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Monarch Beach Resort intimate wedding

We love intimate weddings and especially when they are weekday, June’s was on a Tuesday.  Remember you get to use space at hotels that would be more $$ than you want/can spend on a fri/sat/sunday and you are normally here in S CA the only wedding happening so get that feeling of exclusivity, and you have everyone’s attention for sure!

June and Matthew had a total of 16 guests, the most important people to them (which is really how it should be right??) and we did the ceremony at the Botanical Garden, photos then we escorted everyone up to the Private Dining Room in the restaurant, where they had a lovely dinner.

We pulled together the perfect vendor team, KLK Photography/Paul-it was great working with them again it had been quite some time, EBD Floral-thanks for always making things work for my couples, Jeff Holmes/officiant-does a fabulous job, and Angelica Strings for the beautiful pre and post music, and of course to our friends at MBR for helping us make these wedding celebrations even more special xoxoxo

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Pelican Hill Resort Wedding-all outdoors

Been looking forward to doing this post for 2 reasons….

  1. It means thanks to Coronavirus /shelter in place, i have been able to spend the past month getting my blogs caught up and this post means i have managed to get all of 2017 and 2018 done and there are a couple of 2019 that made it in before this post, but i can officially say, i am now done with being really behind, whew, next post will be 2019, which means i am still behind but not as bad as i was and without shelter at home I would have never been able to get caught up
  2. I end my 2018 posts with this lovely Pelican Hill wedding that was our first where everything was done outdoors, we never used the ballroom at all, so excited to show you.

The B&G came in from AZ and the guests came from AZ too and all around the world to celebrate this couple  Again, being flexible gets you the location of your dream.  As it was a Monday night they got a reduced F&B minimum which worked as they were only 80 guests, and we pulled a great vendor team together that we may not have been able to get if we were a Sat, Sun or Fri.

I pulled everything together with the bride and then as i was going to be out of the country on the day itself, lovely Nicole one of my Day of Co-ordinators took over and did  an wesome job as always!!


Thanks to Katina Photography for the pics, she was just lovely to work with and loved this wedding, she keeps posting it on Instagram!!  Dan/Plug Video, Jeff Holmes/Officiant, Design Visage, Lighting/chiavaris TMMPRO, a bar front that you don’t get to see/Chiavari Rentals, and beautiful florals from EBD Floral, and of course to our friends/team at Pelican Hill Resort, as always exceptional to work with, xoxox

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Aliso Viejo Country Club wedding

Ahhhh, my lovely Rebecca and Kurt.  I really enjoyed them, they were both accountants and were the ying to the yang of each other.  They picked this venue loving the views.  I had been here to a couple of events and had even brought some couples here to consider the venue but this was my first wedding here.  You can have the ceremony either direction, facing the rose vine wall or the golf greens/valley, Rebecca wanted the rose wall, it did look lovely.  The banquet room is a rectangle which is good but there are poles in the center which restricts how you can set it up and how it looks, they opted to drape the poles which softened it for sure, and we placed the tables at the back closest to the bar, lol!!

the venue was lovely to work with and drove our B&G & photographer all around the course so Rebecca could get the pics she knew she wanted from the beginning.  Turned out the venue girl and our B&G lived in the same apartment complex in AV!!  I also got to see one of my brides from a Fashion Island Hotel wedding the year before, that is always fun to catch up, her groom was working but she brought her fun sister I remember well.

Thanks to Design Visage for getting the girls ready at home, Peter/Vive Entertainment for providing all the music/sound systems needed in all areas, Karen’s Flower (no insta or website) for doing a beautiful job at the ceremony and in the dining room, and to Sweet Traders that setup a dessert station that was a huge hit!  At the end we did something that a lot of our couples have us do, an In N Out run, so those left at the end got to grab a burger on their way to their car or hang out by the front with the B&G before they left for their wedding night at one of the five star hotels on the coast!!

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Bella Collina wedding

Oh how i love a Bella Collina Golf Club wedding, the best kept secret in south OC I always say and we are fortunate to have done a few there now.  From the beautiful ceremony backdrop, to the ampitheatre seating for the ceremony to the exclusivity feel you get, especially when you are the only thing happening there later in the evening, I love it.

