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Four Seasons Westlake Village-Indian wdg

Well this was our last Indian wedding of 2019 and a goodie.  Working with Samar and her mom (who funnily enough just emailed me to check in and thank me again for doing such a great job/working so hard on Samar’s wedding for them and apologizing that it has taken 4 months, but that is aok, I know that there are many Drs in the two families that are all working front lines for coronavirus, and that is very worrying for them all.  Samar and i had been communicating since the wedding so I knew they were happy with everything, lol) was just great, they were both lovely and calm and got things done as needed as we went along.  Above and below are a bunch of pics from the 2 day event.  This was our 2nd multi day Indian wedding at Four Seasons and each time it has been a fabulous property to be working at and a great experience for the guests, in house or not, we worked closely with Nicole on this wedding and she was excellent, we made a great team.

Creative Cakes from Orange provided the cake which we had floating which looked beautiful.  Luxe Linen provided the linens/napkins for the big dinner/dance celebration.

Bloombox Designs did the floral both days and an amazing job it was, the mandap was created by the team on the day there also, fabulouso.  It was great to see our fave Indian wedding hair/makeup artist and dresser, Oscar, we don’t see him often enough these days.  We had Special Occasions both days/Ajay leading the crew.  Kumba for the rentals and floor covering for the Sikh wedding on day 1.  Natraj did the catering for both days, and TMMPRO did the draping for the ceremony and lunch/dinner/dancing ballrooms.

Day 2 the cocktail hour was spent on the lawn by the waterfall and we had my new fave vendor Amy Serrano play her electric violin, amazing energy.

For the Baraat we had our Daisy bring the groom in and for the vidai the old fashioned car, and i loved it when the guys got behind to push it out, it didn’t need it, they just wanted to do it, lol

Thanks to Jim Kennedy and team for being great as always to work with for both days, and the same to Impressive Creations, both companies are part of the top in S CA

I just loved the clean look of the B&G stage for the celebration dinner/dance.

Another great wedding and an awesome way to end 2019 xoxo

Till next time



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Ritz Carlton Laguna Indian Wedding

The above pics show how this setup on the Bluff Lawn could be for a non-Indian wedding, and then when it is setup as a mandap!!

We had Daisy bring the groom in as we do for most of our Indian weddings.  Shukavek Dasa my fave officiant for Indian weddings did another wonderful job.

In the ballroom we had the dancefloor/decal, stage cover & draping done by my pals at TMMPRO, all music from baraat/dohl player to dancing after dinner was done by Ali/Special Occasions, and the floral/décor and B&G table were by Flowers by Cina, another wonderful job ladies.


And a variety of closeups through one of the rectangle tables we had on each side of the dancefloor, the rest of the ballroom were round guest tables.  Thanks as always to our team at the Ritz-Carlton, teamwork makes the dream work, xoxoxxo

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Hyatt HB Indian Wedding


This blog will give you a good feel for the special moments/elements of a wedding day celebration, thanks to Andrew Kwak Photo for the pics.  Hair and makeup was a collaboration between Drea and Lulu, Daisy the horse was there of course, and Sound Nation/Raj kept things going from the baraat with the dohl player through to the end of the evening dinner/dance.  Thanks to our friends at Hyatt HB as always too xoxo


the pics above are when the bride and groom leave after the ceremony (normally done around 11am so it is done by noon) and luncheon to follow, for the grooms family home.  The vehicle they leave in varies, i have had everything from luxury car as above to helicopter to yachts!!  It’s a really emotional time for the bride and her parents and family because life as they knew it with her at home/in the family will now be different/change.  The good news is, on this day, they make it back in time to get ready for the dinner/dance celebration, yayyyyy


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Hyatt HB – Indian Wedding

So this was the second child of this family that I was honored to do a wedding for.  The funny thing is I was at the Hyatt HB doing a wedding when they were doing their site visits with hotels and bumped into me and said, we think we will do it here and look here you are, lol.

We did the ceremony on the CA Courtyard Lawn which with the canopies and guest count pretty much maxed the lawn out, but it worked.  Then cocktails were held on Huntington Ballroom balcony, then into Huntington Ballroom we went.

