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Last St Regis, Monarch Beach wedding


Here is the new Grand Lawn Ceremony site at the Monarch Beach Resort, formerly the St Regis Monarch Beach, and these pics are from a wedding that was planned for around 15 months and happened a few days before the name change.  So as things happen along the way, the vision our bride had for her ceremony changed with hotel changes and she didn’t end up with her final vision until a few days before, I think it looked lovely.  By taking away the rotunda somehow the ocean seems right there, and I now get more of a Caribbean backdrop feel, where the pool seems to end at the ocean.

0791 0794

Down at Club 19 we did a mix of round and rectangle tables.  This was a daytime wedding, so the colors really worked well and gave an elegant feel.  The ceiling treatment turned out perfect for Jennifer’s style, our original vision was about 15 chandeliers hanging in a variety of sizes and styles but that really was too shabby chic for her, and this more elegant ceiling was done by a vendor Jennifer found OCLA events, they really did a great job.

0797 0801

Jennifer and Brook lived out of town/northern CA but are fortunate that they come down often and always stay at the hotel, in fact their fave butler came down and sabred the champagne bottle for them prior to the toasts, so they were able to keep an eye on how the changes at the hotel were coming along.


The hanging cake

0851 FullSizeRender 2

My new fave vendor for 2016, TMMPRO, I love their dancefloors

FullSizeRender 4

The new more open look into Club 19

FullSizeRender  IMG_7373

These last two pics are mine.  The one above shows the chandeliers on, and the pic on the right show how huge the ceremony florals were that were repurposed to some of the dining tables.

Other members of this great vendor team were, Joe Latter photo/thanks for the pics above, Krieger Style dj (they had a guy they knew who was the dj, he let them down so they then spent time on a band that didn’t work out and ultimately ended up with my dj David,  the right guy, as always), Vantage Productions/Video, Elegant by Design/floral, Paul Uhlar/officiant, Wendy Smith/harpist,  Laura at the ST Regis and of course the setup/banquet team on the day.

Got lots of lovely weddings coming up this year, can’t wait to share them all with you.


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Indian wedding/St Regis Monarch Beach

rajaram_1010 rajaram_1043

For the first time ever I saw a couple of smaller Indian weddings come to me and what that allowed them to do was have their wedding at  the premium hotels in the OC using the smaller spaces and stay within budget.  Normally the hotel celebration is the third day of events, so they have to be really good about choices as they go along.

rajaram_1055 rajaram_1056

This couple along with many of my Indian couples, did another ceremony and event at the Sikh temple the day before.  So here you get to see their Indian Ceremony setup with the elephants greeting the guests, the mandap, ganesh statue, and what a backdrop they have. My fave Indian officiant Shikavek Dasa ran the show, he does such a great ceremony

rajaram_1062 rajaram_1679

They wanted different colors than the normal Indian Orange/gold/red (which most of my couples seem to not want) for the luncheon event, blues and golds.  Turned out quite great.

rajaram_1685 rajaram_1687

Thanks to Frank Salas/photo for the pics above, you are a pleasure to work with always, in fact getting ready to leave now and do another wedding with you today, yay

Till next time


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St Regis Monarch Beach-Botanical Garden & Club 19

photo 2 photo 3 

My lovely Brooke, a journey that lasted 1 1/2 years until the big day arrived.  We had such a great time and Brooke went through a lot of changes, left her job and went back to school, by the time the wedding came the groom was back at school too.  Moving from New York to another state, Brooke spent a month backpacking through Europe with her brother, 2-3 trips out here, which were always great and mom and Brooke and I enjoyed champagne a few times together, loved everything about the months of planning on this one and could not wait for the big day to be here and see everything become a reality.  The dancing/inside area of Club 19 was important, so we created a club feel inside and got a great band who kept the dancefloor full, Uncover Live under the direction of George.  Brooke wanted to do something different in the Club 19 area and I came up with the cabana idea on the lower patio, which Brooke loved and became a huge talking point of the celebration, and as the celebration went on more and more people went down there to relax and be comfy!!

  photo 5 photo 6

Brooke wanted to do a round menu card and I immediately said, fabulous, it can sit under the charger all night, perfect.  Classic Party Rentals created the cabanas and provided the furniture/benches down there, loved it.

photo 7  photo 9

We had a sweetheart table, rounds and had a great of 14 we could not break up so we had a rectangle table center stage, it all looked great.

photo144470020015 144470040003 DSC_3901

From the beginning Brooke wanted to do edible placecards.  So on the cocktail lawn our placecard table was center and the trays of hors d’oevures with guests names/table #s were easy to find and then enjoy!!