For Catherine’s wedding she wanted it all outdoors and that was a first for me, and thank goodness mother nature took care of her and it all happened exactly as planned, again the beauty is, being the only event there if the weather had not behaved, we could have moved inside, whew!!

Catherine’s parents were at each meeting and just a lovely family.  The tasting was amazing thanks to Karen the Queen of Bella Collina.

The driveway is fabulous, just like driving down a driveway in Tuscany to get to the main villa or winery you may be visiting or staying at, and here they provide a golf cart and driver to take you all over the grounds after the ceremony to get the great pics.


Great vendor team on board, thanks to Gina Purcelle for the lighter pics above, the darker ones are mine, lol, my first wedding with Jack Farmer/dj-mcee and what a great job he did-he had that dancefloor packed, wedding cake by Simply Sweet Cakery, coach transport-how we got the guests up/back so drinking was not an issue-through Stack Ground-they have beautiful vehicles all sizes, Signature Party Rentals for all the tables/chairs/dancefloor you see, and Devynn’s Gardens for the lovely floral that worked with the theme beautifully, and to Karen and the team at Bella Collina, love being there and working with you all.  xoxoxxo

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Bella Collina-San Clemente

Lavino_0395 Lavino_0396

Now most of my weddings are at the Ritz-Carlton Laguna and St Regis Monarch Beach but I came across this venue a few years ago and have waited for the right couples to come along to have their weddings there and finally this year, had two weddings here.  Look at that ceremony backdrop, who knew in the OC you could find this amount of open space no more than 10 minutes off the 5 freeway.  The ceremony setup is great, the chairs are on levels that are amphitheatered down to the ceremony platform area.

Lavino_0417 Lavino_0574 Lavino_0860  Lavino_0890 Lavino_0893 Lavino_0894 Lavino_0896 Lavino_0897

Stacy and Tom and I spent a whole day driving around the OC looking for their perfect venue which they thought had an ocean backdrop, I made this our last stop knowing they would love it, and they did.  The building/area is yours only after the golfers leave, and it reminds me of a beautiful lodge on the east coast or Scottish moors areas!!  The cocktail area is inside/outside and has views over the greens/valleys and the ballroom is one wall of windows with the same view and also an outside patio and has really friendly feel.  Our colors and rentals fit in beautifully.  Karen and the team there are a joy and easy to work with for sure.

An awesome vendor team was hand picked: Frank Salas/photo-thanks for the pics above, Karen’s Flowers, Peter/Vive Ent-dj-ceremony thru the end, Shane Productions/video, Rentals/Monico.

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Talega Golf Club wedding


The sweetest couple ever.  Before they would even book me the groom had me sit down and go through a budget with them as he was paying for the wedding and there was no way we could go over what he had to spend.  Based on their flexibility with locations, day of the week etc, I was able to show him they could have a lovely wedding and he would not go over.  Now in saying that, as we went along our bride would be inspired by things that we needed to add in, and as we went along and everything started to come together I knew the Rose Gold chiavaris were a must, so we did end up a tad over but it was all good, bride was happy which made groom happy, as all he ever wanted to do was give her a beautiful wedding.  Aaaaahh!! x0xoxo

We looked at many locations and I had found some great ones that came in under what we had budgeted, but something about Talega spoke to them, so I had my first wedding there and they got a great package/dealio there.

107 110 111 184 185 333  443 444 448 453

Rose gold became our inspiration and we used it everywhere, chargers, florals stands, chairs, I loved the end result. We did a mix of rectangle and round guest tables and it looked great, as you can see

454 468 469 471  473 481

I had the placecard table put in a place they normally don’t put it, right infront of the entrance doors (and I had the guests walk back around the building, normally they enter through a side door, but I am all about the impact of the first time anyone sees the room, I mean that is what we just spent months planning/thinking of, the whole look, right??) but I had my reasons, helped stop the flow of everyone entering the dining room at the same time and I could keep the table there and reuse as candy table/exit favor table.

