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Pelican Hill Resort, Intimate Indian Wedding

Yi yi yi. March last year as we started to pull at the final touches to this couples wedding, they said to me, are we going to be ok on our date? I said to them, oh this stay at home we are going into in 4 days will be done in 2-3 weeks and you will be fine. Little did we know eh, a year later nearly in March and I am getting those questions now for 2021 brides that already moved 1-2 times!!

So as we know it wasn’t ok, this couple moved their date two times in 2020, and then their hotel closed on them (still not open) and all monies were refunded. We are just going to the courthouse the groom said to me. I said, take a couple of days and think it over, it is your wedding day and whatever is done will be that memory, you have vendors that are paid we can look at other options. It won’t be your large Indian traditional celebration, but we can make it special/memorable. Well kudos to us/them for taking that time and for the Universe looking after them, we got to do their very intimate ceremony with the traditional mandap/Priest at one of the most beautiful prestigious wedding venues in the OC. Beautiful. And as the groom said to me at the end as they were leaving, this may just have turned out better and more meaningful/special than the original plan. Yes Nikhil yes, i believe it totally did.

Thanks to Kismit Designs for the floral/decor.

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Hyatt HB Indian Wedding


This blog will give you a good feel for the special moments/elements of a wedding day celebration, thanks to Andrew Kwak Photo for the pics.  Hair and makeup was a collaboration between Drea and Lulu, Daisy the horse was there of course, and Sound Nation/Raj kept things going from the baraat with the dohl player through to the end of the evening dinner/dance.  Thanks to our friends at Hyatt HB as always too xoxo


the pics above are when the bride and groom leave after the ceremony (normally done around 11am so it is done by noon) and luncheon to follow, for the grooms family home.  The vehicle they leave in varies, i have had everything from luxury car as above to helicopter to yachts!!  It’s a really emotional time for the bride and her parents and family because life as they knew it with her at home/in the family will now be different/change.  The good news is, on this day, they make it back in time to get ready for the dinner/dance celebration, yayyyyy


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Hyatt HB – Indian Wedding

So this was the second child of this family that I was honored to do a wedding for.  The funny thing is I was at the Hyatt HB doing a wedding when they were doing their site visits with hotels and bumped into me and said, we think we will do it here and look here you are, lol.

We did the ceremony on the CA Courtyard Lawn which with the canopies and guest count pretty much maxed the lawn out, but it worked.  Then cocktails were held on Huntington Ballroom balcony, then into Huntington Ballroom we went.

A wee room by the catering office is the perfect spot for the bride to watch the baraat from.  Raj came in on Daisy the horse who we use a lot.


My fave Indian Priest/officiant Shukavek officiated and as always did a great job.

We draped the service wall of the ballroom, it makes such a difference, and they loved the round dancefloor when i mentioned it, so we added that in too.


Special Occasions handled the baraat and all music/mceeing and kept the dancefloor full as you can see.  Thanks to Matei for some of the pics above and some are mine.  Thanks to the Hyatt HB as always for helping me get things done!! xoxo

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Two day wedding/Ritz & St Regis

jayadevan_0228 jayadevan_0253

I just love it when I can incorporate my two fave locations in S CA, and so lucky I actually get to do it quite often.  Tala and Raj were doing a two day event, incorporating two cultures and traditions.  We chose to do the Indian Celebration/day at the St Regis and day 2 for the Persian Celebration at the Ritz-Carlton Laguna.  Lucky guests getting the best of the OC for the celebration of this fab couple and really lovely parents.

jayadevan_0391 jayadevan_1126

As you can see Tala wanted different colors to the traditional Indian wedding colors (my Indian weddings are rarely traditional colors), we used the existing rotunda at the cere site as the mandap structure and it worked really well.  Our groom arrived on a Rickshaw for the baraat, in the picture above the guests are congregating for the milni.  The tables on the Grand Lawn is where the guests went for lunch after the Indian ceremony was over.  Now what you don’t see/know is there was a threat of rain for the ceremony/lunch time, so the night before we draped a portion of the dinner room as ceremony backup and with the chiavaris I have to say it looked awesome.  The decision to move inside had to be made as 7am, so who could sleep right, I was up at 4am driving downtown Dana Point and the roads was slik, hmmm.  At 6:50am up again looking out my hotel window, talking to the florist who was at the property, and we made the decision to stay outside.  I saw father of the bride while I was having breakfast at the hotel and he said to me, in or out, out I said, he smiled.  And again, on my watch, all was good, in fact it was quite warm/hot towards the end of the ceremony and luncheon!!

jayadevan_1352 jayadevan_1355 jayadevan_1357 jayadevan_1359

Then the evening sangeet.  We reused the draping we were doing as ceremony backup and moved it (again the importance of vendors who work together a lot and will do things spur of the moment when needed/will make it work for me).


On Day 2 we had a bridal party, and how elegant they look.

jayadevan_2245 jayadevan_2319

Great shot of the back of Tala’s gown on Day 2, and the sofreh with a pretty spectacular backdrop!!

jayadevan_2426 jayadevan_2701

Tala was not a Persian bride wanting large/big florals, for the ballroom everything was low for the reception/dinner/dance for 300, when you do low florals in such a big ballroom they get lost in pictures, but believe me the room looked beautiful, elegant and calm, just like our bride.  We had the space in the Grand Ballroom at the Ritz-Carlton Laguna to do a mix of long and round tables which is always fun.

jayadevan_2708 jayadevan_2721 jayadevan_2756 jayadevan_2766

Thanks to Frank Salas for the above photos, to White Lilac for being a great partner for two days and creating such beauty, David Medill/videographer great to meet and work with him for the first time, Flawless Faces for beautifying the girls for both days, and to my favorite Persian officiant, Shahrzad Ardelan – I refer her to everyone and am always sad when a couple doesn’t go with her.  To the teams at both St Regis and Ritz-Carlton Laguna as always, we create beautiful dream weddings together, I appreciate you all.  xoxoxo

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We do Indian Wedding Celebrations

Above are just a few of the Indian ceremonies we have done, these being the photos I got my hands on the quickest.  

We have orchestrated Indian wedding celebrations at the Ritz-Carlton/Laguna, St Regis/Monarch Beach (with elephant) and many at the Hyatt Huntington Beach (horses and elephants).  A lot of couples/families choose the Hyatt HB due to the outside catering not being a big issue due to multiple kitchens/loadin access etc, and the main road for the hotel is not busy so you can have the groom come down the road on a horse or elephant for the baraat and celebrate in the convention valet area without interfering with any of the regular hotel traffic.  A couple of the photos above were inside, one was planned the whole time inside because the next day we did a christian ceremony outside at the same hotel, so we didn’t want to duplicate or use the same area for both ceremonies.  The other inside ceremony turned out to be the rainiest day I have ever seen in S CA in February, and due to the coolness outside even if it wasn’t raining it ended up being and would have been a much more comfortable experience for the guests and with the windows behind we still had an outside feel.  The red and orange color combination has been very popular for many years, but as you can see above, some of our Indian brides are making it a bit more ‘their’ style/look/wedding.  Some are multi day, some we are just doing one day.  Always fun to do.  I already have a couple for this year, so looking very forward to seeing them come to fruition.

If you are looking for a co-ordinator on preferred vendor lists with the major OC hotels and who is familiar with Indian wedding celebrations and loves doing them, give me a call, we would love to help you with your wedding.

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