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Pelican Hill Resort Wedding 2020

Well we managed to get this wedding done March 15, 2020, the day before pretty much everyone in the USA went under shelter at home and no gatherings of more than 50 people which went down to 10 people within a day.  As I said to the mom of our groom (who was just a doll to deal with from beginning to end and wants to come work with me!!) where she was thinking the fall out of guests in the week leading up to the wedding was stressful, at least we got to have their beautiful wedding and it was such a wonderful celebration for a really really cool/awesome couple, so many after that date through now and probably mid June, hopefully not longer, I have an end of June wedding holding on tight hoping they can have their wedding as planned, have not been able to have their weddings.  I have had 6 weddings from April-mid June move dates and look very forward to the day we can celebrate them, it will be worth the wait for all.

But I digress, the Groom’s mom and bride had an inspiration pic they had been carrying around and we pretty much duplicated it.  Mom has great style and really wanted to make this wedding special, she loves her daughter in law to be and had special touches added that really personalised the wedding for them.

Thanks to TMMPRO for the rotunda draping & behind the band stage also/lighting in the ballroom +bistro lighting over cocktail patio, and the band stage cover, Simply Sweet Cakery for the wedding cake and the hidden Mickey that was special for the bride, Karla at Elegant by Design for as always putting your heart into my weddings, another beautiful job.  We had my new fav vendor Amy Serrano play the acoustic violin for the ceremony and switch it up to the electric violin with her led bow for cocktails, she has such great energy and loves what she does, the dinner/dancing was done by On demand who I have worked with a few times in the past year or so, and we had a taco cart for late night snacks as a surprise to the guests and that went down very well.  And to Miki & Sonja for being so lovely to work with and for the good pics in this post (mine are the bad ones) and to Lin & Jirsa for video on this one.

To our lovely ladies at Pelican, it was a tough day for staff there as they knew they were not going to be working for a while after, but everyone pulled through and helped me create a wonderful wedding for this special couple, our groom’s mom, and the guests who I know are not going to ever be sorry for making it to this wedding. xoxxo

Now the only good thing to come out of coronavirus is, this post makes the end of me sitting here for the past 2-3 weeks and getting caught up on nearly 3 years worth of wedding blogs/posts of weddings during that time and travel blogs that i have been meaning to do, it was nearly 200, and a lot of work, but if it wasn’t for coronavirus i would have never found or had the time to do this.  So I am now going to drink some champagne to celebrate being caught up and hopefully have a little down time before we go crazy with a years worth of weddings happening in 6 months of what will be left of 2020. Fingers and toes crossed.

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Alta Vista Country Club wedding

Nicole oversaw/orchestrated this wedding for this sweet couple with Darla’s help.  The venue has a gazebeo but they were doing a traditional Jewish ceremony and wanted a proper chuppah, look below at their ketubah, love it.

For this wedding our old friend Tomoko/harpist who we had not seen for years, provided the ceremony music, and in the ballroom Nicole worked side by side with Jason Jass/Visions Entertainment to pull off a great celebration for these two. xoxo

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The Ranch Laguna Wedding

This was a really fun Destination wedding to help plan.  Danielle, her sisters and mom all came into town for her tasting/detail meeting and made a really vacay out of it together, it was great.

I had done a wedding here years ago under the former property name/design, but this was my first as the new Ranch at Laguna and it was finished just in time, which was a great thing as we had most of the sleeping rooms/wanted everyone staying there also.

As always we get our deer spotting in at dusk, its so great to be so close to the beach/craziness of Laguna, but be in this canyon and feel like you have travelled miles to get here

During the course of planning we toyed with the idea of doing the dining under the trees on the golf course, but ultimately did not, so I am still looking for a couple wanting to do that, DM me, lol.  We did the ceremony on the upper lawn area, cocktails on the patio area between the ceremony and main ballroom areas, and did the dining/dancing on the ballroom balcony, ending at 10pm so we didn’t get in trouble with noise ordinances.

The framing was done over the dancefloor solely to hand a chandelier from and give a frame to the dining/dancing area, but didn’t hurt to add lighting which at night was really pretty.

Great vendor team on board: Joe Latter Photographer, Video/The Emotion Picture Studio, Design Visage did hair/makeup, EBD Floral really ‘got’ the brides vision, Jeff/Moondance Mobile Music handled music in all areas, Luxe Linens provided the linens+napkins, Chiavari chair rentals provided the chairs and OCLA provided the chandeliers/framing/lighting.  Lovely to work with the ladies at the Ranch now, all who came from other places that i knew them from.  xoxox

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Bella Collina wedding

This was such a beautiful wedding story to be a part of, and during the ceremony and in the ballroom we had signs via birds and dragonflies that those that had departed were there and happy for them!!!  I’ve said it before and i will keep saying it, if you are not wanting or having ocean as your ceremony backdrop, this would be my choice!!  just gorgeous.


The ballroom has 2 sides of 4 that are windows and one opens to a side patio, which is a great place for the photobooth and bar.  Bella Collina has the wine barrels and we use them at all weddings somewhere.  Below we added personal items to the ‘fireplace’ area in the ballroom.

For once i had a photographer that took the same photos i did and need/like, hers were much better than my iPhone ones tho, thus the reason you hire a pro, lol, thanks to Marie Sam.  My trusty side kick was with me on this one providing all the music, Peter/Vive Entertainment, and we both love working with and have known Karen at Bella Collina for years, since her Ritz-Carlton days xoxoxox

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Monarch Beach Resort-Club 19 wedding

Ok, not the best photos as I never got any from the photographer and i was doing a wedding up in LA whileNicole was doing this one and she is always busy and forgets to take photos for me, lol, so i think Darla her assistant that day snapped these for me, but they showed different elements i wanted to share.

