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Plaza Room wedding – Ritz Laguna

I was in Spain while Nicole was back at the Ritz Laguna orchestrating this lovely intimate wedding at our fave location, Monarch Bay Sunset Lawn and the Plaza Room.


They had a royal table for family and then 2 rounds on each side of the dancefloor for guests. Linens/napkins by Luxe Linens, Florals by Shelby Nolan, Ceremony/cocktail music by Naples Strings, Dinner/dancing music & mceeing-Jeff/Moondance Mobile Music.  Thanks to Joe Latter for the photos.

Thanks to the team and our partners at the Ritz-Carlton Laguna for making Debbie’s wedding dreams come true.

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Ritz Carlton Laguna Wedding Celebration

Bob is a VIP guest/client of the Ritz-Carlton Laguna, so it was quite the honor to be asked if i would plan/help them create a wonderful wedding experience.  Of course, it was my pleasure………..  Ceremony officiated by Bishop Brian on the Bluff Lawn with pre/ceremony & cocktail music by my favourite harpist Wendy, then a 100 white dove release while they kissed, always a guest pleaser!  The groom is known for always being on his phone, he is a very busy business man, so once the bride got up the front she asked for his phone, which was in his pocket and she threw it over the cliff, you should have heard the shrieks from the guests knowing what this may mean to the groom, in fact after the ceremony two guests went down and found it and brought it back, at that point they had realized it was a fakey, but boy that was soooo funny.

Cocktails on the Pavilion Balcony with that magnificent Pacific Ocean view, and then into Pavilion Ballroom for the dinner/dancing, mceeing & awesome music by Full Spectrum Band who always knock it out of the park.  Due the guest’s attending the groom was quite concerned as he had never seen the band perform that i may not have got it right for them, but on the night with a full dancefloor from beginning to end, he hugged me and understood that I would never steer anyone wrong!!  Frank Salas did the photography and has done many events for them since, Shane Productions/video, Design Visage hair/makeup, EBD floral exceeded expectations as always, Luxe Linens for the ballroom linens and napkins, TMMPRO did the lighting/chiavaris and dancefloor+decal as always for me.  That fabulous Suitcase cake was done by the Ritz Wedding Cake team, our couple travels a lot, in fact their honeymoon was on the Orient Express Train in Europe (which i have done also, pretty amazing).  Their bestman was an Aussie who lives here now, kept me in stiches throughout the event, we downunder people have wicked sense of humors, lol.  And of course to our partners at the Ritz-Carlton, we really are a great team, xoxox

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Beautiful couple and beautiful Ritz wedding

Working with Erika and David over the past year was just a joy.  Very busy couple with kids going here and there and travelling and busy with work, so sometimes wedding planning halted and then we would get going again.  That is the beauty of how I work, I could pull your wedding together in a week, but for most brides that would freak them out, so anytime longer than that means you can halt anytime you want/need to  and there is no panic/pressure from me!!!

Erika had inspiration pics that she pretty much stuck to through the process and they were very much a reflection of her, soft, lovely and in love with love

All the tables had these lovely floorlength linen overlays and we did not use the Ritz baseplates (2 to choose from) this year my brides are loving these new chargers I get through one of my vendors.

The furniture setting on the balcony was actually copied from a wedding they had gone to, but we added florals to the wrought iron and Erika provided the rug which means when she sees it at home it will remind her of her wedding, love that

In 16 years of doing weddings in the Plaza Room no one ever brought up the idea of draping the whole room, but over the years I had brides who wanted to cover paintings in there so we had been creative with draping particular areas, placing trees and placing something on the mantle to cover the fireplace picture, but draping the whole room, hmmmmm. So when Erika said lets do it, I was excited to see the outcome, and it was


beautiful, and now all my brides are doing it.  It totally transforms the room and makes it soft and romantic and elegant, intimate and I think it makes the room feel a bit bigger.


We had an awesome candy table setup in the foyer during dinner and guests made to go bags or grabbed some to eat later in the evening when they felt the need.


