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Hyatt HB – CA Courtyard&Vista Blrm


Loved the Ficksman family, all were involved and it was a fun ride.

They got to do the Lighthouse Courtyard ceremony location with Vista Ballroom which is not normal, and you then have a choice, direct to the lighthouse/bridge or angle to the sunset or to the south, they chose sunset and boy during the ceremony was that sky beautiful.

Great job Flowers by Cina in managing to have the blue show through in the flowers, as that was their main color.  For once the canopy was a true chuppah being used for a Jewish ceremony and we used my fave very flexible Rabbi Ian from San Diego, he is a gem.

thanks to Joe Latter for the photos and always being great to work with, TMMPRO for the draping/lighting/chiavaris/chargers/B&G sofa and my fave round dancefloor, Naples Strings for cere/cocktail music and Peter/Vive Entertainment who understands and now asks if I am draping so he should bring his façade and white covered speakers, so everything he has disappears into the look of the room, yay!!  And to Viral Booth OC who always waits patiently for us to get the Grand Entrance done before they can come into the foyer of this ballroom and setup for the after dinner Photobooth surprise.  And of course, as always, to our pals at Hyatt HB, together we make wedding dreams come true

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Huntington Beach & Hotel wedding

IMG_0351 IMG_0496

The beach theme made its way across the street to the placecard table, driftwood and orchids, love it.  There wasn’t a memorable enhancement they weren’t up for, doves at the end of the ceremony, even on the beach, yes please.


Great shoe shot by Frank Salas, great looking shoes but not worn much that day by our lovely bride, as always!!  The pic above on the right is the surfboard martini luge which was a huge hit


Such a great time working with these two on the planning of their wedding.  They were the third referral from someone I know in Arizona, my Arizona couples love the beach and that is where the weddings are held.  During the planning a baby was even born!!  So Nick is a surfer and we had a martini luge created of a surfboard which was out on the balcony with the Pacific Ocean in the background, and Annemarie was such a great bride in trusting and going along with a lot of my thoughts on how to make their wedding look fabulous.


They sat at a great B&G table, and we had my fave, the round dancefloor in attendance.

IMG_0697 IMG_0699

We mixed up the tables, rounds and rectangles, and that meant a variety of floral looks

IMG_0703 IMG_0719 IMG_0728 IMG_0732

Behind the sweetheart table was a round room, we tried to do the first hanging cake in that room but it just did not work out, so instead had the cake sit on a great acrylic table display and created a cool sitting area.

SubstandardFullSizeRender 2

The wedding ceremony was originally booked at the hotel but as time went along Annemarie asked about getting married on the beach and as they were before Memorial Weekend it was able to happen and look how empty the beach is, so lucky.  Wendy Smith/my fave harpist loved the stage/platform that was made for her, and the ceremony décor was a mix of driftwood and strung orchids moving in the wind, it was really lovely

SubstandardFullSizeRender 5 SubstandardFullSizeRender 6

You need to always look after the guests when doing a beach/sand wedding and the Waterfront Beach Resort were so fabulous in making everything happen and create a great station for the dry and damp cloths for our guests feet.


We had an awesome team on board for this one, Frank Salas/photographer-thanks for the ballroom pics/the beach pics are mine, Scott Cummings Music band Dirty Sugar, Design Visage for beautifying everyone and ensuring their looks withstood the ocean wind, Square Root Designs for the florals/futniture/linens-we love them so much. Carving Ice for the martini luge-it turned out even better than I had hoped.  Chiavari Chair Rentals for the ghost chairs and dancefloor, Shane Productions/video, Clint Hufft for doing a great ceremony as always, White Flite the best dove release company out there and I always do 100/most impact, and of course Vanessa and the team at the Waterfront Beach Resort.  It was great being back there again, and very exciting with their renovations and new ballrooms and ceremony space that will be on board in the next year, but I have to say, combining the beach with a room at the hotel that looks over to the beach is pretty hard to beat.

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Red Chair Lounge/Hyatt HB wedding

IMG_0792 IMG_0794

With the opening of the fabulous Watertable Restaurant at Hyatt Huntington Beach, it allowed the Red Chair Lounge to be offered up as space for events, and so far we have done three in here.  It has always been popular for bride and groom pictures because of its lounge vibe, so we are excited for intimate or larger wedding celebrations to use it.  The patio with the fire pit is a popular place for guests to hang.  The wedding above did have dancing so a dancefloor was put in by the hotel.

IMG_0795 IMG_0796

Everyone loves the existing bar.  The picture on the right is the sitting area end of the space.  Its an L shape space.


Always a few guests sitting by the indoor fireplace/sitting area, no matter how hot it may be outside.  One wedding we did had a pianist using the grand piano in there as background music, one used their ipod, one used the in house music.

