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Grand Ballroom Ritz Carlton Laguna wedding

167H5267 copy 2

Well finally I blog my fabulous Holly and her fabulous wedding.

Holly and Michael got married at their church.  I have done a few weddings for couples from this church, some I attend the church on the day and get them up the aisle and some I don’t.  With Holly she customized her service option so I came to the hotel earlier in the day to ensure she was having a nice morning and on track with getting ready, got them off to the church and I headed to the church, got everyone up the aisle, then back to the hotel I went to ensure setup was still coming along fabulously.  Lovely Teri was at the church and kept everything on track from there until they got back to the Ritz.

I really enjoyed the process with these two.  Holly had great taste and was very resourceful in sourcing the detail items she wanted for pricing I was amazed by, you go girl.  She was up for mixing up the layout/look of the room which I always love to do.  There was only one decorator/florist who was going to be able to pull their vision off and that was my friends at Square Root who gave way more than was paid for, because that is what vendors do you have great relationships with and who want to be part of a great celebration. We had some great corner seating areas with decaled mirrors/candles/cushions.  Design Visage beautified Holly and everyone else (she had such great bridesmaids, fun and supportive, loved them) and Holly loved DV so much she is now a regular customer for her normal hair/makeup needs!!  Michael wanted only two things, a ‘tree style’ centerpiece and a martini luge, he got both.  Thanks to Ice Bulb for the luge, fabulous as always.  They wanted a more interactive dj style, so Invisible Touch was the obvious choice and they also did the lighting.  Monico Décor for the rentals, Tony Florez and thanks for the photos as always, and to our fabulous team mates at the Ritz-Carlton.  We are so lucky we get to work with great vendor teams and hotel staff, and wonderful wonderful couples.

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L07A3816 copy 2

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L07A3826 copy 2

L07A3828 copy 2

L07A3830 copy 2

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Montage Laguna wedding

L07A0951 copy

I had done one of Carly’s moms friends daughters wedding (did you get that??) and when Carly came to me she had a specifc look/feel to her wedding.  So I immediately knew the team to get on board and it all turned out fabulous, as Carly and her mom said, ‘exactly what Carly had said she wanted’.

Thanks to Square Root for always being the A1 team to have on board, Design Visage for beautifying all the ladies, Tony Florez for always being easy to work with and for the pics you are seeing here.  We had a lovely 20 piece choir for the ceremony and the band Injoy who have done a few of my Jewish weddings and the guests love them.  To Pat’s for always doing a stellar job catering and working alongside the team at the Montage, and Monico Décor for all the rentals.  And of course the team at Montage.

L07A0959 copy

L07A0966 copy

L07A0968 copy

L07A0980 copy

L07A1343 copy

L07A1344 copy

L07A1347 copy

L07A1352 copy

L07A1355 copy

L07A1357 copy

L07A1363 copy

L07A1366 copy

L07A1368 copy

L07A1370 copy

L07A1375 copy

L07A1376 copy

L07A1378 copy

L07A1379 copy

I will say, Carly wanted the ghost chairs from the beginning but they got nixed out of the budget, however with the look we had in these photos they would have disappeared, so thing always happen for a reason, the silver ended up being perfect.

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Balboa Bay Resort lovely celebration

Really enjoyed this bride and her mom. Bride was very busy with schooling on the east coast and mom was bi-coastal ending up in the final months here full time. Just lovely lovely ladies, you can tell by the style of the decor/look how they were, as I do feel all ‘looks’ are always a reflection of a bride or couples style/personalities, which they should be, each wedding should not look like it is one of mine!!

They got married in a church over on Balboa Island and at one point we considered duffy boats to get everyone across the harbor and back, it didn’t end up happening, but I think would have been fun and a cool experience for the guests ………….next time!!

We matched the vendor team to the style/look/personality they had/wanted, and it was fabulous. Thanks to for always being soooo easy to work with and for the pics below. Design Visage for making everyone look fabulous as always, all the way until the end of the event (which is important). Keith Laverty for the floral design and for loving these ladies as I did. Essence for providing the pianist that I have worked with many times in the past and did a great job for dinner music. Dj/Mr Bill (a find from one of my brides years ago and so many of my brides pick him now). Fusion Decor for the chaircovers (looks so rich and elegant/warm/inviting after seeing chivaris so often), table linens, furniture for the balcony, and the white dancefloor (which always pulls a look together/finishes it off). Lake Forest limos for getting everyone from A to B then to C, all without effort and trouble. The team at Balboa Bay Club as it was known then, but now Resort, fabulous job and a beautiful cake designed by the passionate Susanne at Sweet Art. A really lovely celebration.