I love it when a bride lets me guide them to the perfect team for them for their vision/style and budget, and when I say budget, anytime you look at the pics from my couples weddings, whatever you think they may have spent, in reality they probably spent less because I know the right people out there.  Our awesome vendor team on this wedding was: Frank Salas for the pics above and some were mine, Design Visage for the beautifying of all the ladies, Elegant by Design/florals, Chiavari chair rentals, TMMPRO, The Sugar Philosophers, Peter/Vive Ent, Naples Strings, White Flite Dove Release, and my fave Rabbi, Rabbi Ian!! And of course the wonderful ladies and gentlemen at the Ritz-Carlton Laguna Niguel xooxoxo

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Ritz-Carlton Laguna Wedding

gleeson_0532 gleeson_0554

From the day the bride and her parents came to meet with me I knew we were going to have a fun time pulling this wedding together and then seeing it all evolve on the day.

The brides parents got married here at the Ritz-Carlton Dana Point 30 years ago and one of the Uncles had also been married there, so a real family tradition/location they consider personal is what this beautiful hotel means to them all.  So very special

gleeson_0941 gleeson_0949

Navy blue was a very popular accent or dominant color for weddings in 2016 and totally worked with the new carpet that appeared in the Terrace Room during the year, lol.

gleeson_0953  gleeson_0968

As you can see, my brides style was more natural and she wanted all low centerpieces and was not a colored/seamless/glossy dancefloor kind of girl, so we used the one provided by the hotel.  As always the balcony of the Terrace Salon with the furniture and firepits was very popular once dinner was over, and when I left there was actually a small group of guests still sitting out there not ready to call it a night (the B&G, parents and other guests were in the hotel bar).


We pulled together the perfect team, everyone was so happy to be there working on this wedding because they were just lovely lovely people.  Thanks to Frank Salas for the photos and being fab as always, Karla/Elegant by Design for ‘getting’ the vision perfectly, Peter/Vive Ent for the dinner/dancing music, to Naples for the strings for the ceremony and being so great to always work with, to Luxe Linens for the napkins and linens that brought the key color to reality, to Design Visage for beautifying everyone and being on time and always working with my schedule and to Paul Uhlar for doing a really great ceremony as always/we have done around 2000 together over the years, and last but not least our team/friends/family at the Ritz-Carlton Dana Point, its been 15 years of a beautiful relationship, happy brides and grooms/happy guests/happy hotel/happy Lisa!!

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Ritz-Carlton Laguna/Pavilion Ballroom


A very busy bride and a lovely mom and I had a great journey which ended up with a really fabulous celebration.  Tiffany had an inspiration picture with the floral runner/candles inset which she loved, so of course we always knew we would have rectangle tables to be able to use that design on.  Along the way we created the perfect vendor team for them and the vision went from one picture to many other elements that created her custom wedding.

img_0715 img_0718

Of course the seamless dancefloor and decal were from my new fave vendor of 2015 TMMPRO, along with the boxed florals infront of the stage which became a big had to have in 2015, doesn’t it all look fabulous!!  The luge for the signature drink was by fabulous Mark of Icebulb.

img_0720 img_0740

The use of benches on the balcony gives a lot more seating if wanting to add a furniture area along with the regular tall and low cocktail tables, and Tiffany wanted a firepit from tthe beginning so of course there it was on the night

munyon_0913 munyon_0920

Pre cocktail pic of the view from the balcony and why so many local and destination wedding couples choose this hotel and space to celebrate at.  Don’t you love the placecard table display, so fluffy, thanks to the hydrangea table top cover.

munyon_1112 munyon_1114 munyon_1118  munyon_1129

Carrying on the hydrangea runner look/feel to the headtable and these pics showcase the beautiful Luxe Linen that was usd on the headtable and the rectangle tables in the room

munyon_1136 munyon_1138 munyon_1140 munyon_1145   munyon_1154

3 different Luxe Linens were used throughout the room, lots of texture/looks, love it.


