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From Hawaii to OC due to Covid

This wedding makes me happy and sad at the same time. Happy because they are the cutest couple ever, and the second wedding I have done for the groom’s family who, small world, was marrying a sweet bride that happens to work at a hotel i work at all the time, and she had heard of me, but it was the groom’s mom who reached out and said, time for the next wedding, but fate brought us all together anyway. love it, Sad reason #1, there is only 2 children in the family and i did both their weddings, so now have to wait for friends and relatives, but i love that family!!
These 2 pics are from an iphone not the photographer because i could not see these exact looks i wanted in her pics so i got them from one of our assistants.

Sad reason #2: We were supposed to be doing the wedding at the Ritz-Carlton Maui, we had all gone over and scoped the space/all outdoors with ocean backdrop, they had done a tasting, and we were all really looking forward to it, plus i could add another Ritz-Carlton in the world to my resume!!

But as things work out, even though we really held off as long as we could, wedding was July 20, and as long as Hawaii was not going to make everyone quarantine as of June 1, we were still all going, well last week of May the Governor of Hawaii extended the quarantine until end of July/August, and as I am typing this in 2021 I can report he kept it in place until Oct 15 where if travelling after that and providing a negative covid test from their providers you did not have to quarantine, so we did the right thing by 1st week of June realising we needed to find a venue here in S CA. First plan was something with a Hawaiian vibe, so we found one in San Diego, liked it, but they had a lot of what seemed to be excessive rules due to covid, again, now we are in 2021 and look back, their rules were smart!! So not working for us, mom found a hotel venue in the OC that i was never really feeling was right for this wedding and after she had signed the contract the hotel came back with new rules that were definately not working for the couple, so we ended up at the hotel i had suggested from the getgo because i knew we could make it exciting/different and could kind of make not doing it in Hawaii aok. The Waterfront Beach Resort in Huntington Beach. Yes. We did the ceremony with the ocean/palm tree backdrop, did cocktails with that same view, and dinner/same view with a lovely water feature backdrop to our royal table. Then to suprise everyone, after dinner, the B&G lead the guests up the elevators to the rooftop bar/lounge area where we had dancing/socialising with 180 degree awesome views of the Pacific from Long Beach to Laguna. What were guests saying?? Are you kidding me?? amazzzzzing. Wow. Awesome.

Sad reason #3, the day before i broke my leg and was still in hospital when this wedding was happening!!! I was so mad at covid, because we would have been in Maui already and i would not have been doing what i was doing in my backyard!! In the ambulance from my house to the hospital, i called Nicole and said, i think you need to be prepared to get a call from me to come help tomorrow as i may not be very mobile, so got her set. Unfortunately the surgeon laughed when he gave me option of surgery that night or tomorrow and i said, well tonight please as i have a wedding to do tomorrow. Oh no he said, you won’t be doing a wedding tomorrow. So again, call to Nicole, you are full on tomorrow/no me. I was never worried as she totally knows what she is doing/to do/works from my timelines all the time and was working with Brittany, so i knew all would be fine between the two of them. And thank goodness, when i had to call the mom and tell her, she also knew that i would not send anyone who would screw things up, so they were all good to go/relaxed and enjoyed the wedding celebration as if i was there, i don’t think they even missed me, lol

As you can see from the pics above, all turned out lovely. We obviously had to get a new florist and karla/EBD floral stepped in and got the vision immediately, we brought the tropical/Hawaii feel to Huntington Beach, a new dj/DJ Griff a multi friend referral, but were lucky as the photographer was coming to Hawaii so she just didn’t have to fly so far, Andrea David, and the pics above/not iphone ones, are hers. Design Visage beautified the ladies and kept them on time as always. A friend officiated/she was going to do it in Hawaii also. A tropical duo for pe cere/cocktails and during dinner to again feel the hawaiian vibe, Naples String trio for ceremony, and a big thanks to the team at Waterfront Beach Resort, Vanessa jumped right in as she always does when i reach out and made it happen/work for me, love you lady xoxoxox

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Waterfront Hilton Wedding Celebration


We probably do a wedding every 5 years at this hotel and when this family and i sat down to get a feel for the vision/style they were wanting, i knew immediately the new ballroom in the new addition of Waterfront Hilton would be perfect.  The parents of the Groom booked me to handle a wedding reception party here in CA for their friends/family that would not be travelling to Baltimore where the traditional Indian wedding celebration was to be held a few weeks earlier (we ended up going to Baltimore and handling the grooms events/hospitality for them there also, but that’s another blog).  I have another Indian family right now i am working with on only the Groom’s events also, so maybe this is turning into a new market for me??!!

The Groom’s mom has great style and vision and I pulled the perfect team together to make it happen for them, they were so pleased.  She loved everything so much, she keeps in touch with me and 2 months ago, 2 years after we did these events, she reached out to see if i needed help as she would love to work with me on weddings.  Love it!!


We had lots of fun elements that had people oohing and aahing.  We brought a live wedding painter down from San Francisco and they were thrilled with the end result.  we started her outside and she finished the painting in the ballroom, she caught all the elements in the painting, it was awesome  We had a Taj Mahal martini luge which was popular for the drinks and as a backdrop for selfies, by Carving Ice.  We had a photo booth, my go to Viralbooth OC/Shanna works with whatever i need, always customs timing etc for me


We did a mixture of rectangle and round tables in the ballroom and even their sweetheart table had their stage behind them and because we did my favourite round dancefloor from TMMPRO with an awesome decal and he did the lighting, we had curved tables each side of B&G for their grandparents and parents which i thought was just lovely

Thanks to Joe Latter photography for the photos, wish we had of had you come to Baltimore, they would have been much happier and got what they needed with you there!!   Hair and makeup by Dolled up by Lulu’s team, Wedding cake by Sweet Traders, Music was by Amit/3 D Sounds, my fave Indian dj company, we used his huge LED screen which was great, florals by EBD Floral, Karla always listens with her heart and pours more into any event of mine than just flowers, and of course the team at Waterfront Hilton lead by Vanessa who i have known for probably 15 or more years – a true professional. xoxoxo

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