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Monarch Beach Wedding Reception

Thought I had blogged this one 3 years ago, but guess i did not because here it sits in draft!!!  Oh no.  So here we go…. Aida and Samir, what sweet sweet souls they are.  He is actually a DR on the front line in NY right now during coronavirus, so thank you xoxox  Since the wedding Aida and i communicate via Instagram DMs it seems daily, lol, and i have watched them get pregnant, have a doll of a daughter, and in fact while i was typing this she DMd me that they were supposed to be in New Zealand right now on vacation, Oh well, you will get there and it will be worth the wait for sure.

The groom’s sister was very helpful in the planning as she had been married not too long prior and the groom’s parents were just lovely.  The brides family all flew in from London and there is so much love in that family, her younger brother, like 12 years old was a riot during the reception, and guests came from all around the world.

There was no ceremony, this was the big party/celebration and it was all outdoors on the Botanical Lawn at Monarch Beach Resort.  There was a bit of a breeze before the party started but it calmed down before we started cocktails inside Club 19 and was perfect when everyone was out in the open tent for dinner/dancing.  Mix of photos from me and John Woods Photographer here sorry, but wanted you to see all the angles/views, it really was a lovely end result.  EBD did all the florals and Persiano provided all the rentals.

As always thanks to our friends at MBR both in the office and on the ground on the day of, we can’t do a thing without you, so thanks for being a great team to play with xoxox

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Monarch Beach Resort wedding

I loved Dan and Lisa, still do as we chat via Instagram, lol, for many reasons.  A) they are just fun and it was all about the bar at their wedding, B) they happen to work for a medical group of Drs, that i did 2 daughters of one of the head of the group and i did another Doctor’s wedding about 15 years ago and his sister, and none of them knew any of this about me and them until this wedding when it all came together, and they were there on the day, small world right!!

We had the ceremony at Botanical Garden (did you know i did the first ever wedding there, 17 years ago), cocktails on Botanical Lawn with a beautiful view over the golf course/water features out to the Pacific Ocean in the distance which we ended after sunset so the guests could enjoy and get all the selfies they wanted/needed, and then to the dining patio at Club 19 and we created a club feel inside Club 19 for the dancing/socializing portion of the celebration after dinner.  Someone very special to them was a part of the ceremony, their fur baby Gizmo, he and i chat via Instagram too, as he has his own handle!! lol

We built a great vendor team, Sarah Mack was the photographer (but i think all the photos above are mine for some reason??), Paul Uhlar officiated-great voice, Design Visage did the hair/makeup needed, Karen’s flowers did the florals (no Instagram or website) Jeff/Moondance Mobile music provided what we needed in all areas-love working with him, Viralbooth OC was a hit in the club party room, and TMMPRO provided the chiavaris, glossy dancefloor, benches, lighting.  And of course the team at MBR always a joy to be there with them xoxoxo

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Monarch Beach Resort-Club 19 wedding

Ok, not the best photos as I never got any from the photographer and i was doing a wedding up in LA whileNicole was doing this one and she is always busy and forgets to take photos for me, lol, so i think Darla her assistant that day snapped these for me, but they showed different elements i wanted to share.

I liked the pop of color on the gazebo at Botanical Garden, the Bistro lights over the outdoor dining patio of Club 19, and as they ended up with more guests than they planned for two tables had to be placed inside Club 19 which with the newer open doors to the patio helped it not seem like two different areas, and it shows the cool light fixture inside Club 19 over the dancefloor.  Chairs/dancefloor and lighting were done by my partner TMMPRO  xoxox

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Monarch Beach Resort fab wedding

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Oh how I enjoyed working with these two.  A surgeon and a designer, great style and taste.

We pulled together the perfect vendor team for them, Frank Salas/photo (thanks for the photos here), Elegant by Design floral/Karla and her awesome team, Albert/dj, linens by Luxe and the blue by Wildflower – actually custom made for them as it was a certain shade of blue they wanted, TMMPRO for the acrylic chivaris, and to Classic Party Rentals for the china used for the fabulous luncheon the guests got to enjoy, and last but by no means least, Laura and the team at the Monarch Beach Resort, love love working with you all and have done so for the past 15 years, its an honor to share with you seeing couples dream weddings become a reality

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When you drop the guest list a bit, you can get really creative with this space.  I really love the touches that have been added since the re-invention of this wonderful resort (formerly the St Regis)

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We do love us a hanging cake.  I did the first one here at Club 19 and love it when my couples want to have one too.

d20c0655 img_0779

This couple actually ‘tied the know’ during the ceremony, check my instagram out from Oct and you will see what I am talking about.

They are back in Texas now but I know that over xmas tables and new year celebrations, their family and friends are going to be talking about that awesome wedding they came to here in S CA.

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Last St Regis, Monarch Beach wedding


Here is the new Grand Lawn Ceremony site at the Monarch Beach Resort, formerly the St Regis Monarch Beach, and these pics are from a wedding that was planned for around 15 months and happened a few days before the name change.  So as things happen along the way, the vision our bride had for her ceremony changed with hotel changes and she didn’t end up with her final vision until a few days before, I think it looked lovely.  By taking away the rotunda somehow the ocean seems right there, and I now get more of a Caribbean backdrop feel, where the pool seems to end at the ocean.

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Down at Club 19 we did a mix of round and rectangle tables.  This was a daytime wedding, so the colors really worked well and gave an elegant feel.  The ceiling treatment turned out perfect for Jennifer’s style, our original vision was about 15 chandeliers hanging in a variety of sizes and styles but that really was too shabby chic for her, and this more elegant ceiling was done by a vendor Jennifer found OCLA events, they really did a great job.

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Jennifer and Brook lived out of town/northern CA but are fortunate that they come down often and always stay at the hotel, in fact their fave butler came down and sabred the champagne bottle for them prior to the toasts, so they were able to keep an eye on how the changes at the hotel were coming along.


The hanging cake

0851 FullSizeRender 2

My new fave vendor for 2016, TMMPRO, I love their dancefloors

FullSizeRender 4

The new more open look into Club 19

FullSizeRender  IMG_7373

These last two pics are mine.  The one above shows the chandeliers on, and the pic on the right show how huge the ceremony florals were that were repurposed to some of the dining tables.

Other members of this great vendor team were, Joe Latter photo/thanks for the pics above, Krieger Style dj (they had a guy they knew who was the dj, he let them down so they then spent time on a band that didn’t work out and ultimately ended up with my dj David,  the right guy, as always), Vantage Productions/Video, Elegant by Design/floral, Paul Uhlar/officiant, Wendy Smith/harpist,  Laura at the ST Regis and of course the setup/banquet team on the day.

Got lots of lovely weddings coming up this year, can’t wait to share them all with you.


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