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Persian wedding at Hyatt Huntington Beach

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I loved Amir and Melika (I know I seem to say that a lot, but its true, I receive lovely lovely couples) and helping her vision (that Amir was happy to go along with always!!) come to reality was just a pleasure.

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I had all the cultural vendors they needed, the sofreh lady, the tea and fruit lady, and my lovely Shahrzad Ardalan my favourite Persian officiant.  For music DJ Julius was perfect for them and I love working with him.  They found the violinist and the crème de la crème of the night was Kamran and Hooman taking the stage, we were suddenly at a concert and the guests loved it!!

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The rest of the vendor team was hand picked and perfect for their celebration; Frank Salas Photographer (thanks for the pics above), Newport Bay Productions/video, Royal Bakery for another one of their spectacular cakes/display, White Flite for the dove release at the end of the ceremony, Elegant by Design/florals, Henry/famous hair and makeup artist in the Persian community, and TMMPRO for the round white dancefloor (my fave for 2014&15) and the acrylic chiavaris, and Wildflower Linen for our bride and groom chair covers!!  As everyone walked in behind the headtable, everyone saw them and took pics of them!!  And of course, the Hyatt HB & Cheryl for always being so easy to work with/helping me make the dream come true.

Till next time


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Two day wedding/Ritz & St Regis

jayadevan_0228 jayadevan_0253

I just love it when I can incorporate my two fave locations in S CA, and so lucky I actually get to do it quite often.  Tala and Raj were doing a two day event, incorporating two cultures and traditions.  We chose to do the Indian Celebration/day at the St Regis and day 2 for the Persian Celebration at the Ritz-Carlton Laguna.  Lucky guests getting the best of the OC for the celebration of this fab couple and really lovely parents.

jayadevan_0391 jayadevan_1126

As you can see Tala wanted different colors to the traditional Indian wedding colors (my Indian weddings are rarely traditional colors), we used the existing rotunda at the cere site as the mandap structure and it worked really well.  Our groom arrived on a Rickshaw for the baraat, in the picture above the guests are congregating for the milni.  The tables on the Grand Lawn is where the guests went for lunch after the Indian ceremony was over.  Now what you don’t see/know is there was a threat of rain for the ceremony/lunch time, so the night before we draped a portion of the dinner room as ceremony backup and with the chiavaris I have to say it looked awesome.  The decision to move inside had to be made as 7am, so who could sleep right, I was up at 4am driving downtown Dana Point and the roads was slik, hmmm.  At 6:50am up again looking out my hotel window, talking to the florist who was at the property, and we made the decision to stay outside.  I saw father of the bride while I was having breakfast at the hotel and he said to me, in or out, out I said, he smiled.  And again, on my watch, all was good, in fact it was quite warm/hot towards the end of the ceremony and luncheon!!

jayadevan_1352 jayadevan_1355 jayadevan_1357 jayadevan_1359

Then the evening sangeet.  We reused the draping we were doing as ceremony backup and moved it (again the importance of vendors who work together a lot and will do things spur of the moment when needed/will make it work for me).


On Day 2 we had a bridal party, and how elegant they look.

jayadevan_2245 jayadevan_2319

Great shot of the back of Tala’s gown on Day 2, and the sofreh with a pretty spectacular backdrop!!

jayadevan_2426 jayadevan_2701

Tala was not a Persian bride wanting large/big florals, for the ballroom everything was low for the reception/dinner/dance for 300, when you do low florals in such a big ballroom they get lost in pictures, but believe me the room looked beautiful, elegant and calm, just like our bride.  We had the space in the Grand Ballroom at the Ritz-Carlton Laguna to do a mix of long and round tables which is always fun.

jayadevan_2708 jayadevan_2721 jayadevan_2756 jayadevan_2766

Thanks to Frank Salas for the above photos, to White Lilac for being a great partner for two days and creating such beauty, David Medill/videographer great to meet and work with him for the first time, Flawless Faces for beautifying the girls for both days, and to my favorite Persian officiant, Shahrzad Ardelan – I refer her to everyone and am always sad when a couple doesn’t go with her.  To the teams at both St Regis and Ritz-Carlton Laguna as always, we create beautiful dream weddings together, I appreciate you all.  xoxoxo

Till next time


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Another lovely Hyatt HB wedding

This bride booked me for a Month of service but used my vendor list and that of course meant, great quality and a lovely calmness on the day.  Thanks for the pics Frank Salas, thanks for the beautiful décor Flowers by Cina, and thanks for beautifying the girls Design Visage.  Love you all.




I love that Frank took this pic, don’t think I have ever had a photographer take a pic looking back, had a groom once want the hotel to be the backdrop to the ceremony, but the bride wanted ocean, so guess who won!!





