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Monarch Beach Resort fab wedding

0716 0719

Ahhhhhhh, from the moment dad and bride came to meet with me I knew this was going to be a wonderful experience, I was so right.  We had their ceremony at a church in Laguna and then cocktails at the Sunset Terrace followed by dinner/dancing in the Monarch Ballroom at the Monarch Beach Resort/formerly the St Regis Monarch Beach

0722 0732

Whitney knew from moment one she wanted Nisie’s Enchanted Florist to be her gal, and of course everything was perfection.  Signature drink luge by Carving Ice, both their last names started with an M, so an M luge seemed perfect.

0734 0741

Glossy/seamless dancefloor with custom decal and acrylic chiavaris by TMMPRO as always

0762 1036

Seating chart display, and the beautiful/elegant candy table that had South African candies in honor of our groom and the contingent that came from South Africa.

Thanks to Larry Crandall for the beautiful photos above, Epod photobooth for always coming and doing your thing seamlessly, Dan/Plug Video, Design Visage for beautifying everyone as always-they all held up until the end of the event/so important, the band that keeps the dancefloor full and created some special moments by playing/singing some South African songs/Full Spectrum, love you guys!!! Luxe Linens for napkins/linens, and last but not least, my family/team at the Monarch Beach Resort, its been 15 years of pure joy working with you all   xoxoxoxo

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Balboa Bay Club celebration

I enjoyed Erin very much, she was a really busy professional working woman who lived out of state, and we planned her wedding entirely by phone and email, I did not even meet her until she walked into the hotel to begin the reception portion of the day!!! They had got married at a church who provided a church lady, so no need for me to be there, I could focus on the reception.

Her colors from the beginning were black and white and once we had the budget down, we booked the location which was close to her parent’s home, and then I gave her vendor options that I knew suited her style and budget. There was always a niggle in the back of my mind that a daring look may be fab for her, but we had a cool look going that would be really nice, and then she sent me her inspiration board that she had created, about three weeks before the wedding………. and I was thrilled. I immediately threw my daring idea at her and she went for it, stripes!!! As she said, she should have sent that to me earlier!! LOL

So below is our end result. The Commodore Room at the Balboa Bay Club, Newport Beach, is a great size for 100 or less and has a lovely patio that looks out to the huge vessels berthed and those moving up/down the harbor. The hotel has a really special/boutique feel to it, and I am happy to say I have another there in a couple of months.

Thanks to the awesome team I suggested and that Erin selected (she didn’t want options, I gave her the one I thought was best to spend our time phone interviewing/chatting with in the various categories and she trusted and knew I knew what she wanted and went with me. thanks to Joel Eckman Maus for the photos below always nice working with Joel and Lorely. My fave band, I am sorry, some tell me wait until I have heard their band then I will sway my thoughts to others and it never pans out, Full Spectrum Band out of Los Angeles, even after they had done 1/2 hour overtime, dancefloor was full and Adam (band leader) put his ipod on and they danced for another hour, until he needed to unplug it to leave as the rest of their equipment was gone from the ballroom. Nisies Enchanted Florist, nothing more to say. Fusion for the black dancefloor, linens and chivaris. Design Visage for hair and makeup, and Lake Forest Limousines for getting everyone from BBC to church, to the beach, back to the club. We even had a martini luge that was their boxer dog Brutis!!!








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Mariners Ballroom Beautiful

I was so thrilled with how everything came together/looked for this beautiful bride.  The eventual layout was not her first choice and even though I told her we would orchestrate whatever her preference was, I gave all the benefits to the layout we ended up with, but it really wasn’t her first choice.  Until she saw it.  And then she got it.

Remember, if you have a planner who has worked your location or room before, all we want is for your and the guests experience to be the optimum.

Together with Nisie’s Enchanted Florist signature look/feel she creates and the color palette the bride went with, all I could say when we were done putting it all together and dimmed the lights was, this is beautiful.  Soft, romantic, their theme was Parisenne but in a mild way, starting with an accordian player at cocktails, thru subtle Eiffel towers placed with the hors d’oeuvres, their table names were photographs taken around Paris ontheir engagement trip (he propsed there and she had no idea) they were done in black & white and looked very Paris, the menu card with the french wording for each course and the final item, a Thank you sign written in french at the water table with a picture of them in Paris on it, for the guests to take.

As you may know, I love a good placecard table, to me it sets a tone, gives a hint of what is to come, is the center of a cocktail area if room or the entrance to the experience the guests are about to have, the guests came down the stairs and were greeted with probably my most favorite placecard centerpiece of all time, to date.  Again beautiful described it and the feel it gives.