Till next time
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Ritz-Carlton, Laguna, Sunset Terrace & Plaza

Had the best time helping this couple pull this celebration together. They were bringing everyone (27 people) from Montreal/Canada to S CA for a family vacation and had a full itinerary of all the normal touristy things to be doing, and threw in a wedding celebration to top it off.

Martin, my lovely groom, comes to the OC for business quite often so we met a few times when he was here and would get his lovely bride Maude on the phone, and get things done that way. Maude did not speak english that well so Martin was a great help/translator at times. We did have some long phone chats with me here and both of them in Canada and inspiration photos etc going back and forth over email, gotta love technology.

In the beginning Martin was thinking Jazz style music for the dining room/after dinner vibe but couldn’t commit to it, after a few months I took the bull by the horns and suggested my fave band who were going to cost more than a jazz trio etc and be a different style of music (more broad spectrum), but would ‘make’ the celebration. He was unsure/took a bit of convincing and finally went for it. Actually in the end had 2 of the 5 piece band handle the ceremony and cocktails, and of course the 5 piece play during dinner and then………………..they got the party started. From the 1st song after dinner until the end of the event all 22 adults were up dancing non-stop or only stopping for the odd song to get some cool air, drink, bathroom break etc. My lovely Martin gave me the thumbs up at one point while he was dancing and mouthed to me ‘they are great’, and after their last song/dance, Martin came and hugged me and sobbed how fabulous the band was and this was the best night of his life. I was so touched. I knew it and was so pleased that any expectations he had had been exceeded and any concerns he may have had had been dispelled. Sometimes we really forget how much trust you couples are really putting into a bunch of strangers for the most important get together/meal/party of your lives so far.

They were thrilled when I told them that for a group their size we could get everyone at one dining style table in the Plaza Room, which I love being able to do. Maude wanted a clean/modern look for the table itself and these pictures don’t really do it justice as to how really pretty/elegant it looked, but the funny thing is, the dining table pics have been the most liked on my instagram and repinned on my Pinterest than other grand/full looking weddings I have posted recently. I wonder what that says??!!

Thanks to Tony Florez ( for the pics below and for always being so calm/easy to work with on a wedding day, to Shane Productions/Kimberly for doing the video (again so easy to work with, love referring and working with her), Paul Uhlar for officiating another ceremony in his articulate/humourous way, Fusion for the furniture & linens, Full Spectrum, my fave band for many years now. Design Visage for enhancing Maude’s beauty, without a preview too!!! Karen Donovan/Karen’s Flowers for making it easy for Maude to have a comfort level from one country to another that her vision was going to be the end result. And last but not least, to the team at the Ritz-Carlton Dana Point, love love love you all, nothing more to be said.

L07A0867 copy

L07A1260 copy

L07A1263 copy

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ST Regis Monarch Beach wedding

My lovely couple were actually runners up in a competition to have a free wedding at the St Regis. At first I guess they were disappointed they did not win, but as I pointed out to them, now they get to pick/choose and make all decisions themselves and have their wedding, and they did, it all turned out so great. So pleased.

The couple lives in San Diego but come from the east coast and all the guests/family came from that area to, and S Ca gave them our normal wonderful summer time experience by the coast.

L07A9995 copy

L07A9589 copy

L07A9987 copy

Thanks to Tony Florez for the pics above, always cool/calm on a wedding day, and of course to Kelly O’dell and the banquet/setup team at the St Regis, love love being there/working alongside them all. The other vendors I knew would be a perfect match for Cheryl and they were: Florals/Elegant by Design, Karla, Dove Release/White Flite, Pamla (does the best releases out there), Video/Vantage Point, Steve, Design Visage for keeping everyone looking be ut i ful all day/night, Fusion for the dancefloor, linens/chivairs, Jessica and the inhouse av team for the uplights and perfect cake pinspot.

Till next time
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St Regis Monarch Beach wedding

Noelle was probably the most efficient bride I have ever had. She was on top of things before she needed to be and when I gave her tasks they were done in minutes. Great couple and a really intimate group that came to celebrate with them. They went over and above with the food/beverage selections, lucky guests, in fact so much so, the St Regis Executive Chef came down to Club 19 to handle/oversee the dish up himself!!!