Reuse of the arch clusters


We don’t see bright colors very much anymore, nice for a change


Mix of driftwood, lanterns and flowers

Till next time


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Ritz Carlton Laguna wedding

wohl_0357       wohl_0888

Another great team on board, thanks to my couple letting me lead them in the right direction, at a fabulous location, so can you say ‘perfect wedding’?? I can!!  Loved my bride and groom, destination wedding, and nearly all the guests came in from out of town, so great memories for all.  Thanks to Frank Salas for the pics, Peter/Vive Ent for keeping their partying going on and on (not that they needed much encouragement!!) this was a group and couple about fun.  Father Brian for a great cere as always, Monico Décor for rentals, Design Visage for only enhancing my already beautiful bride and her besties, and Karla from Elegant by Design for again nailing the ‘less is more’ feel the bride wanted which is more a reflection of them than over the top florals etc, and of course as always to our good friends, the ladies and gentlemen of the Ritz-Carlton Laguna Niguel, love them all

wohl_0903 wohl_0913 wohl_0916

We had the party in the Terrace Salon room.  There is a textured wall covering in this room that gives a great ambience and whether you go crazy with florals/décor or simple, adds décor that you don’t have to bring in yourself!!  This room has an awesome balcony area that overlooks the main pool and there are always guests out there getting some fresh air, chatting, etc.


Till tomorrow


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Hyatt Huntington Beach Intimate wedding


A destination wedding, where everyone came on in to fabulous S CA, and why would you not want to come!!!  They chose Huntington Beach and wanted a more coastal type feel/décor vibe going on.  Keith Laverty nailed it!!  The A team was on board for this intimate celebration, thanks to Frank Salas for the pics, Design Visage for beautifying the women, Monico Décor, Peter/Vive Ent for music in all areas and keeping that dancefloor full, and of course to the fabulous team at the Hyatt Huntington Beach, in the office and on the floor for as always helping make us look good!!



Don’t you love how the petals are trailing out of the lantern


Beachy, clean vibe above




She did not want to split the room up, so we put the dancefloor on one side and put the cake table in the middle, as the bride was not sure if people would dance so didn’t want to have it look like it was expected.  Of course I knew they would dance, with Peter in charge, no doubt, so as soon as we moved the cake&table off, it was on!!!!!




Really lovely collections on each table by Keith, totally a reflection of this bride and her style.  Perfection

Till tomorrow


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St Regis Club 19, unique


We started along the normal visual route for this area, but as we got closer to floral sample day my lovely bride decided it just wasn’t a reflection of her/them.  So an about turn was done and boy it turned out so great.  Thanks to Karla at EBD for ‘getting’ what our bride wanted, she was thrilled with the floral sample and very very happy with the whole effect on the day, as were we.  Sometimes seeing something new in an area is quite refreshing.  Good job my lovely bride.  Thanks to Frank Salas for the pics. The picture above was our ‘centerpiece’ of the cocktail time


This is a close up of this awesome BIG piece, it was so heavy it took 2 guys to move it on and off the table.


With clusters of orbs with moss hanging from the rafters and the tall florally pieces really gave a natural/outdoor feel to this space.


This was the really unique low centerpiece.  Interesting and different view, from any seat at the table





Don’t you love the moss cake stand


Then we went modern/club feel inside Club 19 for the partying that went on later



This couple and I created a cohesive vendor team of professionals/friends who love what they do and give 125% to our couples. In addition to those mentioned above, we had Design Visage beautifying our ladies, Peter/Vive Ent keeping the dance floor full and doing the great mceeing job he does.  Kimberly/Shane Productions-video, Monico Décor for the rentals, and we had a photobooth for some added entertainment, and of course kudos to the St Regis team, both upstairs and downstairs-you all complete the perfect experience.  They got married in a church close to the hotel, thus no hotel ceremony pics.

It was a pleasure helping them through the process and see the end result.  Enjoyed them both for sure.

FYI – due to privacy restraints I am not mentioning names, thus my referencing my bride, couple etc.

Till tomorrow


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Hyatt Long Beach

cimato-_0919 cimato-_0926  cimato-_0945

Loved the ceiling in this ballroom, to think people are paying to have strands of lighting added to their events and in this room that effect is already there.  This hotel worked perfectly with my lovely brides budget and they were great to work with, the hotel was undergoing a renovation at the time of the wedding and they did a great job of ensuring the wedding was not affected, I need to go back and see how it turned out.  Worked with my fave guys on this one too, Frank Salas/photography, Peter/dj/Vive Ent, and the fabulous team at Elegant by Design/florals, Will did an awesome job on sample day and on the wedding day.  Don’t you love this cake top, not hard to work out one of the fave things they like to do together.  Very pleased to say this was the fourth wedding I think a bride of mine a few years ago has referred on, so I keep getting to see her again and again and again, love it.


Till tomorrow


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Hyatt Huntington Beach, Vista Ballroom


This wedding had a lot of lovely details involved.  Mom had a vision and really pulled everything together.  She booked me for Month of service, but used my preferred vendor list and checked in at times for advise.  The end result was quite lovely as you can see.  Thanks to Frank Salas for the photos, Design Visage for making our bride look so fabulous.  Dj Mister Bill for always keeping the crowd going and he got lots of kudos that night.  Tomgirl for great cake and Monico Décor for as always working with me to get everything done as I need it done.  No ceremony pictures on this one as they got married at a church, and I was only at the hotel handling everything there, so they could relax and enjoy the church service knowing all was under con.












