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Turks and Caicos wedding/vacay/honeymoon

This is what the water looks like in Turks and Caicos and this is at the beach at the Beaches Resort (Sandals group but for families)!!  A huge resort, so much to do/experience here that you never need to leave the resort.

This was the view from our one bedroom suite on our last trip, it was at one end of the resort and very quiet/relaxing, we would pop down to the closest pool for a swim/get a drink from the swim up bar (even though lots of alcohol in our room, lol) and get food from the food stalls/restaurant right in that area, then back to our balcony/room to enjoy until we would leave to go to dinner elsewhere on property.

My fave restaurant for breakfast and with views like this, do you blame me!!

Whether you are a couple alone, with a group, a family needing multi beds in a hotel room style accommodation, or even a multi family group needing multi bedrooms/own plunge pool/living room, yard etc (as the above picture shows – these are at the opposite end of the resort from where i stayed on this trip) this resort has it for you.  Quiet areas/no kids, busy areas, kids water park and Mac N Cheese food truck, so much for everyone, oh and the Sesame Street Characters if that does it for your kids.  A resort for all.

So many restaurant options.  When you are a couple on your own you normally get a table for two, the fun part of the restaurant above is that you have to sit with others so you get a bit of interaction with others for a change, lol

If a pool cabana is your thing, then whether a couple alone, or a family cabana as shown above, your butler can make it happen and keep you going with food/beverage all day, you just relax, get in the pool/get out of the pool, relax – that’s your job!!

Lot’s of lovely places to read a book and see that beautiful ocean from.

So, if you would like a destination wedding to the Caribbean but there are guests younger than 16, so Sandals Resorts won’t work, then the Beaches Resorts (part of the Sandals family), this one in Turks & Caicos, and 2 in Jamaica, would be perfect for you.  The range of accommodations at the resorts are huge, so people can pick their style/budget to stay 3 nights or more to attend the wedding and vacay also, how perfect is that.  If it’s just the two of you and you prefer a larger resort with lots going on, then we can do your destination wedding/elopment or honeymoon or vacation too!  Let me get you here

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Huntington Beach & Hotel wedding

IMG_0351 IMG_0496

The beach theme made its way across the street to the placecard table, driftwood and orchids, love it.  There wasn’t a memorable enhancement they weren’t up for, doves at the end of the ceremony, even on the beach, yes please.


Great shoe shot by Frank Salas, great looking shoes but not worn much that day by our lovely bride, as always!!  The pic above on the right is the surfboard martini luge which was a huge hit


Such a great time working with these two on the planning of their wedding.  They were the third referral from someone I know in Arizona, my Arizona couples love the beach and that is where the weddings are held.  During the planning a baby was even born!!  So Nick is a surfer and we had a martini luge created of a surfboard which was out on the balcony with the Pacific Ocean in the background, and Annemarie was such a great bride in trusting and going along with a lot of my thoughts on how to make their wedding look fabulous.


They sat at a great B&G table, and we had my fave, the round dancefloor in attendance.

IMG_0697 IMG_0699

We mixed up the tables, rounds and rectangles, and that meant a variety of floral looks

IMG_0703 IMG_0719 IMG_0728 IMG_0732

Behind the sweetheart table was a round room, we tried to do the first hanging cake in that room but it just did not work out, so instead had the cake sit on a great acrylic table display and created a cool sitting area.

SubstandardFullSizeRender 2

The wedding ceremony was originally booked at the hotel but as time went along Annemarie asked about getting married on the beach and as they were before Memorial Weekend it was able to happen and look how empty the beach is, so lucky.  Wendy Smith/my fave harpist loved the stage/platform that was made for her, and the ceremony décor was a mix of driftwood and strung orchids moving in the wind, it was really lovely

SubstandardFullSizeRender 5 SubstandardFullSizeRender 6

You need to always look after the guests when doing a beach/sand wedding and the Waterfront Beach Resort were so fabulous in making everything happen and create a great station for the dry and damp cloths for our guests feet.