Great vendor team on board for this wedding.  Frank Salas/photographer-thanks as always for being such a great team player, Elegant by Design for bringing our beginning design thoughts through to reality as always, Lake Forest limousines for the Packard and limos used to get everyone from the hotel to the church to the hotel, and of course, to our fabulous team/family at the Ritz-Carlton-we love you soooooo much!!!!  And to the best band ever – well that is what all my couples say during and after their weddings, Full Spectrum Music/Adam Jackson, mom and bride took forever to book them even though I kept saying I would not steer you wrong, on the night mom comes over to me and says, Lisa this band is sooo good, guests keep coming up and telling me the best wedding band they have ever heard, why don’t everyone just book them immediately!!  I said to her, tell me about it, lol

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Ritz/Laguna, Sunset Terrace & Plaza Room

0107  0110

Just so hard to beat, this beautiful backdrop to a ceremony, with a 5 star/5 diamond hotel attached and a wonderful intimate room/balcony to have your lunch or dinner and dancing celebration.

0123 0124

A lot of my couples take advantage of the private beach cart/driver for a fee to head down to the beach and get some pics down there.

0125 0129

Great shots by Joe Latter above, I have to say Joe you are the first I know of to do the shot above with the B&G in the window, kudos to you.

0136 0146

A lot of couples want just one more practice of their first dance, so of course we sneak them in.


Tammy wanted an intimate/gardeny feel and only low centerpieces, great job Karla/Elegant by Design the flowers were lovely.  We also went white chiavaris (which could be my favourite) and white dancefloor to offset the creamy/ivory hotel table linens.  The room really had a lovely feel.  We pulled together a great cohesive vendor team to ensure their day went well and they were looking forward to working with everyone. Elysium Video, OCASV lighting, Noemi/Posh Beauty, Jeff Holmes/Moondance Mobile Music- kept that dancefloor full, Monico Décor/rentals, and of course without them none of this is possible, the awesome ladies and gentlemen at the Ritz-Carlton, Laguna.

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Plaza Room-no dancing, Ritz Laguna


Erin and David were just wanting an intimate daytime celebration of their getting married with close friends/family, great location, excellent food/service, then when it was over everyone got comfortable and went/did what they wanted to for the rest of the afternoon/evening.

IMG_0036 IMG_0038 IMG_0040

These pics show that you can spread out and have a lovely event, no dancefloor needed, thanks to Frank Salas for these pics and for being a gem.  To Design Visage for beautifying the ladies, to Karla/EBD florals for as always getting the vision and making it happen, the florals/vases were beautiful, Monico Décor for the benches on the balcony which were well used and the other rentals, and to Jeff/Moondance Music for handling the ceremony music and providing great luncheon/socializing background music.  We did a bouquet toss where the bride was on the balcony and the girls at the balcony doors, that wonderful Pacific ocean made a great backdrop for those pics.  To keep it intimate Uncle Edward officiated the ceremony.  A really lovely celebration for a lovely couple for sure!!

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Ritz-Carlton Laguna Wedding – Elegant

Well the pictures that follow are the end result of the vision of the bride, and my tweaking to ensure she got the optimum end result, and that her guests experienced a fabulous celebration.  I said that because, I was booked for  Month Of service so when the bride and I sat down to see what she had been doing (and she had been very busy) I could see some things that were not logistically going to work, and that she had options she had not thought of, and I also saw dollars that had been spent that if I had been in from the beginning would have been saved-as she was contracted and would not get what she had deposited back, this part was better left alone to cause less stress.  So needless to say, at the end of the meeting she was a bit overwhelmed and frustrated because the vendors she had been working with had been okaying things/planning with her, but not one had taken any other element/item/component of the celebration into account.  If they were each intruments in an orchestra they would not have been playing anything that made sense or sounded good on the day.  Thus the need for the conductor/me.  For any friends/family that my lovely bride knows who are getting married from here on out, she says she will be advising them to get me/someone from the get-go.

Anyway, the end result was the Plaza Room was set in an unusual way with a mix of square and round tables, and the cake was centered to the foyer doors as that was where the guests entered in from.  In order to make this set work, the dancefloor was small but enough for this intimate celebration.  As you can see from the photos below her taste was exquisite and the most beautiful, elegant celebration was enjoyed by those lucky enough to be included.

Thanks to my lovely bride for utilizing my preferred vendor list and choosing  – Jeff/Moondance for the mcee/dinner/dancing music, and Nisie’s Enchanted Florist for her as always elegant floral design (and thanks Nisie for the wonderful photos below).

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