I liked the pop of color on the gazebo at Botanical Garden, the Bistro lights over the outdoor dining patio of Club 19, and as they ended up with more guests than they planned for two tables had to be placed inside Club 19 which with the newer open doors to the patio helped it not seem like two different areas, and it shows the cool light fixture inside Club 19 over the dancefloor.  Chairs/dancefloor and lighting were done by my partner TMMPRO  xoxox

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Monarch Beach pretty wedding

0013 0041

The groom was actually the one who booked me(when I was actually in New Zealand in March, we had a couple of phone chats and then we were off) and we got things going, once our bride was able to jump in it was obvious she had a ‘pretty’ style and lots of inspirations from pinterest and instagram.  The pictures here are a mix of mine and Joe Latter’s, the above two are Joe’s and I really love them both.  Great shot of the guys!!

0290    0314

We had the combo of Pacific Lawn and Club 19 which doesn’t happen often, but when you choose a morning ceremony/lunch reception on a Sunday, you tend to be able to get a bit more than normal.  The petal aisle turned out great Elegant by Design!!

0665  0688

We love Club 19 and the changes with the new hotel name change have really added to this area.  I also love how my couples tend to do the decal on the dancefloor(both from TMMPRO and the chiavaris also) and each one is really different, my couples weddings are all about their style, not mine or someone elses.

0689 0692

Purple and lavender are my fave colors too, so I loved this palette with the white and gold to allow it to pop and accent.

0700   img_9070

Nothing to say, the lavender sprig was lovely, simple and all that was needed to tie everything in.

img_9075  img_9091

The acrylic pedestals and glass vases allowed the flowers to show at the ceremony and not get lost against this large rotunda structure, the florals were just lovely.

img_9095 img_9141

Lots of wooden signs to put on easels in different areas and gold signs to go in florals, cake etc, yes Etsy did well out of our Miss Andrea!!!  Design Visage beautified everyone beautifully as always, I loved the detail of Andrea’s hair from the back.

0007 0034

Look at how fabulous Andrea looks in the tunnel, and look at her sexy side view of her gown!!

0029 0123

Their 2 babies walked up the aisle.  Lovely details, notes to the parents and groomsmen gifts

0139 0708 0281 0704

Here I am in action, pinning my groom’s bout.  The favor was, guests making their own sachet of fresh lavender, it smelt so good there.

0016 0317

Had a couple of brides do a ‘dad first look’ this year, its quite emotional/touching for everyone.

Great vendor team, we all knew each other which is always so great, Alan Katz/officiant and David Krieger/dj were there too, and a new vendor we got to meet/work with Dove Weddings/videographer.  And of course, Laura and the banquet team at the Monarch Beach Resort, xoxoxoxoxo

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Monarch Beach Resort wedding

img_8692 img_8715

Had quite a few weekday weddings this year, meaning Monday and Thursdays and this wedding was on a Tuesday.  Now whether the date was significant to the couple or as a destination wedding they realized its cheaper for guests to fly in/out on weekdays and hotels/locations are going to be very flexible with space/minimums and hotel room rates can be better than weekends, especially in the summer.

img_8720 img_8725

A beautiful ceremony at the Italian style Botanical Garden which I love, cocktails on Botanical Lawn with a clear view over golf greens to the ocean and then dining on Club 19 patio with the same views as cocktails.  Low lush florals by Elegant by Design, which allowed the surroundings to shine, glossy/seamless dancefloor by my pal Jack/TMMPRO and the chivaris, photos above by Joe Latter and a couple are mine, beautification by Design Visage, officiating by Paul Uhlar, ceremony and cocktail music by Naples Strings, and the party/mceeing by my bud Peter @ Vive Entertainment, being a weekday also means not fighting or losing out on great vendors they are normally all available and may be willing to do a bit of price lowering because you are a bonus to their normal weekend weddings!!!  So destination and local weddings, start taking all these things into consideration, much more wedding for your $$$ by going midweek.

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Aliso Creek Inn Wedding

Another lovely wedding that came from a referral from  a 2010 bride.  This years bride was last years bride’s cousin, I love keeping it in the family.

This is a location I had looked at with another bride for her wedding but we chose to go elsewhere, so I was very pleased to get booked for Negar’s wedding where she had booked Aliso Creek Inn already.

The backdrop is quite wonderful, you are in a canyon and can’t believe how quiet and beautiful it is (we even saw deer on the golf green beyond), even with PCH only a 1 minute drive down the driveway.  You can get married outside, cocktail and dine and dance outside and when 10pm rolls around, move the rest of the dancing inside to a rustic bar type venue they have.

I was already booked for another wedding when I was contacted, so they had Teri orchestrate the actual day, and as always she did a fabulous job.

Enjoy these pictures courtesy of the fabulous James Johnson (, we love to work with Jim.  He used to only do film as he really is into the art format of the end result, but has now come around to offering digital to the couples that love his style and personality, but just don’t want film, so now we all win.  Such a nice nice guy.  We also had the fabulous Naples Chamber Ensemble lead by the fun Elaine, and the cocktail and dinner/dancing (2 locations) music was all done by the fab Jeff Holmes/Moondance Mobile Music.  We love working with Jeff, maturity and elegance is what he brings to the event, it is not about him.   Teri and Jeff seem to get to work together a lot, I am jealous!!

If you are looking for this serene backdrop, no ocean, there are plenty of locations here in the OC.  Let me help you find the right place for you, then pull together you team and vision, all with ease.

Till next time


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