DSC_3904 DSC_4080 DSC_4082 DSC_4084 DSC_4093

One of my favourite parts of the day, especially when I have lived and breathed a vision with a bride and gone through months of helping her get it started, finesse it and then see it become a reality, when I get to show my couples how it all turned out.


Fabulous chandeliers hanging, moss table numbers and beautiful flowers, Elegant by Design/Karla you are wonderful, thanks for bringing my words/thoughts to the reality I tell my brides they are going to see and for backing up what I tell them, they are in great hands and have nothing to worry about, their expectations will be exceeded.

Thanks to Julie Cate/their photographer they flew in from New York, for some of the pics above. To Paul Uhlar for doing a lovely ceremony as always. To Naples Strings for ceremony/cocktail music, and to Monico Décor for the rentals we used in the dining and dancing areas.  Last but not least, to the beautiful Kelly O’Dell and the team at the St Regis, you are all awesome, thank you.

Till next time


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St Regis Monarch Beach wedding

photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5 photo 6 photo

Vanna and I worked together for a long time on her wedding.  She was so excited/happy to have such a wonderful location for her celebration and was just a joy to work with.  I have pics showing how reusing elements can really add to end result.  You will see the ceremony florals at the ceremony site, then see them from a distance to up close at the dining area.  Most of the time they would have been reused as tall centerpieces and been put on different stands/vases, but Vanna wanted all low centerpieces so the view/backdrop would be a part of the whole look, so we put the ceremony pieces on each side of the outside fireplace.  I saw guests using it as a photo backdrop and of course any pics of the dining space would have them in.  Thanks as always to Karla/Elegant by Design by being the right fit for Vanna and bringing her vision to reality and to Monico Décor for the rentals.  And as always to the fab Kelly at St Regis and the rest of the team there.

Till next time


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St Regis Club 19, unique


We started along the normal visual route for this area, but as we got closer to floral sample day my lovely bride decided it just wasn’t a reflection of her/them.  So an about turn was done and boy it turned out so great.  Thanks to Karla at EBD for ‘getting’ what our bride wanted, she was thrilled with the floral sample and very very happy with the whole effect on the day, as were we.  Sometimes seeing something new in an area is quite refreshing.  Good job my lovely bride.  Thanks to Frank Salas for the pics. The picture above was our ‘centerpiece’ of the cocktail time


This is a close up of this awesome BIG piece, it was so heavy it took 2 guys to move it on and off the table.


With clusters of orbs with moss hanging from the rafters and the tall florally pieces really gave a natural/outdoor feel to this space.


This was the really unique low centerpiece.  Interesting and different view, from any seat at the table





Don’t you love the moss cake stand


Then we went modern/club feel inside Club 19 for the partying that went on later



This couple and I created a cohesive vendor team of professionals/friends who love what they do and give 125% to our couples. In addition to those mentioned above, we had Design Visage beautifying our ladies, Peter/Vive Ent keeping the dance floor full and doing the great mceeing job he does.  Kimberly/Shane Productions-video, Monico Décor for the rentals, and we had a photobooth for some added entertainment, and of course kudos to the St Regis team, both upstairs and downstairs-you all complete the perfect experience.  They got married in a church close to the hotel, thus no hotel ceremony pics.

It was a pleasure helping them through the process and see the end result.  Enjoyed them both for sure.

FYI – due to privacy restraints I am not mentioning names, thus my referencing my bride, couple etc.

Till tomorrow


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St Regis Club 19 celebration






This picture is pretty much the replica of one that Stephanie carried with her throughout the planning.  The day we first met she told me this what she wanted her wedding celebration to look like.  Well voila this is her wedding celebration.  Great vendor team on board for her, Jim Kennedy/photographer, Jenny B/floral, Finishing Touch for ceiling draping/chandeliers, Design Visage for beautifying everyone beautifully as always, The Emotion Picture Studio/video, Tim the electric violinist/dj (who is no longer doing weddings, boo hoo), Monico Décor for the rentals, and of course the team at St Regis, who help complete the ‘perfect’ wedding experience.


