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Elopement Monarch Beach Resort (now Waldorf Astoria)

……..and then elopements became a thing in 2020. Can’t blame the couples, for some changing dates 2-4 times, dealing with guests who were overwhelming them with questions they could not answer, stress, stress, stress, so instead, have just the two of you, make it special, and really, isn’t that what it should be!!

There were more of us than them, lol, Wendy/Harpist, Frank Salas Photographer, Kevin/Luxury Lifestyle Studio for the video, Jeffrey Alan Holmes/Officiating, Bouquet/bout by Elegant by Design, me, and Eileen and the F&B Director from the hotel, as in June when these weddings were happening there was no such thing as banquet staff scheduled.

They had a lovely ceremony, i helped the bride finish dressing after Design Visage finished her hair and makeup, then drove her down to the ceremony in my car. After a lovely ceremony at Botanical Lawn, Frank took them for a walk through the hotel grounds/staircases getting great pics, and they ended up at a sunset view table at Bourbon Steak House for a delicious dinner, then off to their suite where they had a lovely few nights. Sounds just perfect, right!!! After the wedding the groom had me go back and use a compass to get the exact spot they were standing at so he could have them inscribed on a bracelet he was going to gift her!! Let’s all say awwwwwwww

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Monarch Beach Resort intimate wedding

We love intimate weddings and especially when they are weekday, June’s was on a Tuesday.  Remember you get to use space at hotels that would be more $$ than you want/can spend on a fri/sat/sunday and you are normally here in S CA the only wedding happening so get that feeling of exclusivity, and you have everyone’s attention for sure!

June and Matthew had a total of 16 guests, the most important people to them (which is really how it should be right??) and we did the ceremony at the Botanical Garden, photos then we escorted everyone up to the Private Dining Room in the restaurant, where they had a lovely dinner.

We pulled together the perfect vendor team, KLK Photography/Paul-it was great working with them again it had been quite some time, EBD Floral-thanks for always making things work for my couples, Jeff Holmes/officiant-does a fabulous job, and Angelica Strings for the beautiful pre and post music, and of course to our friends at MBR for helping us make these wedding celebrations even more special xoxoxo

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Monarch Beach Resort Wedding

Well as my bride from this May wedding last year and I were just discussing (we dm all the time still), our biggest problem was the rain which had us move their ceremony indoors, but if it was this year the wedding would not have happened in May probably.   We had a great time pulling this wedding together, many meetings at their home in Santa Monica as they travel a lot and catching them with time was a bit tricky, most of their guests flew in and spent 4-5 nights at the resort, so we also orchestrated an event the night prior at Club 19.

So as i mention, we had planned an outdoor ceremony on the Grand Lawn with the chuppa that had been created by Square Root from an inspiration picture our bride had been carrying around for quite some time with her.  Now we got to make it happen.  Thanks to Square Root for exceeding her expectations with the whole event, as always!!


Sometimes things work out and with the ceremony being indoors the hotel team and i decided to use their dining table chairs to really fancy up the ceremony and then their crew moved the chairs to the dining tables after the ceremony, flawless.


The guests enjoyed hors d’oevures and cocktails in the ballroom foyer, all were nice and warm for both ceremony and cocktails due to us moving it in, and i will add, it had been raining on and off but at the time the ceremony started in the ballroom it poured down.


We had my fave round dancefloor and their custom decal (thanks TMMPRO) that matched their logo on all their papergoods, along with 2 curved sofas from Hire Elegance from San Diego that nestled around the dancefloor perfectly .  We had a mix of rectangle mirror/gold tables and round tables.  The sweetheart table was a rectangle for 4, the groom’s sons sat with them, well for a bit anyway, lol.


We had a great back corner setup for when the guests entered the ballroom, but during dinner while they were all busy enjoying the awesome meal prepared by the chef’s at MBR we had a Photobooth operator come in and setup their camera in front of it for after dinner.

The only thing we had to give up due to the weather was a dove release that was planned for the end of the ceremony, but the guest’s were none the wiser!!  Thanks to Joe Latter for the pics and always being so easy/great to work with xoxo

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Monarch Beach Wedding Reception

Thought I had blogged this one 3 years ago, but guess i did not because here it sits in draft!!!  Oh no.  So here we go…. Aida and Samir, what sweet sweet souls they are.  He is actually a DR on the front line in NY right now during coronavirus, so thank you xoxox  Since the wedding Aida and i communicate via Instagram DMs it seems daily, lol, and i have watched them get pregnant, have a doll of a daughter, and in fact while i was typing this she DMd me that they were supposed to be in New Zealand right now on vacation, Oh well, you will get there and it will be worth the wait for sure.

The groom’s sister was very helpful in the planning as she had been married not too long prior and the groom’s parents were just lovely.  The brides family all flew in from London and there is so much love in that family, her younger brother, like 12 years old was a riot during the reception, and guests came from all around the world.

There was no ceremony, this was the big party/celebration and it was all outdoors on the Botanical Lawn at Monarch Beach Resort.  There was a bit of a breeze before the party started but it calmed down before we started cocktails inside Club 19 and was perfect when everyone was out in the open tent for dinner/dancing.  Mix of photos from me and John Woods Photographer here sorry, but wanted you to see all the angles/views, it really was a lovely end result.  EBD did all the florals and Persiano provided all the rentals.

As always thanks to our friends at MBR both in the office and on the ground on the day of, we can’t do a thing without you, so thanks for being a great team to play with xoxox

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Monarch Beach Resort wedding

I loved Dan and Lisa, still do as we chat via Instagram, lol, for many reasons.  A) they are just fun and it was all about the bar at their wedding, B) they happen to work for a medical group of Drs, that i did 2 daughters of one of the head of the group and i did another Doctor’s wedding about 15 years ago and his sister, and none of them knew any of this about me and them until this wedding when it all came together, and they were there on the day, small world right!!

