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Bahia Corinthian Yacht Club wedding – Newport Beach

I loved my bride Kim, so sweet and beautiful, both inside and out. 

When she came to me she knew she wanted a church ceremony and a reception location by the ocean, but not sure what, just didn’t think a hotel was for them.  They happened upon the yacht club and the groom said, this is it.  So we got pricing, checked it out, matched a date with the church and the yacht club and got things going.  By using the vendors I knew would give the end result we got, you would think a lot more was spent than actually was.

Thanks to Bob Ortiz for the photos below   I have a feeling with everything we did in their normal dining room/club room, we probably created the nicest wedding they had seen there.  All we used were their tables, we brought everything else in.  I especially love the pic Bob took of my couple with the boat beyond that is called ‘Soul Mate’ now how is that for a message at the right time/place!! 

Linens/chairs/chargers all from my lovely friends at Fusion, and  my A1 band that can’t be beat, Full Spectrum, Video by Newport Bay Productions-Kamran is such a lovely man and so easy to work with and does anything my couples need/want, hair and makeup by Design Visage of course, held up all day and night for all, and to add some fun to the cocktail time with the great backdrop of yachts, we had one of my very reliable mariachi groups.  I only have 2 I refer/use due to reliability and professionalism.

Give me a call/email if you are needing help to find a location, or if you like what we did at Bahia and would like us to help you too.

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Hyatt Regency Newport Beach – Terrace Ballroom

Well it is so nice when you see a hotel that used to be the grande dame of weddings, get a redo in the lobby/public areas, and a new sales team that like weddings, and suddenly we find ourselves back here again, orchestrating celebrations that are looking for a boutique feel property that is in the middle of the fabulous OC/Newport Beach area.  We found ourselves in the  Terrace Ballroom room several times this season (very unique room as it is round so very fun to center everything), and below you will see just a few I picked to showcase, because they are all so different.  The big benefit to a smaller  property is the flexibility of the areas of the hotel, with all the weddings we did there, 2 different ceremony sites were used and 3 different cocktail areas, all with this one room.  Welcome to Eddie who is going to be the wedding king for 2012 I believe. We look forward to seeing a lot more of him and the great team there !!

The pictures below are courtesy of Larry Crandall  Such a lovely, gentle man.  He loves getting artistic with your pics for the album if you are game.  With the wedding below Kimberly & I started the planning from the get go, always planning the ceremony undercover and knowing what colors she wanted, and she stayed true to that vision/feel throughout the process:

The fabulous florals were of course Nisies Enchanted Florist, linens&chairs by Fusion, all music from  cere thru cocktails-dinner-dancing was Al of Alvarron Ent-perfect for this intimate/relaxed group, hair and makeup by Design Visage-always have everyone on time and the hair and makeup looks good until bride is off to bed!!  Custom favors/packaging by Luisa Chocolatiere-that was a fun tasting!! And another lovely ceremony with Paul Uhlar.

The photo below is courtesy of Bob Ortiz   Bob has been a wedding photographer in the OC for many years, and I am sure, like me, he is pleased to see Hyatt NB back on the radar.  With the wedding below mom and the bride and I started from budget on.  The brides vision was always to have manzanettas for the centerpieces, mom not so keen, but by adding floral buds to the manzanettas we were able to soften the look and come to a compromise and everyone was thrilled with the end result.  As I was already booked for another wedding on this date, Julie booked our services for me to take them through the planning process/pull everything together, and then have  my Peni orchestrate the actual wedding day itself, and as always a great job by Peni.  Always hard for me, I get so invested in the visual and the details I miss not being there to see the end result, but I kept in touch with Peni so I knew how everyone was doing/how it all looked and how the celebration was going.

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A good photographer makes the difference

My blog today focuses on how important it is to get the right photographer for the type of event or location you have, so in the photos that are left and become your memories, give you the best memories to hang on to.

I had a lovely couple who had a very small budget and wanted me to help them pull their event together from beginning to end.  They were very flexible with location/time of day, and this is one of those situations I love because I am challenged to spend their money and give them the same experience/feel as if they spent more, not only for them but for the guests also.  I have to get really creative and when the couple is flexible I can get key partners in the industry to be flexible too.  On this particular one, the location/photographer/florist all put their best foot forward and worked with me to give them a great wedding celebration.

We ended up at a hotel in Anaheim that has a great ballroom, nice colors/lighting, as well as lovely food and a package we could tweak a bit to make it work for the budget.  The only glich was they really don’t have  a ceremony site, they have used their driveway area which would have worked and we were planning on using.  Then I got a call from our catering person (who I know and was working with us to make it all work) who offered a field down the road that she just found out they owned and we could use it at no charge if we were willing to be the first and see how it worked.  The couple and I walked it, we had options as to where to place everything, and decided that the ‘no fee’ was worth the gamble.  The hotel provided power for the cere site (remember this is an empty field) and staff to direct guests from the hotel-cere-hotel.

Here are the pictures of that area as it sits and what we  saw:

I knew that as long as the photographer used certain angles, what they ended up with in their album and anyone seeing the photos after would never guess this was the same spot.  See below:

I had my couple met with Bob Ortiz/photographer, who I have known for many years (,  who, because they were a morning wedding and he would be able to do an evening wedding gave them a great great price, so they benefited through their flexibility and got an awesome photographer for a great price, They got the disc that they can go and do with what they want, although I always recommend you come back to your photographer once you have some $$ saved up again after the wedding and have them do your album, that way you don’t lose anything in the story/look/feel along the way. 

Now, did we hear the cars  behind us on Harbor Blvd that was no more than 30′ behind us, in the background and the trash truck that came to do the dumpsters at the hotel in the background (who knew somewhere there is a waste disposal company that works on Sats and chose during the 20 mins of our cere to be at that spot doing their thing), yes we did, did the couple, no they did not, so when they see their finished album they will only have a serene feel of the most important moments of their lives.  And that my friends is what a great photographer can and will do for you.  An ok photographer, doesn’t have the skill to be able to work fast to get the shots and ensure that the backdrop is  also the best it can be.

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