Till tomorrow


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Club 19 wedding reception, St Regis Monarch Beach

L07A0350 copy

Steve and Margot were just a joy to work with and then see their celebration become a reality.  It was a whirlwind romance which worried some, so they changed their original date to a later date so everyone A) could come and B)some felt they had more of a waiting period.  It just gave us more time to ensure we pulled in all the elements that would be important to them.  They got married at their church where they met, then we had a garden party style cocktail reception on the lawn next to Club 19 and the informal food station reception and dancing inside Club 19.  Once the groom did his welcome, it was party on for the rest of the event with music by the band Undercover Live, people could eat, drink, dance, chat, whatever they wanted to do until the end.  We had a mix of tall and low cocktail tables as well as a couple of larger tables so guests could sit where/when they wanted throughout, a very relaxed format, yet we rented napkins and put favors around the tables to add as décor but also let the guests know that even though it was informal, those things were important, and in case you are wondering what the program looking pieces are on the tables, it actually listed what food station options there were, the couples signature drinks and a thank you to the guests..  My fave memory of this wedding is the bride sitting on the grooms lap on one of the sofas towards the end of the event, chatting with friends.  Thanks to Tony Florez for the pics, and of course to the team at St Regis for as always being fabulous in all respects.

L07A0351 copy

L07A0353 copy

L07A0354 copy 2

L07A0357 copy

L07A0358 copy

L07A0360 copy

For my past and present brides, you know the only thing missing in my mind here would be the white dancefloor, but it just was not important to this bride and groom, had nothing to do with budget, so can’t argue with that, right!!

L07A0361 copy

L07A0362 copy

L07A0459 copy


Till tomorrow


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Club 19 Fabulous

photo 2

This wedding was one of my favourites from 2014.  The groom called me to inquire about my services before he booked the hotel.  They loved St Regis and Club 19, but he really wanted to make sure that what they liked/wanted was going to stay within the budget he had set.  So before he had officially booked me, we did a quick budget overview.  Our bride had a vision and with getting them to prioritize what was important, I knew we could bring her vision and enhance it to a reality.  So so very pleased with how it all turned out and that they were excited about the elements I would propose that would make this a unique celebration for them, and their friends and family that would be lucky enough to be in attendance.

Rose gold chiavaris, hanging cake, one long table, chandeliers and draping ceiling treatment.  Love love love.

Thanks to my awesome vendor team that worked with me to make this happen for this really lovely couple, Flowers by Cina, my fave harpist for cere/cocktails, Peter/Vive Ent for dinner/dancing music, Design Visage for only making my bride look even more beautiful than she already is, and to Bob Ortiz for making the photography budget work and if I recall, emailing them the link for all their photos the next day!!!  Paul Uhlar for officiating and making it legal!!




photo 4

photo 4

photo 5



Till tomorrow


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St Regis Monarch Beach, Botanical Garden & Club 19 – daytime


To say this couple endeared themselves to me, doesn’t do it justice.  The groom booked me as the bride was very busy with her residency, so I had to keep the groom on track and he was a worrier and I spent a lot of time assuring him it was all going to be aok.  Everytime we would have a meeting, the bride loved everything, but he still worried.  We got a great team on board and of course it all turned out fabulously.  Keith Laverty did a beautiful job with the florals, my fave harpist provided ceremony and cocktail music, my A1 dj Peter/Vive Ent kept things going as always, and the team at the St Regis were awesome as always, lead by the fabulous Kelly O.

photo 2

Till tomorrow, Lisa

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New Years Eve wedding – St Regis Monarch Beach

Okay, doing good, two days in a row blogging!!!

So this post winds up 2013.  I had plans to go to a swanky NY eve dinner followed by a party but got a call from a bride who really wanted some help to pull her wedding together in a short time frame, and she didn’t want a normal sit down dinner/event.  So I caved, and we pulled together this pretty/fun/social wedding reception where there was something for everyone.  Casino tables, dancing, socializing and just enoying the environment.  We picked fun/key people to be on her team for the night, Tony Florez photography, Flowers by Cina/Melissa, Design Visage for hair/makeup, and a fun interactive dj from Invisible Touch.  Food was at stations and available for most of the night, late night snacks too of course, and a martini luge that was a replica of their Lamborghini that was parked right outside!!!!  Club 19 at St Regis Monarch Beach was the perfect spot to have this celebration.  And yes, I did get to go to the party I was supposed to go to, just not the dinner, late, got there around 1am, but it was all good.

Club 19 0134

Club 19 0135

Club 19 0136

Club 19 0138

Club 19 0147

Club 19 0148

Club 19 0151

Club 19 0152

Club 19 0140

Club 19 0133

Till tomorrow


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