IMG_0799 IMG_0800

At the other end of the L there is a pool table which keeps guests entertained and on the wedding above we brought in a photo booth, so we had an entertainment area.  We did a wedding for 30 in here where they had proper dining tables and a sit down meal, the other two ranged from 50-100 people and they used the existing cocktail table/chair setup and had food stations both inside and outside.  You don’t need to décor/spend a lot on florals as it has a lot of atmosphere.  Two of the weddings did their ceremonies at the hotel, and one had theirs on the beach across the street.

IMG_0802 IMG_0804

Our beach wedding had a bagpiper for music over there and then he lead everyone back to the hotel and to the Red Chair patio.

So a new venue, unique, yet attached to a hotel so you get all the amenities/hotel room opportunities for the guests to enjoy.  Perfect for a destination wedding.  Good thinking team at the Hyatt Huntington Beach.

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What I can do for you

Okay, so for bride’s who are searching around the web and looking at different co-ordinator web sites because they have to have one (due to the event location’s contract) or because they know they want one, or for the bride who isn’t sure, let me give you some information that I hope helps you have a great experience.

Things have changed in my industry over the past few years thanks to tv shows, brides that got married and enjoyed the process, and an economy that has had people who have lost their jobs think about or have to make a career change, and the internet has become a tool that can be used by brides anytime of the night or day.

So are these changes good or bad.  Well it depends.  I’m not sure if some of the new co-ordinators really understand what their role is or why we need to be part of the bride’s must have vendors.  Going back 15 years or so, normal bride’s did not have a co-ordinator, the dj or photographer or banquet captain or hotel sales person kept things moving on the day, well kind of.  Whoever took that role really did it from a standpoint of their particular role, it was never big picture.  So for those of us in the hotel world we saw what was missing, the conductor of the orchestra, the leader of the team, and having a co-ordinator went from being a wealthy persons vendor to now being either required by a location or being a vendor that a lot of bride’s want and see the need for, and it makes sense.  There is no doubt that tv shows have glamorised what we do, and I think we even manage to make what we do look easy and fun on a wedding day, but it really is a lot of work and a lot of time, and pressure.  The biggest problem probably is the internet though, anyone can pay someone to create a fabulous website and have all the right things written and have great pictures (whether they are theirs or not) and an uneducated bride falls for the music and feelings, but doesn’t understand that the substance may not be there.  I think I will go into this a bit more, so keep reading.

I booked a bride two weeks ago, getting married in February, who came to me with vendors chosen and a lot of questions, and I could tell by what I was being told she had done a lot of work to get to the stage she was at.  However in meeting and chatting with her and then being booked to help her for the rest of the planning time, I found out that I was the third co-ordinator she had hired.  Now I know what you are probably thinking, had to be the bride, well I disagree, unfortunately she made choices for whatever her reasons may have been at the time, but as time went on she realised they weren’t doing anything for her and she was doing all the work.  It also came out, that a good friend of hers whose wedding I had done 5 years ago had told her to call/book me 6 months ago, well she did call and chat with me, but decided to go with someone else who didn’t have anywhere near the experience.  Now I don’t know what the other two charged and if it was relative or not, but  the frustrating part of her experience from my viewpoint is that she had to go through what she has to finally get back to me after spending probably way too much money, and only now has confidence that someone is going to do what they say and give her the comfort that all will be as she expects on her day.  In chatting with her I could tell the other two people may have said they had experience, and maybe they did, but not it seems the experience to understand what they were being paid to do.  One had small children and was never available to meet or chat, and one would take days to get back to her on her questions or calls.  I’m not sure what these ladies thought they were getting paid to do.  When I heard this bride had told her groom that I even had books of thank you letters in my office from past happy couples and neither of the other two had anything, I was shocked.

This season I heard from a lot of the banquet captains at the hotels I am at frequently, that there was a lot of new faces that were working the weddings,  a couple were good, but with most of them, they shook their heads saying ‘we ended up doing most of their work for them, they were either sitting in other rooms or no-where to be found, or left before the event ended’.  Again, I wonder what some of these ladies or gentlemen think they are being paid to do.

Questions must be asked by you of the person you are considering, but maybe until now you didn’t know what the right questions were:

If you have someone in mind, ask the property you are having your event at, if this is someone they know, and if so, would this person match your style/vision etc.  Just as I have vendors that I match to bride’s for style/vision/budget, the hotel people can do the same thing for you regarding a consultant.

If you are starting from scratch and need someone to even help you find the location and then go from there, normal questions should be asked, especially if paying this person thoughsands of dollars –

How long have you been doing this?

Where do you do a lot of your weddings?

