from the bar a lot, so they even requested their favorite bartender from the bar at the grill be the bartender at their wedding, and as the resort is there to please, he was!! Andrea was often at the resort envisioning how things would look, seeing what others had done, what else she could do to make it more personal to them. The staff at the resort were very used to seeing her around and appreciated her love for the property that they all love also. People came from all over the world for their celebration. A Gelato station was very popular later in the evening, and enjoying your gelato in the lovely courtyard with the fireplace on and the fountain running, just made it perfect. It was really beautiful from beginning to end and so nice to see a couple really get to enjoy their event also.
We put together a great team for their event, all passionate for what they do and a pleasure as always to work with
Music for cere/cocktails and dinner/dancing provided by Essence Entertainment. Officiant was Bruce Danzara. Gorgeous florals by Chris Lindsay.
Enjoy these shots:

IMG_7732 copy 167H0582 copy

Another lovely couple were Rachel and Chad.
I met mom and bride when they were looking for the perfect place to celebrate. Rachel loved the ocean and so the Pacific Lawn was the perfect place for her. They were just a pleasure to work with and mom and dad were just so gracious in always letting the couple make the major decisions. We had a lot of fun at the tasting!! They were good client’s and followed the guidance of their planner (yes, me) to the T, and ended up with a great team on their side – /photo
Jeff from Moondance for the djing, Tomoko the harpist for cere & cocktails, chaircovers by Fusion and florals by Amanda/Fantasy Florals.

Dad did a really neat thing and got 2 members of their favorite christian band to suprise them around 10am and come in and play a couple of songs. I have to say Jeff/dj is quite the actor when he needs to be and he and dad could go on the road. Our cute couple were blown away and dad certainly got more than the normal hugs and thank yous from his daughter. Enjoy this pic, doesn’t it seem so calm and elegant:


Ok, one more for you on this episode just because I love this shot sooooo much and want to share it with you sooner rather than later………


Isn’t that sky amazing!!!!
Mindy and Curtis, what a lovely lovely couple. Just such nice people. Mindy put so much thought into what the guests would experience (including a photobooth that was kept very very busy) and couldn’t wait for her day to come. We worked with the lovely Kelly at the hotel who together with Jackie and Valerie make all things hotel come to life on the day. So nice to have a bold use of color. Her guest count was a bit higher than expected (that is good when more people want to come than you had thought or hoped for, right??!!) so we had to put some guests on the lower level, but instead of using the normal rounds, Mindy opted to do the big dining table so everyone down there felt as one and had a beautiful table to enjoy, it worked so well. Great team on this wedding too (aren’t I lucky)
Linens/chivaris by my good friends at Fusion Linens
Cere music by string trio – the hilarious Elaine and her troupe from Naples Chamber Music, and my A1 guy dj, Peter pop –

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