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Pelican Hill Resort Wedding 2020

Well we managed to get this wedding done March 15, 2020, the day before pretty much everyone in the USA went under shelter at home and no gatherings of more than 50 people which went down to 10 people within a day.  As I said to the mom of our groom (who was just a doll to deal with from beginning to end and wants to come work with me!!) where she was thinking the fall out of guests in the week leading up to the wedding was stressful, at least we got to have their beautiful wedding and it was such a wonderful celebration for a really really cool/awesome couple, so many after that date through now and probably mid June, hopefully not longer, I have an end of June wedding holding on tight hoping they can have their wedding as planned, have not been able to have their weddings.  I have had 6 weddings from April-mid June move dates and look very forward to the day we can celebrate them, it will be worth the wait for all.

But I digress, the Groom’s mom and bride had an inspiration pic they had been carrying around and we pretty much duplicated it.  Mom has great style and really wanted to make this wedding special, she loves her daughter in law to be and had special touches added that really personalised the wedding for them.

Thanks to TMMPRO for the rotunda draping & behind the band stage also/lighting in the ballroom +bistro lighting over cocktail patio, and the band stage cover, Simply Sweet Cakery for the wedding cake and the hidden Mickey that was special for the bride, Karla at Elegant by Design for as always putting your heart into my weddings, another beautiful job.  We had my new fav vendor Amy Serrano play the acoustic violin for the ceremony and switch it up to the electric violin with her led bow for cocktails, she has such great energy and loves what she does, the dinner/dancing was done by On demand who I have worked with a few times in the past year or so, and we had a taco cart for late night snacks as a surprise to the guests and that went down very well.  And to Miki & Sonja for being so lovely to work with and for the good pics in this post (mine are the bad ones) and to Lin & Jirsa for video on this one.

To our lovely ladies at Pelican, it was a tough day for staff there as they knew they were not going to be working for a while after, but everyone pulled through and helped me create a wonderful wedding for this special couple, our groom’s mom, and the guests who I know are not going to ever be sorry for making it to this wedding. xoxxo

Now the only good thing to come out of coronavirus is, this post makes the end of me sitting here for the past 2-3 weeks and getting caught up on nearly 3 years worth of wedding blogs/posts of weddings during that time and travel blogs that i have been meaning to do, it was nearly 200, and a lot of work, but if it wasn’t for coronavirus i would have never found or had the time to do this.  So I am now going to drink some champagne to celebrate being caught up and hopefully have a little down time before we go crazy with a years worth of weddings happening in 6 months of what will be left of 2020. Fingers and toes crossed.

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Aliso Viejo Country Club wedding

Ahhhh, my lovely Rebecca and Kurt.  I really enjoyed them, they were both accountants and were the ying to the yang of each other.  They picked this venue loving the views.  I had been here to a couple of events and had even brought some couples here to consider the venue but this was my first wedding here.  You can have the ceremony either direction, facing the rose vine wall or the golf greens/valley, Rebecca wanted the rose wall, it did look lovely.  The banquet room is a rectangle which is good but there are poles in the center which restricts how you can set it up and how it looks, they opted to drape the poles which softened it for sure, and we placed the tables at the back closest to the bar, lol!!

the venue was lovely to work with and drove our B&G & photographer all around the course so Rebecca could get the pics she knew she wanted from the beginning.  Turned out the venue girl and our B&G lived in the same apartment complex in AV!!  I also got to see one of my brides from a Fashion Island Hotel wedding the year before, that is always fun to catch up, her groom was working but she brought her fun sister I remember well.

Thanks to Design Visage for getting the girls ready at home, Peter/Vive Entertainment for providing all the music/sound systems needed in all areas, Karen’s Flower (no insta or website) for doing a beautiful job at the ceremony and in the dining room, and to Sweet Traders that setup a dessert station that was a huge hit!  At the end we did something that a lot of our couples have us do, an In N Out run, so those left at the end got to grab a burger on their way to their car or hang out by the front with the B&G before they left for their wedding night at one of the five star hotels on the coast!!

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Marbella Country Club

This was a really lovely wedding celebration to put together, such a sweet lovely family.  I can’t even remember how they found me, think a past bride referred them, but mom/grandma and the bride met and interviewed me, then from there on the four of us girls moved forward starting completely from scratch.  We did the budget so I had direction for what we had to spend in each area and what was a priority versus what not.  Then style and vision came into play, and the location seeking began.  One day we drove convoy around the OC and looked at about 10 locations, quite a variety, hotels/golf clubs/banquet facilities, but the one that I could tell Brianna liked was Marbella the minute she saw it.  After seeing them all I got their top 3 and then had the cost estimates done, and then they made their choice, and Marbella it was.

Such a pretty backdrop to both the ceremony and the dining area, then the dancing is done inside yet people can stay sitting at the dining tables watching the dancing through the french doors that open out if they prefer.  Brianna wanted brighter colors and it turned out great.  For their royal dining table for the bridal party we did such a thick petal pile in the middle, I just wanted to jump in it.  Brianna loved the iron hanging on the wall inside and immediately wanted her cake there (top picture), that is not where it normally goes, but I think it worked out aok and it’s always nice to tweak something to make it more yours than you doing what everyone else does.  And as we started, the four of us, they were also the last three (along with the men this time) to leave the event.  Such a lovely family.

Thanks to the fab Tony Florez for the pics and of course for being a pleasure to always work with/great team player, and as they allowed me to guide them to the right vendors for their style and budget, we had a great vendor team who made the wedding very smooth and fabulous, and look more expensive than what it actually cost.  Thanks also to the team at Marbella, I have never worked a wedding with so many management staff there/working to ensure everything went well.

If you need help getting a budget going, knowing what your options are for best experience for your style/budget, then let me help you, you will end up with a great wedding with a lot less stress and frustration and in my opinion (and I’m not biased!!) a better celebration because you probably would not have found some of the vendors on your own or a vendor that offers the same great product/experience for the money.

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