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Indian wedding/St Regis Monarch Beach

rajaram_1010 rajaram_1043

For the first time ever I saw a couple of smaller Indian weddings come to me and what that allowed them to do was have their wedding at  the premium hotels in the OC using the smaller spaces and stay within budget.  Normally the hotel celebration is the third day of events, so they have to be really good about choices as they go along.

rajaram_1055 rajaram_1056

This couple along with many of my Indian couples, did another ceremony and event at the Sikh temple the day before.  So here you get to see their Indian Ceremony setup with the elephants greeting the guests, the mandap, ganesh statue, and what a backdrop they have. My fave Indian officiant Shikavek Dasa ran the show, he does such a great ceremony

rajaram_1062 rajaram_1679

They wanted different colors than the normal Indian Orange/gold/red (which most of my couples seem to not want) for the luncheon event, blues and golds.  Turned out quite great.

rajaram_1685 rajaram_1687

Thanks to Frank Salas/photo for the pics above, you are a pleasure to work with always, in fact getting ready to leave now and do another wedding with you today, yay

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St Regis Monarch Beach-Botanical Garden & Club 19

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My lovely Brooke, a journey that lasted 1 1/2 years until the big day arrived.  We had such a great time and Brooke went through a lot of changes, left her job and went back to school, by the time the wedding came the groom was back at school too.  Moving from New York to another state, Brooke spent a month backpacking through Europe with her brother, 2-3 trips out here, which were always great and mom and Brooke and I enjoyed champagne a few times together, loved everything about the months of planning on this one and could not wait for the big day to be here and see everything become a reality.  The dancing/inside area of Club 19 was important, so we created a club feel inside and got a great band who kept the dancefloor full, Uncover Live under the direction of George.  Brooke wanted to do something different in the Club 19 area and I came up with the cabana idea on the lower patio, which Brooke loved and became a huge talking point of the celebration, and as the celebration went on more and more people went down there to relax and be comfy!!

  photo 5 photo 6

Brooke wanted to do a round menu card and I immediately said, fabulous, it can sit under the charger all night, perfect.  Classic Party Rentals created the cabanas and provided the furniture/benches down there, loved it.

photo 7  photo 9

We had a sweetheart table, rounds and had a great of 14 we could not break up so we had a rectangle table center stage, it all looked great.

photo144470020015 144470040003 DSC_3901

From the beginning Brooke wanted to do edible placecards.  So on the cocktail lawn our placecard table was center and the trays of hors d’oevures with guests names/table #s were easy to find and then enjoy!!

DSC_3904 DSC_4080 DSC_4082 DSC_4084 DSC_4093

One of my favourite parts of the day, especially when I have lived and breathed a vision with a bride and gone through months of helping her get it started, finesse it and then see it become a reality, when I get to show my couples how it all turned out.


Fabulous chandeliers hanging, moss table numbers and beautiful flowers, Elegant by Design/Karla you are wonderful, thanks for bringing my words/thoughts to the reality I tell my brides they are going to see and for backing up what I tell them, they are in great hands and have nothing to worry about, their expectations will be exceeded.

Thanks to Julie Cate/their photographer they flew in from New York, for some of the pics above. To Paul Uhlar for doing a lovely ceremony as always. To Naples Strings for ceremony/cocktail music, and to Monico Décor for the rentals we used in the dining and dancing areas.  Last but not least, to the beautiful Kelly O’Dell and the team at the St Regis, you are all awesome, thank you.

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St Regis Monarch Beach, Botanical & Club 19 wedding for French B&G

Well this was one of two wedding celebrations Helene had the fun to plan and they were so opposite, one wedding event was being held in Paris where they are both from, and the other was here in sunny S Ca where they are currently living.

Helene was fun, so the colors and feel of the wedding here reflect very much her personality and attitude to life, here she could do bright vibrant colors/butterflies etc and it would work, in Paris that may not have been the case.

She flew her photographer in from Paris, he was doing her wedding there also, and in looking at his website he does weddings in some really beautiful castles and locations all over Europe, very romantic. The pictures below did not come from him though.




Helene let me guide her to the vendor team right for her, my fave officiant Paul Uhlar did the honors, Kimberly of Shane Productions took care of the video coverage so the family/friends in Paris could see how the sunny S Ca wedding was, we had my favorite harpist for the ceremony and cocktails, and the wonderful Peter of Vive Entertainment was the dj. Fusion for the furniture we used in the dancing area of Club 19 and because, remember I said she was fun, we had a nice big photobooth from Larissa/Photobooth specialists, which the guests enjoyed and as happens, carried the props to the dancefloor and used them there also.

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St Regis Monarch Beach, Botanical/Club 19

I am fortunate to be, as far as I know/am told, the co-ordinator that has done/and does more wedding celebrations from the day the hotel opened until now, at the fabulous Club 19 location at the fabulous St Regis Monarch Beach. And what makes it even more fun for me, is if you look at the photos I post the weddings are never the same, you may see similar elements, but it really is a different/personalised wedding for each couple that chooses this location. I love it.

For the wedding below, what a great couple and what a good time we had planning this wedding. Glenda and Ken came to me through one of his employees whose wedding I had done last year. Teri orchestrated the wedding day of his employee and as luck would have it, I was already booked on their date but was able to have Teri orchestrate their day too.

Through the planning months the couple were at their home here in the OC a bit but mostly in Washington DC where he works, so there were many emails/phone chats along the way, but when they were in town we had a great time pulling everything together, a lot of laughs. They made great selections from the vendors I thought would work best with/for them and everything was of course smooth as silk on the day/celebration. I really loved the color palette we ended up with, very rich/sexy, perfect for this sophisticated couple.



Thanks to our good pal Tony Florez for the photos above,

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