Dancing to the end thanks to wonderful Tim of Invisible Touch, Jim Kennedy and Lauren from his studio taking the photos you see here and of course all the people pics the couple are going to love, and of course the great team at the Hyatt, Cheryl and Javier and Glenn and his team, all the right players were in place to make this the successful celebration it was.  They are on a plane right now heading to their honeymoon, enjoy guys, and mom enjoy knowing it is over and it was all worth it!

This service for us was a hotel reception only as the church provided a church lady that really doesn’t need or want co-ordinators around.  Mother of bride wanted someone from my team there just to support and then I like it as I am kept in touch with what is happening and where everyone is.  So Teri was at the church, then kept things moving and shadowed during the photos at the hotel.  Mom said to me at the end she was very happy she added that option on as it gave her comfort knowing someone was there keeping them moving and taking care of little things for them.

Till next time


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Another lovely Indian Wedding Celebration

I was so looking forward to Shivali and Ankur’s two day celebration at the Ritz-Carlton, Dana Point.

We had started at the beginning with the budgetting and vision, gone through the vendor selections together, put all the details of the two days down in the detailed timeline/script, had a great tasting/floral sample/linens-chair selection day, and then just had to wait to see it all come together.

Two different looks, but the same soft feel both days, very reflective of lovely Shivali.  Friday’s Sangeet had a soft blue look by having Nisie’s Enchanted Florist do boxed florals in blues and whites, we used the hotels blue banquet chairs and soft blue water glasses, put some soft blue uplights around the room, and voila what a soft/relaxing/calm feel we gave the room, which worked so well when the guests arrived in all their vibrant colors and were there to party.  The theme/feel was not competing, it was the backdrop.  A lot of fun was had by all, Shivali had told me it would be all over by 11pm, but it was around 12;15am when I managed to get bride and groom to leave and around 12:40am when a bunch of the guests left.  Who can blame them, cocktails and dinner on a beautiful lawn looking out to the beautiful Pacific ocean, watching the sunset, then coming in to party, and it was so pleasant outside that even at midnight people were outside enjoying the balmy night.

Then the main event, lovely apricot/salmon colors, beautiful ocean backdrop, our groom coming in on the horse and really enjoying himself, I gave them 30 mins to bring him in over only a few hundred yards, and boy did they milk it and have fun.  Beautiful ceremony done by my favorite Indian officant/priest – he explains/talks through the ceremony so well.  Everyone had lunch, lots of great sandwiches, hot and cold, vege and meat.  Then rest/relaxing, until the evening event.  I was thinking the night may end before 1am due to the prior night, but no such thing, 1:45am was when the last guest left.  As you can see with such a beautiful ballroom and cocktail area to hang out in, why would you leave too.

You may have noticed, on each side of the dancefloor was a big X table with seating for around 30 guests.  From our first meeting Shivali had shown me her inspiration picture with a table like that, she loved it.  So of course we made sure that was incorporated into her celebration and they did look fabulous.

Tx to the great vendor team who worked with us to create this wonderful celebration setting:  Amber Event Productions/Lighting (I have worked with Amber and her team a few times now, she is lovely and they do a great job), Nisie’s Enchanted Florist, Fusion for the linens, Classic Party Rentals for the chivaris, and of course the awesome team at the Ritz Carlton and especially Holly from the catering office and Mike and the banquet team hands on in the ballroom.

I got two really lovely emails from my bride and groom the day after and another the following day, thanking me.  They are sunning themselves in the South Pacific about now and I know they will be having a fabulous time.  It was my honor and pleasure to go through the process with them and end up with such a beautiful, fabulous celebration, they and their guests will remember and talk about for a long long time.

Till next time


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Many looks to the Plaza Room, 2011

Well, this spot at the Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel/Dana Point is still hard to beat if you are looking for ocean/5 stars/intimacy – here are just some of the many looks my lovely brides chose for this wonderful location:

Thanks for the photo above, florals were by the fabulous Square Root, both vendors always fab to work with & have on the team.