A wee room by the catering office is the perfect spot for the bride to watch the baraat from.  Raj came in on Daisy the horse who we use a lot.


My fave Indian Priest/officiant Shukavek officiated and as always did a great job.

We draped the service wall of the ballroom, it makes such a difference, and they loved the round dancefloor when i mentioned it, so we added that in too.


Special Occasions handled the baraat and all music/mceeing and kept the dancefloor full as you can see.  Thanks to Matei for some of the pics above and some are mine.  Thanks to the Hyatt HB as always for helping me get things done!! xoxo

Till next time



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Our first wedding at Pasea

I was going to be on an anniversary trip to Europe, in fact in Ravello/Amalfi Coast when Nisha’s 2 day wedding event we were handling was going to happen, so Nicole took over and oversaw both days events, but as we know Nicole gets busy and doesn’t take pics for me, lol, and when i looked back through the photographers photos, the detail pics i would have loved were not taken it seems, so i don’t have any of the ceremony area without people or any ballroom pics without people, not sure what happened!!  But anyway I digress, Nicole and i had a great final detail meeting with Nisha at the hotel where there may or may not have been champagne enjoyed, hmmmm??!! lol

The sangeet was held the night prior at the Newland Barn in Huntington Beach, a really neat venue that worked out well, and the wedding day was the first wedding we had done at Pasea which had opened just recently.  The driveway of the hotel was perfect for the baraat and our groom came in on a red mustang.  They liked color as you can see from the ceremony guest canopies and the B&G stage in the ballroom.  Wish i had more pics to share.

Till next time



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Hotel Maya – Indian wedding

I really loved working with Sonia and Neerav on their wedding, fun and fun!

We had the baraat going alongside the waterway with our groom on the horse, followed by the milni and then the traditional ceremony officiated by my favorite India Priest Shukavek Dasa.  Then lunch at a different area of the hotel followed by the vidai, the farewell of the bride and groom as they head to the groom’s family home, which was done in a really fun way, they left in a yacht and went for a nice cruise, then came back and got in a limo and went to the groom’s family home.  Then back they came to get ready for the nights festivities

Cocktails were held in the area in front of the Pavilion where they ceremony had been earlier in the day.

Then into the Pavilion for the dinner/dance, where one whole side is windows and looks over to the city of Long Beach, at night it reminds me of looking at Manhattan!! love it


We had a great vendor team on board for this one: Greycard Photo, Robles Video, Drea for hair/makeup and dressing our bride, Amit/3D Sounds provided all the music and mceeing starting with the Baraat & the dohl player, through ceremony, lunch, cocktails, then dinner/dancing and the lighting, EBD Floral for the gorgeous florals & helping us with our unique idea for placecards!! BEL for the stage draping & décor, TMMPRO for the rental chairs and chargers, and of course to the team at Hotel Maya, we love working with you all at your unique property where we feel like we have gone out of town to do the wedding!!

Till next time



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Hotel Maya Indian Wedding

My first wedding at Hotel Maya was years ago and i will always remember them because the groom was a fellow New Zealander and I loved the view they had from their ballroom balcony looking across to Long Beach at night, reminded me of looking at Manhattan.  For this wedding, i left a wedding at the Ritz Santa Barbara the night prior so i didn’t get to stay up there and enjoy which was my original plan, but once i got back to Hotel Maya and this couple and got things going, i was very happy to be there.  Do what you love and it will seem like you never work a day in your life, right!!!


I have done 3 Indian weddings here at Hotel Maya now, it really is the perfect layout and when you have multi day events you can have everything on site and the guests will never be bored, plus the room rates are great and there are other hotels next door and across in Long Beach, giving lots of rate options for your guest’s varying budget/styles.