We pulled together the perfect vendor team for their celebration, thanks to for the pics below (love working with James, he does a lot of movie/LA peeps weddings, so always love it when I can pull him down to the OC), Keith Laverty for the floral design, Fusion for the furniture/linens/chaircovers (yes another bride for me this year that loved the material look as opposed to the chivari), Peter/Vive Ent for the mceeing and dancing/party music, lovely Linda Trott for her always wonderful way she does a ceremony, and the last vendor we had was a flamenco guitarist (like me they love everything spanish and had their honeymoon in Barcelona, where I had been back to only a few months earlier) who played pre ceremony, flamenco for the ceremony songs, cocktail time and most of dinner, I loved it. Giving their celebration such a relaxing, special feel. The relaxing I know was their main goal, and it was achieved.

As always, thanks to Kelly and the team at St Regis, they are such a pleasure to work alongside, we all have the same goals, an event the B&G will treasure forever and the guests will remember.








Till next time
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Elegant St Regis Monarch Beach wedding

Had a lot of fun with this bride and groom in the planning months, and her mom!!!

When they booked me they already had the St Regis booked and the key vendors on board but wanted me to take them through the planning months and keep them on track with what needed to be done and when, and as we went along we finessed the total look. I was able to direct her to the two vendors that really pulled the vision together/gave it the wow factor needed to tie everything together, the draping and backdrop for their sheart-headtable area and their ceremony rotunda, the dancefloor, chivaris and white south beach looking furniture we had outside in a ‘lounge’ area. Think you will agree when you see the pics below it turned out fabulously.

Remember I said we had a lot of fun, these vendors they had participating in their event reflect that, steel drums for cocktails, not just one but a duo, caricature artists for cocktail time and then one during the dancing-end time, and cigar guys for after dinner in the lounge area. Oh and I said mom was fun too, she showed up with toilet rolls that had their names on them and a wedding/marriage cutesy design, LOVED IT. Those went right into the bathrooms and I am sure got a lot of laughs, I didn’t stay in there to find out!!!!








Thanks to Lin and Jirsa for the photos above. And of course to the St Regis Monarch Beach team.

Till next time
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Laguna Cliffs Marriott wedding

Before we even had a location, my lovely bride’s request for her wedding was, that there be a black & white checkered dancefloor. So then we looked at beautiful locations from Dana Point to Santa Monica to Pasadena, and she decided the Laguna Cliffs Marriott was the place for their celebration with everything being held outside. In the early 2000s I had done a lot of weddings at this location, but it became a bit tired and even the view could not have you not notice so I stopped having couples consider it, but in the past two years they did a multi million dollar renovation and I have been doing a wedding there each year since, it really has turned out to be a cool hip/top of the hill location with panoramas of the Southern CA coastline.

I ended up deciding that an all black/white checkered dancefloor would be too much, so suggested a black dancefloor with the checkered border, Ashliann loved it. I think it turned out aok also. Thanks to Design Visage for beautifying everyone and doing an awesome job as always, Fusion Linens for the linens/chivaris, Keith Laverty Floral design and the in house at the hotel who worked with our vision for the ceremony, to Sandy at the hotel who worked with us on tweaking things to get our vision/end result. And to Tony Florez for the photos below, as always one of the coolest/calmest photogs out there.

2N2B6552 copy

167H6143 copy

167H6220 copy

167H6251 copy

167H6356-2 copy

2N2B5975 copy

2N2B6372 copy

2N2B6392 copy

2N2B6407 copy

Till next time
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Balboa Bay Club celebration

I enjoyed Erin very much, she was a really busy professional working woman who lived out of state, and we planned her wedding entirely by phone and email, I did not even meet her until she walked into the hotel to begin the reception portion of the day!!! They had got married at a church who provided a church lady, so no need for me to be there, I could focus on the reception.

Her colors from the beginning were black and white and once we had the budget down, we booked the location which was close to her parent’s home, and then I gave her vendor options that I knew suited her style and budget. There was always a niggle in the back of my mind that a daring look may be fab for her, but we had a cool look going that would be really nice, and then she sent me her inspiration board that she had created, about three weeks before the wedding………. and I was thrilled. I immediately threw my daring idea at her and she went for it, stripes!!! As she said, she should have sent that to me earlier!! LOL

So below is our end result. The Commodore Room at the Balboa Bay Club, Newport Beach, is a great size for 100 or less and has a lovely patio that looks out to the huge vessels berthed and those moving up/down the harbor. The hotel has a really special/boutique feel to it, and I am happy to say I have another there in a couple of months.