The above pics were courtesy of the dj/Steve Shanahan using his Iphone. I can’t say I have ever seen a photographer do a pano of this room like this, so dark, but love it.  The brides inspiration for this look was a photo on my office wall from a previous wedding, she loved the airy feel of the tall calla lillies.  We used the hotels black linens and brought in black chivaris which looked so elegant and then gave a pop by doing the fabulous black & white pattern napkin, lots of candles together with the fireplace being on, voila, a fabulous look.  Then look below, same room but earlier in the day, so you can really see the detail, these photos courtesy of my lovely bride, and guess what, she never got any photos by her photographer inside the room with the fireplace on/that atmosphere before people came in, so I was able to forward her over the djs pics so she had those to enjoy/remember how fab it looked.

What a soft fresh feel/look, the photo above, courtesy of, was a daytime wedding, and when you walked in it just looked pretty, soft, fresh, and made you smile.  Exactly a reflection of how this bride was and how she made everyone feel around her.

For the above wedding (pic courtesy of wonderful the bride went with a really nice rich red linen with black runners and napkins, some tall centerpieces and some low.  Very dramatic when you walked in.  A great reflection of them, comfortable and warm.  We used a red uplight in each corner, when you have a strong color in the room you can do that to add a pop/further enhance, but in a smaller room you want to be careful it’s not too much.  We use amber a lot to continue the warmth/feel from the fireplace and candles, otherwise the bride’s ‘color’ if she wants that to be enforced.  During dinner just outside the room in the foyer, we setup the EPOD photo booth (it talks to the guests and it’s words match the guests, when they are sober it’s nice and normal, the more tipsy they get and funny/amorous, the more the words comment on what they are doing, it’s hilarious.

My bride for the above wedding wanted her color/theme to be Tiffany Blue  but she was a lovely elegant woman and I knew we had to watch how much we used the color and where.  It’s a hard color for flowers so we stuck with champagnes/ivory/blushes which is a very romantic palette,  Instead of chivaris we covered the hotels chairs which gave a rich/romantic feel along with crystals and candles.  It was a warm/loving feel in the Plaza which was a total reflection of the couple and not only how they felt about each other, but also the intimate group that had been invited/had come from afar to celebrate with them.  Thanks to for the pics and always being just a pleasure to work with, we love him, plus of course, Nisies Enchanted Florist for the beautiful signature look of her florals/style (I knew from the moment my bride and I started talking and working on budget, we must have Nisie). Cere/cocktail music by my fave string group Naples, and dinner/dancing by fab Jeff Holmes/Moondance.  Hair/makeup by Design Visage, and a dove release by wonderful Pam with White Flite, always a successful timely release that has everyone wowed.  For the favors we went to Luisa Chocolatiere based in Laguna Hills, she got the boxes from Italy and inside had made 2 swans (the brides favorite icon for the wedding, because swans mate for life!!), one was dark chocolate with raspberry filling-the brides fave, and for the groom – got to  love it – milk chocolate with tequila inside and sea salt on the outside, yum. I had to do the final taste test due to B&G being in Texas, and it was a chore, but I okayed the end result!!! LOL. Inside the box was a note saying whose chocolate was whose fave and the description.  Nicely done as always Luisa.

My couple from above came with all their guests from Sacramento to celebrate.  A nice change to see a bold color in this room this year.  Thanks to Katie Clark for the above pics, and always being fun to work with. Alicia booked me for Month of service, but used my preferred vendor list in her planning and my advise during her planning months (two) and ended up with a great team and didn’t spend a fortune, but made it look/feel like she did.

The above wedding (thanks for the pics Nancy/bride) was so soft and pretty, no wonder it was published on Style me Pretty.  The end result was well worth the pain we went through to get the florals right on the day.  6 tables, 3 different style of centerpieces and the ceremony was angled giving a straight aisle, rather than the flat to the ocean positioning most couples choose for this site.  All these tweaks made this wedding theirs.  The wonderful Peter Papadopolous/Vive Ent, was our dj and mcee and as always a pleasure.

These weren’t all the weddings we did in the Plaza, but gives you a good feel for how that room works no matter what your colors/feel/theme, as this is a nice variation of looks/styles/florals/colors for you to see.

