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Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach wedding

Joanna wanted a coastal feel and Karla at EBD Floral caught her vision perfectly!


Vista Ballroom can fit up to 180 people but its always fun when we have a smaller group, this wedding was 60 people, and we can play with rectangle and round tables and spread out.  No one ever complains about too much space!!

Our photographer was Frank Salas, but think these were my iphone pics!! Rentals by TMMPRO and napkins by Luxe Linen. Peter/Vive Ent kept the party going until the very end. Design Visage prettied everyone up as always.  Thanks to everyone at Hyatt HB who from the day the hotel opened have partnered with us to ensure everything goes smoothly.


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Sweet Hyatt HB wedding

101516_0673 101516_0678

They were such a sweet sweet couple, and the colors/look/feel shown in the pictures is a good reflection of how our bride is.  During the planning process she found out she was pregnant, so there were some meetings where the poor thing was not well at all.  I actually had quite a few pregnancies last year, some already pregnant when they booked me and we pulled everything together in a few weeks, and two who found out during the planning and we just kept going, the gowns needed a bit more adjusting than normal closer to the wedding day though!!

101516_0683 101516_0684

I love a textured floral look and with these colors it is just so pretty

101516_0708 101516_1282

I worked with our bride and groom during the planning months, doing the budget, securing vendors to match the budget/vision/style and keeping them on track with what needed to be done along the way, then Nicole took over on the day itself and kept everything going to plan and on track, which resulted in a wonderful celebration.

101516_1286 101516_1294

The draping is a good way to hide the airwall track going right down the center of the room.


Lovely vendor team on board, Miki and Sonja/photographers-thanks for the photos, Parallel Media/video, Brent Edwards/officiant for working so well with them, TMMPRO for the dancefloor/lighting and draping.  Sweet Traders for the yum wedding cake, Pennys Florals, and all music was by DJ David, and of course to our friends at the Hyatt Huntington Beach-we love working with you all to ensure great wedding celebrations.

Till next time


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Hyatt Huntington Beach wedding

img_0572 img_0573 img_0575 img_0576

From our first planning meeting I could see it all, and on the wedding day and the great vendor team we pulled together, it all came together.  Lovely thick aisle pattern and beautiful florals/color palette from EBD Florals/Karla, xoxoxoxo


Love my seamless/glossy white dancefloor, that along with the draping behind the sheart table to hide the airwall track and the acrylic chiavaris came from TMMPRO, my new fave vendor from 2015.

img_0583   img_0588

I don’t see too many light gobos on the dancefloor now, but our bride preferred that to a

decal, and it turned out soft and pretty. You can see from the pics taken at different times the changes the lighting made

img_0591 img_0598 img_0602 img_0604 img_0607  img_4002

I asked EBD Floral to do a thick lush floral topper on the table and the bride had a picture showing flowers on a slope look/feel, it turned out beautifully. The cake was from Sweet Traders and DJ Jonsen did a great job, our second time working with him.  And as always, to the team at Hyatt HB, we have been doing weddings there for 15 years/from when the hotel opened its doors, its like being home when we are there xoxoxoxo

Till next time


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Hyatt Huntington Beach


Interesting trend now of couples choosing hotels for their weddings but using the spaces differently or getting creative with the spaces.  Julia did this exact thing by using a traditional ceremony site but then doing dinner/dancing at the Red Chair Lounge a more casual/loungy vibe space.

img_8858 l07a8171

The palm tree pic I took  as sunset was happening, and the rest of the pics are courtesy of Tony Florez, always great to see/work with him.  I loved the colors and the modern tight look Julia went with and that Karen’s Flowers pulled off.  DJ Mister Bill was right on with his music throughout the dancing portion, and Naples provided elegant strings for the Huntington Beach/Pacific Ocean backdrop ceremony

l07a8178 l07a8182    l07a8627 l07a8631

There were 2 cakes, the soda can and the donut were both personal and the guests all got it, and a trend that has been big this season, a small cake for the traditional cutting but cupcakes for the guests to actually eat.  The sweetheart table and we had to go with a more traditional napkin fold (which my brides know I am not a fan of) but there was a wee breeze and the rental napkins were satiny and could not hang off the table without sliding right on off, lol. We love intimate weddings!!

Till next time


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Red Chair Lounge/Hyatt HB wedding

IMG_0792 IMG_0794

With the opening of the fabulous Watertable Restaurant at Hyatt Huntington Beach, it allowed the Red Chair Lounge to be offered up as space for events, and so far we have done three in here.  It has always been popular for bride and groom pictures because of its lounge vibe, so we are excited for intimate or larger wedding celebrations to use it.  The patio with the fire pit is a popular place for guests to hang.  The wedding above did have dancing so a dancefloor was put in by the hotel.

IMG_0795 IMG_0796

Everyone loves the existing bar.  The picture on the right is the sitting area end of the space.  Its an L shape space.


Always a few guests sitting by the indoor fireplace/sitting area, no matter how hot it may be outside.  One wedding we did had a pianist using the grand piano in there as background music, one used their ipod, one used the in house music.