We had an awesome team on board for this one, Frank Salas/photographer-thanks for the ballroom pics/the beach pics are mine, Scott Cummings Music band Dirty Sugar, Design Visage for beautifying everyone and ensuring their looks withstood the ocean wind, Square Root Designs for the florals/futniture/linens-we love them so much. Carving Ice for the martini luge-it turned out even better than I had hoped.  Chiavari Chair Rentals for the ghost chairs and dancefloor, Shane Productions/video, Clint Hufft for doing a great ceremony as always, White Flite the best dove release company out there and I always do 100/most impact, and of course Vanessa and the team at the Waterfront Beach Resort.  It was great being back there again, and very exciting with their renovations and new ballrooms and ceremony space that will be on board in the next year, but I have to say, combining the beach with a room at the hotel that looks over to the beach is pretty hard to beat.

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Red Chair Lounge/Hyatt HB wedding

IMG_0792 IMG_0794

With the opening of the fabulous Watertable Restaurant at Hyatt Huntington Beach, it allowed the Red Chair Lounge to be offered up as space for events, and so far we have done three in here.  It has always been popular for bride and groom pictures because of its lounge vibe, so we are excited for intimate or larger wedding celebrations to use it.  The patio with the fire pit is a popular place for guests to hang.  The wedding above did have dancing so a dancefloor was put in by the hotel.

IMG_0795 IMG_0796

Everyone loves the existing bar.  The picture on the right is the sitting area end of the space.  Its an L shape space.


Always a few guests sitting by the indoor fireplace/sitting area, no matter how hot it may be outside.  One wedding we did had a pianist using the grand piano in there as background music, one used their ipod, one used the in house music.

IMG_0799 IMG_0800

At the other end of the L there is a pool table which keeps guests entertained and on the wedding above we brought in a photo booth, so we had an entertainment area.  We did a wedding for 30 in here where they had proper dining tables and a sit down meal, the other two ranged from 50-100 people and they used the existing cocktail table/chair setup and had food stations both inside and outside.  You don’t need to décor/spend a lot on florals as it has a lot of atmosphere.  Two of the weddings did their ceremonies at the hotel, and one had theirs on the beach across the street.

IMG_0802 IMG_0804

Our beach wedding had a bagpiper for music over there and then he lead everyone back to the hotel and to the Red Chair patio.

So a new venue, unique, yet attached to a hotel so you get all the amenities/hotel room opportunities for the guests to enjoy.  Perfect for a destination wedding.  Good thinking team at the Hyatt Huntington Beach.

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Monarch Beach, Bay Club, Private Beach wedding

J&M-238photo 2

I loved Megan.  A friend of my husbands daughter referred her to me.  The couple lived in Arizona as did a lot of the guests on the brides side, but the grooms family lived here including his grandparents who live in Monarch Beach, and thus the ability to have their wedding here.  I was already booked on her date so the lovely Teri took over on the day and ensured all went smoothly and fabulously.  A perfect celebration, perfect weather, at a perfect/special location.

photo 3 photo

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Cabo San Lucas weddings

photo 3

So so many options for your destination wedding in Cabo.  On the sand, by a pool, on a cliff overlooking the ocean/towards the rock, at a hotel, restaurant or open area, closer to town or at the other more resort end of Cabo, so many hotels/areas, whatever you are looking for, you will find it.  I have been to Cabo 4 times and about to head down for my 5th trip and will do another post with more pictures.  If you are coming from S CA, its such a short flight, reasonably priced and a variety of hotels for your guests to stay at if they choose to not stay where you are or you choose to not have them stay where you are staying!! lol

photo 5 photo 6 photo

Let me help you plan and then orchestrate your wedding in Cabo so you can relax and enjoy the process and the day/celebration.


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Hyatt Huntington Beach Intimate wedding


A destination wedding, where everyone came on in to fabulous S CA, and why would you not want to come!!!  They chose Huntington Beach and wanted a more coastal type feel/décor vibe going on.  Keith Laverty nailed it!!  The A team was on board for this intimate celebration, thanks to Frank Salas for the pics, Design Visage for beautifying the women, Monico Décor, Peter/Vive Ent for music in all areas and keeping that dancefloor full, and of course to the fabulous team at the Hyatt Huntington Beach, in the office and on the floor for as always helping make us look good!!



Don’t you love how the petals are trailing out of the lantern


Beachy, clean vibe above




She did not want to split the room up, so we put the dancefloor on one side and put the cake table in the middle, as the bride was not sure if people would dance so didn’t want to have it look like it was expected.  Of course I knew they would dance, with Peter in charge, no doubt, so as soon as we moved the cake&table off, it was on!!!!!