Till next time


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Mariners Ballroom, Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach

What a pleasure it was working with Amita on her wedding.     Not only did she go with the ballroom I love at the Hyatt the most (due to no windows a lot of brides can not see the end result, it’s such a great space that you can create areas with different uses/feel for your guests, cocktails that turns to club, cake or buffet in area on it’s own, dining in one area/dancing in another, or mix/mingle the events – it really depends on the guest count as to how much/little you can do, there are shimmery curtains that separate the areas and you can have them all open or use them partially.  I love it, very dramatic and not what any of the guests are expecting.  It’s funny now I think of it, I think all my weddings down in this ballroom have either had eggplant colors or browns, makes for a rich environment), but she was open to my room layout suggestions  and picked the one I knew would have the most impact, yay.  She had a fabulous cup cake stand made and that table with the cupcakes (by Tomgirl) was the first thing people saw when they entered the room, with her dancefloor with the gobo pattern on it beyond and then her lovely sweetheart table/decor against the far wall.  The tables were placed between the ‘cake’ table and along the sides of the dancefloor, this room has big pillars in it, so you have to keep those in mind when planning any kind of screen show etc, we had the dj off to the said for this one,  made the most sense and kept him out of the visual which I appreciate he was open to.

From the beginning when we did the budget to where she had her ‘hoped for’ max guest count which fit in the budget and gave us room for some extra items, to her finding out the parents were inviting double that number, she never got fazed.  We worked through the months, ended up with around 50 more than we had budgetted for and gave up a few of the ‘non-essential but nice things to have’ which didn’t affect the event at all.  She was also always on it, I would give her her tasks and she would respond within minutes that it was done or when it would be, we seemed to spend a lot of the months with not a lot to do.

Amita was fun because she was going against the grain in everything I knew should be done for an Indian wedding.  She was not interested in the traditional colors, and her choice were my two faves lavender and purple.  Some of the other traditions she did to make others happy, so she chose her battles.  Lovely parents/groom/celebration.  And the event, really was a reflection of Amita once you got to know her, loved it.

It wasn’t all roses though, so if there are times when you are planning your wedding and you are getting frustrated/mad at others opinions etc, take a moment and remember it could be worse, here is what they were going through ….  Two weeks before the wedding the grooms  mother  was admitted to hospital not well, after testing they realised cancer that she had had a while ago was back and she was given a limited time, but that time covered the wedding so we were relieved.  However her release from hospital kept getting put off and the wedding was getting closer.  The week of the wedding it was not looking good, I had been hoping she may make it out just for the cere and then go back, but in the days before it was obvious this was not going to happen, so then I suggested maybe skyping the cere, the day before they weren’t even sure if his mom was even going to be coherent to understand what was happening, they were all called to the hospital in the early hours of the morning prior to the wedding day so things were not good, but she made it through that day.  The wedding day came, she was still alive, we got them married, guests went to the hospital and showed her pictures from the cere (there was the usual gap between cere & reception at Indian wedding events), during this gap the groom/father were told it was only a matter of time.  The reception/dinner happened and this was a bunch of people that were there to ensure the bride & groom still had a great celebration no matter what was happening around, they wanted them to enjoy and forget for a moment and have a good time.  They did.  The end of the event came and I said goodbye to our bride & groom who were now with friends in the bar.  His mom died the following morning & thank goodness they were all able to be there with her.  I think she held on as long as she could so their anniversary day would not be her last day.

Enjoy the visual created below, we had a lot of joy creating this end result. Nisie’s Enchanted Florist of course did the florals & mandap decor (known for her lovely elegant looks), and the photos below are by Global Photography/Yogi Patel, very nice and easy to work with.  Thanks also to Mark at the Hyatt who I have the pleasure of working with a lot, such a gentleman.

Till next time


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Hyatt Regency Newport Beach – Terrace Ballroom

Well it is so nice when you see a hotel that used to be the grande dame of weddings, get a redo in the lobby/public areas, and a new sales team that like weddings, and suddenly we find ourselves back here again, orchestrating celebrations that are looking for a boutique feel property that is in the middle of the fabulous OC/Newport Beach area.  We found ourselves in the  Terrace Ballroom room several times this season (very unique room as it is round so very fun to center everything), and below you will see just a few I picked to showcase, because they are all so different.  The big benefit to a smaller  property is the flexibility of the areas of the hotel, with all the weddings we did there, 2 different ceremony sites were used and 3 different cocktail areas, all with this one room.  Welcome to Eddie who is going to be the wedding king for 2012 I believe. We look forward to seeing a lot more of him and the great team there !!

The pictures below are courtesy of Larry Crandall  Such a lovely, gentle man.  He loves getting artistic with your pics for the album if you are game.  With the wedding below Kimberly & I started the planning from the get go, always planning the ceremony undercover and knowing what colors she wanted, and she stayed true to that vision/feel throughout the process:

The fabulous florals were of course Nisies Enchanted Florist, linens&chairs by Fusion, all music from  cere thru cocktails-dinner-dancing was Al of Alvarron Ent-perfect for this intimate/relaxed group, hair and makeup by Design Visage-always have everyone on time and the hair and makeup looks good until bride is off to bed!!  Custom favors/packaging by Luisa Chocolatiere-that was a fun tasting!! And another lovely ceremony with Paul Uhlar.