So of course we started with the baraat and our groom was on a horse going along the waterfront, Milni was done at the entrance to the cere area where they have some great gates that frame it well and then the ceremony setup is fabulous (and we get the brides room in the block next to it, so for hair/makeup/sari changes we waste little time), cocktails are done at the back of the cere area and the hotel  staff take the ceremony chairs away and suddenly we have a huge area for cocktails, then into the fabulous Pavilion where 2 walls are windows (the main side looking across to that gorgeous Long Beach view at night) and the back wall is perfect for draping.  Great vendor team on board, Greycard Photo (who i have done a lot of Indian weddings with), Duc/Avec Luminaire for video, Lulu for hair/makeup, Amit/3D Sounds my fave guy/group of guys to work with for Indian weddings from baraat/milni/cere/dinner/dance mceeing/dohl player/lighting and music the guests love/good mix-he knows how to read an Indian crowd and based on where they come from in Indian is well versed with the types of Indian music they like – he knows his stuff. 3 Petals did the florals and draping behind the B&G stage and my TMMPRO guys did the dancefloor/stage cover/chairs as normal oxoxox.  Now we were not doing the canopies for the cere seating for the guests originally but about 4 days prior the bride’s dad panicked after hearing the weather report and said, get em.  So thanks to John/OCLA Rentals he stepped right up and made it happen, yayyyy.  And to Kristina and the team at Hotel Maya, love working with them.

Till next time



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Nixon Library Indian Wedding

Well this was the first of both children’s weddings that we did for this family.  The mom of the bride was a hoot and kept me laughing a lot.

Our groom came in on Daisy, a horse we use a lot for our Indian Weddings, Drea did our brides hair and makeup and dressed her.  My favourite officiant for Indian Weddings, Shukavek Dasa officiated, Special Occasions/Parag did an excellent job from baraat through to the closing of the dancefloor.  Simply Sweet Cakery provided the cake, White House Catering were great to work with for the food/beverage and service staff, and Matei provided some of the photos above, the better ones, lol, mine are the darker/fuzzy ones.  And it was great to be back at Nixon Library, it had been a while.

Till next time



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Indian Wedding, Temple ceremony & Hotel Reception

So we had Jas and Lucky’s wedding in two locations over two days.  Teri was actually going to do both days as I was in Australia, but as fate steps in my return flight got changed on me bringing me home a day early, so I was able to jump in and be there on the Temple Ceremony day. Jas came in on a horse for the baraat and they exited the day in a  helicopter, inbetween lunch was served in the tent that was put up.

Frank Salas Photography (

Frank Salas Photography (

The next day their wedding reception was at the Bayfront Hilton in San Diego, we have done a few Indian weddings here now, as they have a great infrastructure, plenty of banquet space and different areas so for multi day and events the guests get to experience different views/atmospheres, and lots of hotel rooms so that means they are more willing to give great room rates for the guests staying.

Frank Salas Photography (

Our groom was really into the design/look of the ballroom, the variety of centerpieces and table looks.  Our friends at Square Root did an awesome job with the ballroom, floral/linens/dancefloor/decal, and TMMPRO draped the room and provided the chivaris and we had Chivari Chair Rentals come and cover the seat cushions as we wanted silver not the normal white or ivory.  We had our friend Sandeep both days handling the music, we love him.  As you can tell by the photos we were working both days with our good friend and awesome photographer Frank Salas, Robles Video who has created a real niche in the Indian market were up bright and early both days (Friday was around 3am!!).  Dolled up by Lulu did the beautification both days of the ladies.  The team at Hilton Bayfront headed by Lisa Gossman were fabulous as always.

We bought Karla from Elegant by Design in for the Friday event at the Temple, she created the focal wall/picture backdrop area and had to redo the dining table two times when we changed the linens from breakfast to lunch, go EBD

Till next week


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Indian wedding celebration-Hyatt Long Beach

img_1118 img_1119

Lovely Archana, she booked me after I had done one of her friends weddings (which was part of a reality tv show), with both of them being from Houston, TX.  80% of my couples do not live in CA but choose to get married here, why would that be you ask …..

that’s due to wanting to plan an outdoor wedding anytime you want during the year where it’s not too hot or too cold and chances of rain are slim,  the Pacific Ocean can be your backdrop, and what other location in the USA is a place guests are happy to spend their money to come and see you get married and probably have a vacation at the same time.  Make sense??