Really lovely collections on each table by Keith, totally a reflection of this bride and her style.  Perfection

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Marriott Newport Beach wedding

I helped this fab couple pull the vendor team/vision/plan together over the planning months and on the day itself my wonderful Teri actually orchestrated/ran everything.  They were a fun group and there were fun details that made this their wedding, including having café lighting over the dancefloor, for an indoor event (normally done outside) , and of course a fun photo booth.   We did a mix of round and square tables, tall and low boxed centerpieces, and made use of succulents which was important to Kat from day one.  Thanks to a great vendor team on the day, Design Visage for doing great makeup on all the ladies, Newport Bay Productions/video, Paul Uhlar/officiant, DJ Mr Bill/we love ya, Simply Sweet/wedding cake, Monico Décor for the rentals, Karens flowers for bringing her vision to a reality, Essense Entertainment for our great guitarist for cere&cocktails, Larson lighting for the great job with the uplights and café lighting-which looked fab once the lights went down, and of course…………the team at the Marriott.  Teri loves doing weddings there and working with everyone.


This is the newest gazebo/ceremony site at the hotel


Kat and James 0481

This is where they got married

Kat and James 0751

Kat and James 0771

Kat and James 0777

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Pala Mesa Wedding


Well the vendor team on this wedding could not wait for it to happen, as we got to see one of our good friends get married and see other friends having a good time instead of working, and we got to have a good time too, we were working but it didn’t feel like it normally does.  Jim Kennedy/photographer, Peter/Vive Ent was our music guy, Flawless Faces beautified our bride and girls-not that our bride needed it!! Shane Productions/video, Fantasy Florals did the florals combining items the bride had and adding florals and it looked fabulous, and the photobooth backdrop was created/made by the groom!! Pretty fabulous is it not.  So as you can see all the elements to make it an intimate/fun wedding and it certainly was.








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Ritz-Carlton Laguna, Sunset Terrace/Plaza wedding


For the past 14 years this has been the room/area I have done the most weddings in, in fact so many we have joked it should be called ‘Lisa’s Plaza Room’.  I just love it, very hard to beat the combination of intimacy, ocean backdrop and 5 star service, with hotel rooms also.

Here is another fun, wonderful couple I had the real pleasure of helping plan their wedding celebration.  Our groom had a wicked sense of humor and my beautiful bride is from Europe and they are going to have one fabulous life together.  They go between their home in one of the beach communities here to the hot Arizona area where his business is based, so pleased they chose here for this celebration.  Thanks also to the wonderful team they let me guide them towards, Karla/EBD Florals, Shane Productions/video, Design Visage for enhancing my brides natural beauty and the other ladies, Steve Burdick/dj, Essence Ent/Guitar for ceremony&cocktails, Monico Decor for the rentals, and Tony Florez, as always so easy to work with and thanks for the photos, last but by no means least, our always wonderful team at the Ritz, love you all.





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Montage Laguna wedding

L07A0951 copy

I had done one of Carly’s moms friends daughters wedding (did you get that??) and when Carly came to me she had a specifc look/feel to her wedding.  So I immediately knew the team to get on board and it all turned out fabulous, as Carly and her mom said, ‘exactly what Carly had said she wanted’.

Thanks to Square Root for always being the A1 team to have on board, Design Visage for beautifying all the ladies, Tony Florez for always being easy to work with and for the pics you are seeing here.  We had a lovely 20 piece choir for the ceremony and the band Injoy who have done a few of my Jewish weddings and the guests love them.  To Pat’s for always doing a stellar job catering and working alongside the team at the Montage, and Monico Décor for all the rentals.  And of course the team at Montage.

L07A0959 copy

L07A0966 copy

L07A0968 copy

L07A0980 copy

L07A1343 copy

L07A1344 copy

L07A1347 copy

L07A1352 copy

L07A1355 copy

L07A1357 copy

L07A1363 copy

L07A1366 copy

L07A1368 copy

L07A1370 copy

L07A1375 copy

L07A1376 copy

L07A1378 copy

L07A1379 copy

I will say, Carly wanted the ghost chairs from the beginning but they got nixed out of the budget, however with the look we had in these photos they would have disappeared, so thing always happen for a reason, the silver ended up being perfect.

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