482 526


Now, I can honestly say I don’t have things go wrong at weddings from a planning/component standpoint that I have been involved in, but at some weddings its a guest that throws everything out the window/stops us in our tracks, at this wedding we did have a guest about 15 mins into the dancing have a seizure, he was not responding so paramedics did have to be called and he was taken out on a stretcher, he was close to the dancefloor so hard to keep hidden, lights had to go up/dancing stopped, by the time he was taken we still had 1 1/2 hours left of their reception.  Got to think fast, I don’t want Ashley’s wedding to be over, so I had the groom get on the mic, announce to everyone who it was, that he had seizures before, for everyone to keep him in their thoughts/prayers, and the lights are going to go back down and the music is going to play and they would love the guests to continue celebrating with them for the next hour.  He did it perfectly, the guests ‘got’ it, and the party continued.  Whew.

We pulled a great vendor team together for this one, good vendor friends all there to give 110% percent, thanks to Brett Hickman/photographer and for the pics above, Peter/Vive Ent dj xoxoxo, Dan/Plug Video, Elegant by Design/Karla florist who always pulls it out of the park and exceeds my brides expectations, Chiavari Chair Rentals for the Rose Gold chiavaris-I love using them, lighting to compliment the rose gold look was by Matthew at OC Lighting, and to the team at Talega, very hands on and aim to please.

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St Regis Monarch Beach, Botanical Garden & Club 19 – daytime


To say this couple endeared themselves to me, doesn’t do it justice.  The groom booked me as the bride was very busy with her residency, so I had to keep the groom on track and he was a worrier and I spent a lot of time assuring him it was all going to be aok.  Everytime we would have a meeting, the bride loved everything, but he still worried.  We got a great team on board and of course it all turned out fabulously.  Keith Laverty did a beautiful job with the florals, my fave harpist provided ceremony and cocktail music, my A1 dj Peter/Vive Ent kept things going as always, and the team at the St Regis were awesome as always, lead by the fabulous Kelly O.

photo 2

Till tomorrow, Lisa

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Arroyo Trabuco wedding

Sandy was a referral from a bride that I think went all the way to about 4 brides back, love it, one to another, to another to another to another.
We started from scratch, budget, then location sourcing, had a great day driving from one location to another. Thought we had found the perfect spot, then as these things do, the stars realigned and Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club was where we ended up. We had a window of dates, but unfortunately due to dates that worked better for the family the date they ended up contracting for, I was not personally available, but never fear, my lovely Teri is here. Teri orchestrates wedding events on the day when this happens or if someone wants me to help them in the planning months and get the timeline/details down and books me from the get go knowing they will not see me on the day, so she is experienced and a nice calm person to have around, nothing flusters her.
All the vendors of course came from my preferred vendor list, which has a range of vendors from inexpensive to the top of the line/infamous etc, I narrowed down my list to the vendors that I felt matched their style and budget, personalities, and after meeting with them and having some fun doing that also, they made their choices, and it all turned out beautifully.
Thanks to Frank Salas for the photos below, and to the lovely ladies over at Arroyo for being so easy and nice to work with. We look forward to our next wedding with you.



Till next time
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Bella Collina Golf Club Wedding

Here is a find in the southern OC that I just love.
If you can’t afford the ocean, aren’t really wanting anything inland or too golfy, come and check this property out.
The first thing that strikes you is the drive down this lovely long driveway with cypress trees along it, you drive down down like a roller coaster ride, very cool, you see tinges of wine country, wine barrels etc along the way. Then you head to the ceremony site, such a smart idea, the aisle goes down hill, so the guests are in ampitheatre seating, but the back row is the highest, so everyone has a great view. You get married on a round brick platform, and your background is rolling hills, infact everywhere people look it is rolling hills, who knew we still had so much open space in the OC. The golf course is there, but the difference between this and other golf clubs is, that is not the focus of the view, it is part of the view. The dinner/dance is held in a large banquet room, that is the size of a small ballroom, difference here is, there are windows all around so until it is dark the view is still there, a fireplace gives the feeling of intimacy, and there is a balcony off to one side for anyone needing fresh air etc.
You will be the only wedding happening, the building looks like a Southhampton lodge so gives the appearance of a home, the pricing is very hard to beat, and I think will become very hard to get a date at once more people find out about it.
Let me help you book and plan your Bella Collina wedding.
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