Till tomorrow


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Pavilion Ballroom/wedding – Ritz Carlton Dana Point

I have found over the years that the key photographers in the OC each have an icon shot that they do at each wedding using an area at the different hotels, with Frank Salas the marble floor at the base of the Ritz-Carlton grand staircase (Dana Point) is his.  The original shot always looks great to me, then he does his magic and you end up with a very dramatic feeling new version of it as above.

Thanks to for the photos of the wedding you are going to see below.  We love recommending and working with Frank, nice, calm, unobtrusive and always in the right place at the right time, no ego or demands to deal with for our couple or us.  

Loved my bride and groom for the wedding below, our groom was Italian (2011 was quite international, I had a few Italian and other European brides or grooms as well as some from downunder), and Nicole was just a beautiful, calm, decisive bride.  The vision for the ceremony was perfect and different than I had seen done out there before (think that Italian influence showed here) and for the first time in the 11 years that I have been doing weddings in the Pavilion Room, she wanted it draped.  As you can see from previous blog entries (think there are 3-4 other Pavilion ones with pics, since I started blogging so make sure you find them to see also, and I have another one coming showing a few more from 2011 just waiting on 2 photographers to get me the pics, hint hint) this is not something you need to do in this room, but it was nice to see how it turned out and it did give a different feel, however in saying that you have to be careful, a lighting guy is always going to suggest more than less uplighting, but it causes light, I go the other way, less to give the feeling, not become the feeling unless it is a huge room and it doesn’t affect the actual dancefloor area, so as I do and did with this wedding too, we kept the lighting for the nice effect when the guests came in and during dinner, but when dancing started I pulled what lights I could around the dancefloor to allow that darkish feel on the dancefloor that everyone likes. 

Florals were by Square Root, their signature look/feel, video was by Elysium (the best of the best), we did the 100 dove release at the end of the ceremonyand had my fave EPOD photo booth on the balcony, and for mceeing and dinner/dance get it going, Nicole and her dad listened to me and booked Full Spectrum Band/Adam Jackson, and what a party they had.  Add the food/service by the wonderful Ritz team and the view mother nature provided, this was a celebration to remember.

Another thing I was going to mention, and I had 3 brides use it this season and by the looks of things my brides for 2012 are liking the look too, the platinum silver linens, very striking and I think creates a sophisticated elegant feel.

Till next time


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Mission Inn wedding

Happy New Year – 2012.  Welcome to the year of your wedding, planned or starting to think about planning.  The wedding I am talking about today is a great one to start the year off, it’s an all happy and dreams come true one.

I look at the picture above and know that when Erin the bride looks at it, we both feel the same sense of happiness.  Erin & Pete were referred to me by a lovely couple I had married in 2010, they had come to me with a budget of around $10k, 100 guests and just wanted a nice celebration and had no idea if it could be done with what they had.  This is where relationships that those of us who have been in the industry for a while have, and a flexible bride.  I was able to get them a lovely outdoor cere, ballroom reception/dinner/dance,  good photographer/beautiful flowers, they got a friend to provide all the  music, but we did it, and because we had and they were so happy they sent Miss Erin to see me.

Erin had a little bit more for her budget, but she had a picture from the Mission Inn and said that was her dream.  I knew in ‘normal’ circumstances unless they dropped their guest count to 50pp (she had 120) we could not make the Mission Inn work, so during our budget meeting I was talking reality with them and finding out how flexible they could be so I knew where/what locations I really needed to be calling/checking out for them.  Well, first call I made was to my friend Sharon (Director of catering at Mission Inn), and I asked her could we do a mid afternoon ceremony (so between their normal cere times in the chapel) and maybe the meal in an outside area and then a room that is not a popular one/needed that we could go to for dancing/partying after, so I could present Erin with an option that made her dream came true/gave her her end result pictures, may not be as she thought it would pan out, but it could work.  Sharon did some tap tapping on the computer and came back with, ‘Lisa, how about Sat night, August, I will give you x time for the cere and the Monterey Room for the reception/dinner and instead of the package, we go a la carte’, more tapping now on a calculator, ‘and we do it for $x.  What do you think’.  Well, hold it I told her, I called Erin, she called me right back, I said voila your dream has come true, are you interested,  of course she said yes let’s do it and off we ran.   We used a dj and florist I use a lot who offer great product/service for a reasonable price.  I know her guests thought she spent a lot more than she did, and she would have, if it wasn’t for contacts/relationships that I have!!

Enjoy the photos below by that I know will only keep those happy memories forever for Erin & Pete.

The photo just above is the daytime version of the top photo.  Either way both fab, but the night one especially with a bit of photoshop (which Frank loves to do, and I have seen him do it at with this specific area in various forms) for dramatic effect, is fabulous.

I would love to help you with your wedding at the Mission Inn, give me a call.

Till next time


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