We had the ceremony at Botanical Garden (did you know i did the first ever wedding there, 17 years ago), cocktails on Botanical Lawn with a beautiful view over the golf course/water features out to the Pacific Ocean in the distance which we ended after sunset so the guests could enjoy and get all the selfies they wanted/needed, and then to the dining patio at Club 19 and we created a club feel inside Club 19 for the dancing/socializing portion of the celebration after dinner.  Someone very special to them was a part of the ceremony, their fur baby Gizmo, he and i chat via Instagram too, as he has his own handle!! lol

We built a great vendor team, Sarah Mack was the photographer (but i think all the photos above are mine for some reason??), Paul Uhlar officiated-great voice, Design Visage did the hair/makeup needed, Karen’s flowers did the florals (no Instagram or website) Jeff/Moondance Mobile music provided what we needed in all areas-love working with him, Viralbooth OC was a hit in the club party room, and TMMPRO provided the chiavaris, glossy dancefloor, benches, lighting.  And of course the team at MBR always a joy to be there with them xoxoxo

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Monarch Beach Resort-Club 19 wedding

Ok, not the best photos as I never got any from the photographer and i was doing a wedding up in LA whileNicole was doing this one and she is always busy and forgets to take photos for me, lol, so i think Darla her assistant that day snapped these for me, but they showed different elements i wanted to share.

I liked the pop of color on the gazebo at Botanical Garden, the Bistro lights over the outdoor dining patio of Club 19, and as they ended up with more guests than they planned for two tables had to be placed inside Club 19 which with the newer open doors to the patio helped it not seem like two different areas, and it shows the cool light fixture inside Club 19 over the dancefloor.  Chairs/dancefloor and lighting were done by my partner TMMPRO  xoxox

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Monarch Beach Resort Destination Wedding

Well from the getgo Cynthia said to me, this will be a fun/relaxed celebration, nothing formal and we weren’t going to do formal table place settings, all of which I know sounds great but as the day gets closer you realise and I explain, that may not be understood by the guests.  So we did keep it fun and informal, the groom’s brother was the officiant, but we did relent and ensure there were place settings for majority of the guests and outside had some tall tables in case the men wanted to hang out there where the food was and eat/chat.  Ceremony was at Botanical Garden, cocktails were at the edge of Grand Lawn, then food stations on the lawn outside the wine cellar (and they had the 2 rooms there so they were not bothering anyone) and dancing was inside the Wine Cellar.  We had a sweetheart table for them, but can’t say I ever saw them sit there, lol, and instead of a wedding cake they had a variety of flavors of bundt cakes, which everyone loved!!

Everyone including the B&G flew in and spent multi nights at the hotel, which meant everyone was nicely relaxed and ready to parteeeeeeeeeeeee!!

Great vendor team on board, thanks Frank Salas for the photos above, Design Visage for hair/makeup, Jim Veta for guitar at ceremony and cocktails, Peter/Vive Entertainment for the mceeing/djing in the wine cellar, and EBD Floral team for always making my bride’s visions a reality, and of course to the team at Monarch Beach Resort, we love working with you all xoxoxox

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Monarch Beach pretty wedding

0013 0041

The groom was actually the one who booked me(when I was actually in New Zealand in March, we had a couple of phone chats and then we were off) and we got things going, once our bride was able to jump in it was obvious she had a ‘pretty’ style and lots of inspirations from pinterest and instagram.  The pictures here are a mix of mine and Joe Latter’s, the above two are Joe’s and I really love them both.  Great shot of the guys!!

0290    0314

We had the combo of Pacific Lawn and Club 19 which doesn’t happen often, but when you choose a morning ceremony/lunch reception on a Sunday, you tend to be able to get a bit more than normal.  The petal aisle turned out great Elegant by Design!!

0665  0688

We love Club 19 and the changes with the new hotel name change have really added to this area.  I also love how my couples tend to do the decal on the dancefloor(both from TMMPRO and the chiavaris also) and each one is really different, my couples weddings are all about their style, not mine or someone elses.

0689 0692

Purple and lavender are my fave colors too, so I loved this palette with the white and gold to allow it to pop and accent.

0700   img_9070

Nothing to say, the lavender sprig was lovely, simple and all that was needed to tie everything in.

img_9075  img_9091

The acrylic pedestals and glass vases allowed the flowers to show at the ceremony and not get lost against this large rotunda structure, the florals were just lovely.

img_9095 img_9141

Lots of wooden signs to put on easels in different areas and gold signs to go in florals, cake etc, yes Etsy did well out of our Miss Andrea!!!  Design Visage beautified everyone beautifully as always, I loved the detail of Andrea’s hair from the back.

0007 0034

Look at how fabulous Andrea looks in the tunnel, and look at her sexy side view of her gown!!

0029 0123

Their 2 babies walked up the aisle.  Lovely details, notes to the parents and groomsmen gifts

0139 0708 0281 0704

Here I am in action, pinning my groom’s bout.  The favor was, guests making their own sachet of fresh lavender, it smelt so good there.

0016 0317

Had a couple of brides do a ‘dad first look’ this year, its quite emotional/touching for everyone.

Great vendor team, we all knew each other which is always so great, Alan Katz/officiant and David Krieger/dj were there too, and a new vendor we got to meet/work with Dove Weddings/videographer.  And of course, Laura and the banquet team at the Monarch Beach Resort, xoxoxoxoxo

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