Thanks to the awesome team I suggested and that Erin selected (she didn’t want options, I gave her the one I thought was best to spend our time phone interviewing/chatting with in the various categories and she trusted and knew I knew what she wanted and went with me. thanks to Joel Eckman Maus for the photos below always nice working with Joel and Lorely. My fave band, I am sorry, some tell me wait until I have heard their band then I will sway my thoughts to others and it never pans out, Full Spectrum Band out of Los Angeles, even after they had done 1/2 hour overtime, dancefloor was full and Adam (band leader) put his ipod on and they danced for another hour, until he needed to unplug it to leave as the rest of their equipment was gone from the ballroom. Nisies Enchanted Florist, nothing more to say. Fusion for the black dancefloor, linens and chivaris. Design Visage for hair and makeup, and Lake Forest Limousines for getting everyone from BBC to church, to the beach, back to the club. We even had a martini luge that was their boxer dog Brutis!!!








Till next time
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Fabulous Pavilion Ballroom, Ritz-Carlton, Dana Point

I could not wait for this celebration to happen, I had seen in my mind how I thought it could look/be, after my first meeting with the MOB. She had great taste and the inspiration was tiffany blue with a pop of damask, I saw more damask & black with a pop of tiffany, and ultimately that is what we ended up doing.

You can always tell when a photographer is inspired or loved how things looked, it can take weeks/months to get pics from the photographers to post (in fact I am still waiting on some from a photographer from a year ago in this same ballroom where we really did a cool setup/playing with colors) but Tony ( )
got me these pics within 7 days, and I didn’t even ask. So even though I was not planning on doing this post so soon, here it is.

Lots of details, and that always means more time needed on the day and more bodies, they understood that you pay people for time to get things done right, so we had people at/doing what needed to be done so they could relax and enjoy their day. They had me start earlier than I would have normally, as they were getting married in a church (Our Lady Queen of Angels in NB which has just reopened, so beautiful and I will say, really nice church ladies!) and I would normally just start at and handle the hotel reception portion, but they had had #1 daughter’s wedding two years ago in another area, and realised they needed someone to keep them on track pre cere. When I arrived they were on plan to my timeline, I kept them moving with photos, and luckily we could get into the ballroom nice and early (it was a Friday wedding which means, more chance of this happening than on a Saturday or Sunday, fyi), so I had everything we were handling moved to the ballroom, the vendors started arriving, and I was able to oversee and leave for the church knowing we were in fabulous shape. I followed the girls/parents suv limo to the church and then sat with them pre cere in the brides room (sometimes nice to have a calm person in there) then the bride went up the aisle, my assistant and I switched, she took over church shadowing and I headed to the hotel where everything was pretty much done and I could focus on the little things. When assistant called and advised they were close to the hotel, I grabbed Hailey (Ritz) and we went up to gret/congratulate them, and I got them off doing romantics around the hotel now. Guests started arriving, earlier than the start time on their invites, but we let them into the cocktail around 15 mins early and the party began.
The dancefloor decal was the last detail we added and I had it so it was the first thing the guests saw when they entered the ballroom, it got rave reviews and was the bow on top of the package.
As I said to mom/dad at the end, I am sad, they said ‘we know’, I said, no I am really sad you don’t have more daughters for us to do more weddings for. They said guests said the same thing, but their reasoning was for the party they got to enjoy. Such a fabulous family, group of guests and beautiful bride and fun groom. In fact one of my Sept brides was a guest which was fun, I didn’t realise she would be there.
Lot’s of details, stunning end result, love it












As always, takes a good team to pull a fabulous event together, thanks to Nisies Enchanted Florist for the gorgeous florals (I had them consider one other florist but knew Nisie was the perfect fit for them, and they worked that out also), Fusion for the linens/chairs/furniture/dancefloor, Lake Forest Limousines for providing 3 different vehicles for the different needs we had and as always the drivers getting in touch with me and keeping me in the lop (never a lost or late driver/vehicle with them), PSAV for the lighting in the ballroom (they are in nearly all the hotels now and the team/guys are there to please), Design Visage for as always great hair and makeup on everyone, Hailey Hawkinson at the Ritz Carlton and the always wonderful team/family I work with on the floor – the banquet dept, from Carole & Jesse who lead them, to the banquet captains to the service staff (ladies & gentlemen) most who have worked there for the past 12 years I have done weddings there, and just further reinforce why this hotel was just voted #1 in the America’s – well deserved and earned.

Till next time
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