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Hyatt Newport Beach

Had a lovely intimate wedding here in the Garden Room.  Have done a few over the past few years in this room and I love that it has a fireplace and is really has an friendly feel.  With this wedding we did the ceremony down in the Garden Patio right below the room and were supposed to do cocktails in the back area of the patio where the firepit was, but it was a bit windy, so we actually moved cocktails into another part of the Garden Room which then flowed right into the part of the room where the dinner/dancing was going to be held.  It worked out perfectly.

The bride is an international air steward so during the planning months was not really around much, so her parents took the bull by the horn and because they had a bit more time on their hands pulled the vendor team and vision together themselves (with the brides ok), the wonderful part of this was, they still went from my preferred vendor list I provided them with and would check in with me to see if they were talking to the right vendors for what they were looking for.  It meant on the day everything went smoothly, no dramas with vendors being unprepared or not good/quick at what they do, and of course, my couple and her parents being really happy with the end result.  They definately told me how happy they were with the vendors I had suggested.

Again, Eddie was wonderful to work with at the Hyatt, and Luis and the banquet team did a fabulous job.  Always a pleasure to work with them all.

Here’s some pics of just how intimate/friendly and fresh (thanks to the white chivaris) it all looked/felt – thanks to Tony Florez as always for the photos and being such a great teamplayer and pleasure to work with:

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Hyatt Regency Newport Beach

Well the above pic gives you the hint that the bride & groom for this wedding wanted something a bit bold and different.

From the beginning this couple had a feel/vision for their event and they spent many hours meeting with florists, djs etc, to ensure their end result was achieved by the right team.  The ‘normal’ florally wedding was not for them.  You will see that the pop of color was fuschia which stood out at the cere site, and in the ballroom it added a softness to decor that could have come across as very unwedding like/harsh/bold, as thecenterpieces were actually more wood and structured with candles incorporated, florals were minimal.  There are not too many florists that feel comfortable with this look but Shawna Yamamoto is and she pulled it off beautifully.  This is a design look where the monies are mostly in the artistic/organic design aspect not for the florals.  There were three different style centerpieces mixed in amongst square and round tables, with this look some of the centerpieces did stop you from talking to/looking at someone on the opposite side of the table from you, but it really wasn’t a negative, whereas with a ‘normal’ floral look it would be.  Of course fruitwood chivaris were perfect for this from  Fusion Linens & the draping behind the headtable.  We were in the Plaza Ballroom & Arbor area for the reception/dinner/dance, the room size was perfect for the number of guests we had and one side of the room was the entertainment side with a crepe station, magnet station, specialty coffee & dessert station.  Loe the Arbor area where cocktails were held and throughout the night there was always a small group out there enjoying the atmosphere.

Frank Salas was the photographer I knew would be right for the couple/this wedding, and as always he was perfect, thanks for the photos being showcased here Frank

I worked with the team from Impressive Video for the first time, nice group of guys and they did a same day edit which is always fun (stressful for the videographer) but always nice to see the looks of suprise from the guests when they realise they are seeing something that happened a few hours ago. 

Tim the violin/dj from Invisible Touch was the perfect guy for this wedding also, bit different/fabulous different, such a nice guy and easy to work with.  We had Tim play the violin along with recorded tracks for the cere & cocktails, and then a bit at dinner, but the dancing was full on party music.

Eddie from the Hyatt was not who we started with at the hotel, but was who we ended with and he was a pleasure/joy.  He is really going to be an asset to that hotel in the growth of their wedding business and getting their name out there.  He came mid season to the hotel and I ended up doing a few weddings with him and just love working with him and look forward to many more, as well as seeing him out and about at industry events as he is keen to come on out and see what is going on out there, which is a bonus for that hotel and the couples he will be working with in the future.

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