img_1121      img_1144

This post is going to be different to my normal ones as its a smattering of pics that were taken over the two day celebration and as well as the normal ceremony/reception room pics that we or the photographer took, John of Greycard Photo took some really great pics of the bride and groom and they caught my eye.  Above is the round mandap (my Indian brides tend to not be totally traditional, they like to add their own touch or edge) beautifully done by Shawna Yamamoto and team (I remember when one of my brides from about 5 years ago found Shawna, I had not heard of her at that time, and my bride said, she is up and coming Lisa, she is going to be big, and boy was she right!!!) and in the pics below you will see more of their work.  The picture on the right is the milni, where the brides family greet the groom to the ceremony area, at the end of the baraat, its a lovely tradition.

img_1150 img_1226 img_1227

This is my first wedding where the swing was incorporated into the ceremony, love new aspects and their reasons, see our horse departing after the baraat.  The middle shot was our couple in their ballroom which was very bling bling and was so pretty.  The end pic shows some round tables (and the new carpet in the ballroom) you will see more pics with the rectangle tables below.


We loved these tall centerpieces, very florally chandelier feeling and bling bling.


For the sangeet the night prior we went totally different in color palette and had a mendi area that Yamamoto created, turned out fabulously


The view the groom had as everyone came down the aisle towards him.  As indian weddings are so long most Indian brides are now providing the shade canopies which is a great thing and keeps more people in their seats during the cere, rather than seeking shade elsewhere.

wedd106 wedd108

The sangeet was a south beach/Miami type vibe/colors

wedd1171 wedd1179

The colors look so great in these pics above

wedd124 wedd1744

In the cocktail area of the sangeet the hotel has some wall dividers that had vases etc on it, our bride asked if they would take those down and we could put the gifty items for the guests there, kind of like a gifting station.  Very colorful and ended up being décor as well as a useful area.   Don’t even know where that bridge was, but glad John did!!

wedd1748 wedd1752

The hotel building is a really cool backdrop and both of these pics work, the close up and the more faraway one, the coloring is awesome

wedd1759 wedd1775

The ocean restaurant area lit up at night was a great backdrop, and the pic on the left was done on just a walkway but how cool is it!!  Just goes to show, if your photographer is creative/looks at everything and anything as a backdrop you can get great shots without having to go far

wedd1787 wedd179

No idea where this archy thing is, but again, pleased John found it.  Then loved the shot from above with the girls sari’s spread out like that – so creative and just on a plain old floor!

wedd1797 wedd1798

Different tablescapes


wedd1800 wedd1801

Great example above of the same table but with the different lighting that was used during the event


wedd1802 wedd1803

From the front top of the headtable to the dancefloor, note the reflection of the ceiling lighting, it all created a bling bling look/feel

wedd1807 wedd1808

We just loved the end result of the floral chandelier centerpiece.

wedd1819 wedd1820 wedd1896 wedd236

First dance at the wedding reception and guys dancing at the sangeet the night before.


Love the reflection of the hotel in the water that surrounds the hotel


There’s our friend Oscar that most of our Indian brides use for their hair/makeup and dressing.  We absolutely love him.  In fact at one wedding, Teri was up in the room with Oscar and the bride, he did her makeup too, lol


Watching the baraat.  We love it when there is a spot bride can watch from but not be seen.

wedd626 wedd627 wedd636 wedd640

Great detail pics of our bride Archana

wedd647 wedd686 wedd713 wedd805

This hotel has such a great walkway for the baraat, scenic and doesn’t get in the way of anyone/thing, unlike when valet areas are being partly used etc.

wedd885 wedd931

Back to the brides mom and the groom at the milni, and a good pic of the swing.  The pic on the far right is our bride’s dad who has passed.

Teri and I both orchestrated the sangeet and wedding ceremony, then I had to leave once I got Archana up the aisle (I was never supposed to be there on the saturday wedding event but due to the beauty of an early morning ceremony I could, yay) to head to the wedding I was doing later that day (was so pleased I got to see everything come together after all the planning, but was really hard when as I sent her off and hugged her, Archana said to me, don’t go/please don’t go! ), Teri and the team did a great job and kept me in the loop for the rest of the day on how well everything was going and looking.

Great vendor group on this one, our friend Sandeep Kumar who runs a great baraat and is so easy/great to work with for sangeets and wedding receptions, we get to see him a few times a year and it makes us so happy, others mentioned above, and to the team at the Hyatt Long Beach, Melissa was a joy to work with and could not have done more for all of us to make things work out so well.

Till next time


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