The photo below is courtesy of Bob Ortiz   Bob has been a wedding photographer in the OC for many years, and I am sure, like me, he is pleased to see Hyatt NB back on the radar.  With the wedding below mom and the bride and I started from budget on.  The brides vision was always to have manzanettas for the centerpieces, mom not so keen, but by adding floral buds to the manzanettas we were able to soften the look and come to a compromise and everyone was thrilled with the end result.  As I was already booked for another wedding on this date, Julie booked our services for me to take them through the planning process/pull everything together, and then have  my Peni orchestrate the actual wedding day itself, and as always a great job by Peni.  Always hard for me, I get so invested in the visual and the details I miss not being there to see the end result, but I kept in touch with Peni so I knew how everyone was doing/how it all looked and how the celebration was going.

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Pavilion Ballroom, Ritz-Carlton Laguna Niguel

When you are just not able to keep your guest count to under 74 then the next best celebration space at the Ritz Laguna is the Pavilion ballroom.  With this room you get married on the gazebo lawn with full ocean backdrop then then guests enjoy cocktails on the balcony that runs along the room with full Pacific Ocean views, and then enjoy access to the room/balcony through the 5 sets of french doors.  Due to the low ceilings and chandeliers it has elegance yet intimacy also.

Amanda had booked me for a month of service I believe, this is one of the services for brides that feel they will have or are excited to pull the vendor team/handle the budget/vision etc together themselves.  As happens, sometimes life and work get in the way and it just doesn’t happen.  I am always available to be upgraded in service level, as you have me for your date anyway.  So I get a call from Amanda a couple months into their planning, it just wasn’t happening, they need to upgrade, so we moved them up to the starts immediately service Prep/planning, where the first thing we do is budget (which gives us direction for vendors/style etc) and got her working on the tasks/decisions/things that needed to be worked on and I kept her on track with those for the next six months.  Amanda and her mom were just a pleasure to work with, and with style being both their middle names the end result was perfect (including the color co-ordinated/feel candy station by Candee by  Sandee).  From our first meeting with Nisie of Enchanted Florist where the colors/feel were solidified, to our linen/chair selection meeting (always fun in the Fusion showroom to play) and then the tasting at the hotel where we confirmed the food/beverage selections, we had a great time pulling it all together. Another successful mcee/djing gig by Peter/Vive Entertainment, and another ceremony with Paul Uhlar (great voice and service) think we are around 2000 together as of now.  Thanks Amanda for the photos below for me to show just a bit of what our teamwork/planning resulted in on the day.

Till next time (and there are more Pavilion & Plaza Room pics coming in the next few blogs)


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Ritz-Carlton Laguna Wedding – Elegant

Well the pictures that follow are the end result of the vision of the bride, and my tweaking to ensure she got the optimum end result, and that her guests experienced a fabulous celebration.  I said that because, I was booked for  Month Of service so when the bride and I sat down to see what she had been doing (and she had been very busy) I could see some things that were not logistically going to work, and that she had options she had not thought of, and I also saw dollars that had been spent that if I had been in from the beginning would have been saved-as she was contracted and would not get what she had deposited back, this part was better left alone to cause less stress.  So needless to say, at the end of the meeting she was a bit overwhelmed and frustrated because the vendors she had been working with had been okaying things/planning with her, but not one had taken any other element/item/component of the celebration into account.  If they were each intruments in an orchestra they would not have been playing anything that made sense or sounded good on the day.  Thus the need for the conductor/me.  For any friends/family that my lovely bride knows who are getting married from here on out, she says she will be advising them to get me/someone from the get-go.

Anyway, the end result was the Plaza Room was set in an unusual way with a mix of square and round tables, and the cake was centered to the foyer doors as that was where the guests entered in from.  In order to make this set work, the dancefloor was small but enough for this intimate celebration.  As you can see from the photos below her taste was exquisite and the most beautiful, elegant celebration was enjoyed by those lucky enough to be included.

Thanks to my lovely bride for utilizing my preferred vendor list and choosing  – Jeff/Moondance for the mcee/dinner/dancing music, and Nisie’s Enchanted Florist for her as always elegant floral design (and thanks Nisie for the wonderful photos below).

Till next time


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