IMG_0799 IMG_0800

At the other end of the L there is a pool table which keeps guests entertained and on the wedding above we brought in a photo booth, so we had an entertainment area.  We did a wedding for 30 in here where they had proper dining tables and a sit down meal, the other two ranged from 50-100 people and they used the existing cocktail table/chair setup and had food stations both inside and outside.  You don’t need to décor/spend a lot on florals as it has a lot of atmosphere.  Two of the weddings did their ceremonies at the hotel, and one had theirs on the beach across the street.

IMG_0802 IMG_0804

Our beach wedding had a bagpiper for music over there and then he lead everyone back to the hotel and to the Red Chair patio.

So a new venue, unique, yet attached to a hotel so you get all the amenities/hotel room opportunities for the guests to enjoy.  Perfect for a destination wedding.  Good thinking team at the Hyatt Huntington Beach.

Till next time


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Another lovely Hyatt HB wedding

This bride booked me for a Month of service but used my vendor list and that of course meant, great quality and a lovely calmness on the day.  Thanks for the pics Frank Salas, thanks for the beautiful décor Flowers by Cina, and thanks for beautifying the girls Design Visage.  Love you all.




I love that Frank took this pic, don’t think I have ever had a photographer take a pic looking back, had a groom once want the hotel to be the backdrop to the ceremony, but the bride wanted ocean, so guess who won!!





Reuse of the arch clusters


We don’t see bright colors very much anymore, nice for a change


Mix of driftwood, lanterns and flowers

Till next time


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Hyatt Huntington Beach Intimate wedding


A destination wedding, where everyone came on in to fabulous S CA, and why would you not want to come!!!  They chose Huntington Beach and wanted a more coastal type feel/décor vibe going on.  Keith Laverty nailed it!!  The A team was on board for this intimate celebration, thanks to Frank Salas for the pics, Design Visage for beautifying the women, Monico Décor, Peter/Vive Ent for music in all areas and keeping that dancefloor full, and of course to the fabulous team at the Hyatt Huntington Beach, in the office and on the floor for as always helping make us look good!!



Don’t you love how the petals are trailing out of the lantern


Beachy, clean vibe above




She did not want to split the room up, so we put the dancefloor on one side and put the cake table in the middle, as the bride was not sure if people would dance so didn’t want to have it look like it was expected.  Of course I knew they would dance, with Peter in charge, no doubt, so as soon as we moved the cake&table off, it was on!!!!!




Really lovely collections on each table by Keith, totally a reflection of this bride and her style.  Perfection

Till tomorrow


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Hyatt HB – Vista Ballroom


Kaitlin booked me for month of, she was getting married at a church and just having her reception/dinner/dance at the hotel.  She had my preferred vendor list and it all turned out fabulous, in fact so much so, I am doing a wedding for one of her friends, yay.  Great job always Karla/Elegant by Design, Brianna/inhouse av for the lighting package, Tomgirl for the yummy wedding cake, and Christopher Todd for the photos, I love the pic where the shadow of the caketop is showing on the wall.






Till tomorrow


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Fun Hyatt Huntington Beach wedding

Lisa + Mike-00087 copy

This is the view my bride Lisa (yes I have a few of those, weird isn’t it!!) had herself, the groom, and their friends/family (about 50 of them) fly across the country for.

Lisa + Mike-00179 copy

Lisa + Mike-00182 copy

Lisa + Mike-00282 copy

Lisa + Mike-00640 copy

This wedding was all about fun for those that made the trip and embracing the fact that they were at the beach.  Everyone was to wear flip flops and yes that is sand scattered over the placecard table.  They had Epod photobooth, rentals by Monico Décor, a guitarist for cere/cocktails and one of my fave djs for the dinner/dancing.  Design Visage kept my bride looking lovely from beginning to end, lovely florals from one of my lovely fave florists, and photos by Joel Austell.

Lisa + Mike-00643 copy

It was all about the cake, and not because of how the cake looked on the outside, but because of what color the inside of the cake they cut into was, why……. because if it was blue my bride was going to have a baby boy and if it was pink a girl, guess what it was pink.  There were tears everywhere, including from me!! So touching and memorable.

Till tomorrow


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Hyatt HB Mariners Ballroom

What a great couple, style and fun!!  The groom’s sister was an integral part of the planning along with the couple, so they booked me for Month of service.  When the service began I was pleased to see some of my fave vendors were on board already, and they had good components which I was able to help/suggest to them how to pull it altogether and lay things out for the most impact.  They were planning on the cake in a different location, but think you will agree, cake being visible and focus is big to me, and it looks great where we put it.  We had the space, so instead of doing a square dancefloor, we lay it as a diamond shape, started doing that last year and it really has given some impact to the end result, and I am a fan of mixing up the tables, so I suggested we did the long/rectangle tables for family/bridal party up by the sheart table.

The Mariners Ballroom is probably my fave room at the Hyatt HB, I know everyone wants the rooms with the windows/ocean view, but you can create such cool areas/space with the way Mariners is laid out.  I just love playing with it and creating a unique experience for the guests. 

Thanks to Frank Salas for the photos below, and as always being a pleasure to work with/have on the vendor team, as well as the fabulous team at Square Root, Invisible Touch djs, Christopher Garren for that awesome cake, Hollywood Candy Girls for the cute candy table, and of course Mark and the team at the Hyatt HB, for as always being a great team to be a part of (for the past 12 years) .








Till next time


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