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Pelican Hill Resort, Intimate Indian Wedding

Yi yi yi. March last year as we started to pull at the final touches to this couples wedding, they said to me, are we going to be ok on our date? I said to them, oh this stay at home we are going into in 4 days will be done in 2-3 weeks and you will be fine. Little did we know eh, a year later nearly in March and I am getting those questions now for 2021 brides that already moved 1-2 times!!

So as we know it wasn’t ok, this couple moved their date two times in 2020, and then their hotel closed on them (still not open) and all monies were refunded. We are just going to the courthouse the groom said to me. I said, take a couple of days and think it over, it is your wedding day and whatever is done will be that memory, you have vendors that are paid we can look at other options. It won’t be your large Indian traditional celebration, but we can make it special/memorable. Well kudos to us/them for taking that time and for the Universe looking after them, we got to do their very intimate ceremony with the traditional mandap/Priest at one of the most beautiful prestigious wedding venues in the OC. Beautiful. And as the groom said to me at the end as they were leaving, this may just have turned out better and more meaningful/special than the original plan. Yes Nikhil yes, i believe it totally did.

Thanks to Kismit Designs for the floral/decor.

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Hyatt HB Indian Wedding


This blog will give you a good feel for the special moments/elements of a wedding day celebration, thanks to Andrew Kwak Photo for the pics.  Hair and makeup was a collaboration between Drea and Lulu, Daisy the horse was there of course, and Sound Nation/Raj kept things going from the baraat with the dohl player through to the end of the evening dinner/dance.  Thanks to our friends at Hyatt HB as always too xoxo


the pics above are when the bride and groom leave after the ceremony (normally done around 11am so it is done by noon) and luncheon to follow, for the grooms family home.  The vehicle they leave in varies, i have had everything from luxury car as above to helicopter to yachts!!  It’s a really emotional time for the bride and her parents and family because life as they knew it with her at home/in the family will now be different/change.  The good news is, on this day, they make it back in time to get ready for the dinner/dance celebration, yayyyyy


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Our first wedding at Pasea

I was going to be on an anniversary trip to Europe, in fact in Ravello/Amalfi Coast when Nisha’s 2 day wedding event we were handling was going to happen, so Nicole took over and oversaw both days events, but as we know Nicole gets busy and doesn’t take pics for me, lol, and when i looked back through the photographers photos, the detail pics i would have loved were not taken it seems, so i don’t have any of the ceremony area without people or any ballroom pics without people, not sure what happened!!  But anyway I digress, Nicole and i had a great final detail meeting with Nisha at the hotel where there may or may not have been champagne enjoyed, hmmmm??!! lol

The sangeet was held the night prior at the Newland Barn in Huntington Beach, a really neat venue that worked out well, and the wedding day was the first wedding we had done at Pasea which had opened just recently.  The driveway of the hotel was perfect for the baraat and our groom came in on a red mustang.  They liked color as you can see from the ceremony guest canopies and the B&G stage in the ballroom.  Wish i had more pics to share.

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Nixon Library Indian Wedding

Well this was the first of both children’s weddings that we did for this family.  The mom of the bride was a hoot and kept me laughing a lot.

Our groom came in on Daisy, a horse we use a lot for our Indian Weddings, Drea did our brides hair and makeup and dressed her.  My favourite officiant for Indian Weddings, Shukavek Dasa officiated, Special Occasions/Parag did an excellent job from baraat through to the closing of the dancefloor.  Simply Sweet Cakery provided the cake, White House Catering were great to work with for the food/beverage and service staff, and Matei provided some of the photos above, the better ones, lol, mine are the darker/fuzzy ones.  And it was great to be back at Nixon Library, it had been a while.

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