How many do you do a year (if the answer is under 10 a year, I don’t know what that tells you, either they don’t get booked by many, or they are doing huge weddings where their fees for those 10 cover their bills/expenses for the year)?

Is this your full time job/career? Or is it a second job/hobby?

How available are you going to be to me, for meetings, phone calls and emails?

Do you have letters from past brides I can see, and if so, how many? (if the answer to this is low or no, yet they make it seem like they do a lot of weddings, wouldn’t that be telling?)

Do you have an office?  Where will our meetings be?  (Now this is a tricky one, I know some of my friends in this industry don’t have outside offices but have a dedicated area in their house where they meet with you, and that works too, but I really feel that someone with a real office gives a sense of ‘this is my job’ and should also be a place where distractions should be few if not none.  It should be all about you when you are meeting).

People come and go in this industry as they do in all, the core group here in Orange County have been doing this for 9 years and longer, and that should  give you confidence that they are in it for the long haul, and not only will they be responsible in their role to you, but also that they have experience and knowledge which should be a huge part of what you are paying for.   We all have different styles and appreciate each other for that, and realise that we all have different brides because of that.

Now I am not saying that there are not some great new ladies out there, there are and each year a few pop up and prove their worth to the industry locally and we are pleased they are here, but unfortunately there are more not so great ones out there that don’t have any kind of tangible backup to their claims and bride’s are hiring them.  You always get what you pay for, and this can really run true here, but I have also been shocked at some of the high fees I have heard brides are paying for people that just don’t have the experience or knowledge to justify their fees, but the bride’s are still booking them.  Hopefully those bride’s really do feel good afterwards, and those ladies are not the ones giving the industry as a whole a bad name, for taking money and not really seeming to do much to assist the bride.  Unfortunately when you only get married once you don’t have the comparisons to know if you did pick a good one or not, so hopefully some of my thoughts above will help you make the right decision to have the best experience.

So how does this relate to my subject title, What I can do for you, let me give you three words – Peace of mind!!

and that should be what you have with whoever you choose to work with from the minute you hire them all the way through until the event has ended.

From the first time we chat by phone or meet, or even by our emails you will feel the strength/ or confidence I have in what I do, that comes from many years of experience and knowledge.  I have 13 years of  hotel background together with nearly 10 years of independently planning weddings with/for couples at many different locations.

I would say that in 50% of my weddings, my couple’s live out of town, state or country, and they have complete comfort in knowing everything has been thought of, taken care of, and will be fine, due to that confidence and experience they found in me.  Some have made trips in and some never see me until their day, yet they are feeling great about their celebration, that is telling.

I offer a variety of service options.  Unlike some co-ordinators that only want to be involved from the beginning, I do those weddings also, but I also have no problem starting with you closer to the date after you have chosen the vendors and have the vision in mind, if that is what you need.  By having this variety I am always on the go and excited about each wedding, as they are always so different, and yes sometimes the smaller services present their challenges that I have to work out/with, but that is what you are paying me to do and if you don’t need to you will never know what those were.  I never lose sight that it is your wedding, so if you want the control it is yours but I am there to guide you as needed, or you can pick a service that still has you in control but not controlling everything.

I have an office that really gets you in the zone, very wedding feeling, and tons of pictures and albums to look at.  A designated spot where there is no computer and I don’t have a phone there that keeps ringing.  This is where all the lovely Thank You letters are kept from past weddings, and they remind me why I love my job.

Obviously the length of time/experience gives me the op to steer you towards the right vendors for you, I know the ones to steer away from that will not work for you, and I have the contacts/knowledge at the hotels that can make a huge difference, an advantage a lot of people miss.

I am not weak, so if looking for someone to yell at or treat badly, I’m not your girl.  I like working WITH my couples, however in saying that I am fully aware that you are paying me and when it comes to vendors I will hold them accountable and will be the leader of the team.

You will have comfort in knowing you have support and knowledge through your planning months, you will see a detailed timeline/order of events that will give you the comfort level you deserve, to know that every moment/detail was thought of and you had options, choosing what was important to you/your event.  It’s your wedding, I do not steer your towards vendors or moments that are not right for you.  I will take as much pressure off you as you want or are willing to pay for.  On your day, you will be a guest at your wedding, getting to eat, and enjoy the whole experience and your guests.  When you leave it will be with your shoes in one hand and your new husbands or wifes hand in the other, no work/ nothing to do.  You will have gone into and through your day knowing I had it under control and you had nothing to worry about, so just enjoyed.

We all attract the right couples and the couples for us/our style.  I am lucky to be known for having nice/lovely couples (meaning not problematic for the location or vendors), so if that sounds like you, then come on in, let’s get this party started.

Until next time, which will be on vendors!


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