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Awwwwww!!!! Thank YOU

As this season ends, next year is gearing up already.  Busy with finding locations for couples and getting other couples started with their vendor options/selections, and for others securing our services for smaller services.  Such lovely couples/families already for 2013, I just noticed that 10 of the weddings booked are referrals from past brides, or siblings of past couples, love it.  And I just got this lovely email from the mother of a bride for 2013 –

‘My second payment to you is in the mail.   Best money I’ve ever spent!!!  Thanks!! Judi’

Makes my day when I get notes like that.   I am very much appreciative of the cards and emails I have received from 29 couples/parents from 2012 weddings all saying wonderful things and offering to be references, you lovely folks are the reason I smile and can’t wait to get to a wedding celebration and see it all unfold. Speaking of which, a great celebration for an out of state couple at Club 19/St Regis  last night, lovely lovely friends & family (we had a great planning experience so I knew the day would be smooth and based on my couple and her parents, they had to have nice family/friends), I was thanked by the guests and complimented on the job I was doing by the guests so many times, too funny.  It is I who owes the Thanks, I get to do what I love by people who appreciate and want my guidance and advise, sure beats the opposite. 

Blogs coming with lots more pics of 2012 weddings in the next few weeks.

Till next time


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So nice!

This has been a busy few months with couples coming in for 2-3 day trips to select venues, interview vendors, do tastings etc.  Some are coming back for another trip between now and the wedding, some a couple of trips, and for some this is the trip to select everything as they will not be back.  So quality time together is what we have been doing/having for sure, a lot of fun.

I had a lovely couple in from Nebraska last week and I got this email from my groom, which made me smile, here is what he said …………

‘We’re glad we found you to work with.  You made the experience this week both successful and enjoyable.  Everyone we’ve talked to has spoken very highly of you and we couldn’t agree more  Thanks for your help and passion for our special day.  Talk to you soon.  Kristian and Lisa’

Well as I responded to you kristian, it was my pleasure and honor to be able to go through the process with you, and it only helps me ensure you have the best team and end result for your celebration.  Looking forward to the big day.

Lisa (it’s funny, I have quite a few Lisa brides this year!!)

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We are referred by ….

I am honored and understand the responsibility we accept when a location has us on their PREFERRED VENDOR lists.  You can be taken off as quickly as you may have been put on (and over the years I have seen that happen).  Nothing about being placed on the lists below was quick for us, we paid our dues by being seen at the properties working hard and as a team and having happy couples/families after and being in the industry for a long time.  As a bride told me, she asked how vendors got on the list of that property and was told ‘they can’t pay their way on, they must earn it’. 

Here are some of the hotels in the OC that cover a range of bride’s style and budget whose preferred vendor lists we are on:

Ritz-Carlton Dana Point (Laguna Niguel)  – 11 years on the preferred list

St Regis Monarch Beach – since the day the hotel opened

Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach – since the day the hotel opened

Hyatt Regency Newport Beach – around 5 years

As a note, I am the only co-ordinator on all five lists, others are on 1 or 2, maybe 3 of the lists, but I am on all 5.

I am always pleasantly suprised to find out I am on other hotel/wedding location lists, and I know there is a variety of properties out there whose lists I am on, or  a location/hotel has suggested to the bride/mom/groom to call me, especially when with most of these properties you are not required to have a co-ordinator.

If we can assist you with your planning/celebration, don’t hesitate to call or email.  It would be our pleasure


Check my blog out thru my website, you will see a variety of entries on the locations above and the various ceremony locations/reception areas they offer, some of 2011s are the most recent, but check the past blogs for your hotel or banquet space also and you can see some weddings from years past.

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TYs from 2011 couples

I just got back from an interview meeting with a great bride from NY, she booked, and as if that wasn’t making it a great day already, in the mail at the office was a card from one of my brides from this year that gave me a big smile, thank you Gigi.  So it got me thinking that I should share some notes/cards/emails that  I have been sent from B&Gs from this year (this isn’t all of them, but gives a good feel for how my couples feel after the celebration and what they felt/thought about me), which for those of you who can’t come to meet me personally/read them in my office,  may find helpful.  The first one is the one I just got in the mail today:

‘ My dear Lisa, a’ Thank You’ can not express our gratitude! and this card is not big enough! (the card has Love & thanks written on the front of it)  OMG, I have nothing but good memories and things to say about YOU and our wedding! I will never forget you and if there is anything I can do for you you know where to find us. we LOVE YOU!!! Gigi and Terrence’

‘Hi Lisa, We just wanted to wish you a  very Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2012. Thanks again for everything! You did a great job and helped keep our day special!! Jessica, Leo and Sophia’

‘Lisa, Thank You so much for everything!! It was a memorable day that We will Cherish forever. Everyone enjoyed themselves.  You were a great help and because of you I was able to enjoy one of the most important days of my life! Thanks again,Alicia’

‘Hi Lisa, I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know just how much I appreciated you and your services that you provided.  Everything went flawlessly (just as you said it would) for all.  So a BIG, FAT THANKS! I would recommend you to anyone who is looking for a wedding planner. Thanks again! Audrey’

‘Dear Lisa, I’m so happy that we made the decision to have you with us full time instead of a month prior to the wedding.  Thank you for answering all my questions so quickly and making me feel as if I were your only bride.  Thanks for doing such a great job for us! All the best, Amanda & Patrick’

‘Hi Lisa, I can’t thank you enough for all you did to make our wedding day so perfect. It was beautiful and just the way I had always envisioned it to be.  I could never have done it without you.  Every detail was just perfect.  Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!! Anita’

‘Hi Lisa, Can’t thank you enough for all of your help.  We would have made a real mess of it and spent a lot more $ without your help. Thank you again, Fiona & Rick’

‘Lisa, we wanted to thank you for everything re our wedding.  Everything went so perfectly and a large part of that was you. Regards Denny & Jung Soo’

Hi Lisa, I wanted to write to say how very appreciative I am for all your help and guidance.  You were a wonderful resource and friend throughout the planning process.  You went above and beyond our expectations and I wanted to express my sincerest thanks for everything.  We will always think of you warmly! Warm regards, Amita

Dear Lisa,   I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how much I appreciate everything you have done helping us with the wedding.  I know you do this all the time but from my perspective you are pretty spectacular.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Karen (Mother of bride)

Lisa, Thank you so much for your assistance with our wedding day! To plan this big event for a year and see it all come together so beautifully is the most incredible feeling!  We couldn’t have done it without your help. Thanks again. Colleen and Todd

Hi Lisa, thank you so much for everything you did for my wedding.   Everything turned out wonderfully.  All your vendors did an amazsing job and were very professional.  Couldn’t have asked for a better day thanks to you.  Miss you already.  Trust me, the only thing I think of when I think weddings is ‘Lisa Simpson’ and will always pass your name along to anyone that is getting married. Thank you again. Kim

Hi Lisa, It’s Kim’s mom (from note  above). I just wanted to send you a quick note and thank you for all your help and support for Kim and Michael’s wedding day.  When I saw the reception room for the first time it brought tears to my eyes. The tables were set to perfection.  It was so beautiful.  Thank you so much we couldn’t have had such a perfect day without your help and support. Take care,  Mary 

Lisa, Thank you so much for everything. You were wonderful. Everything went better than expected, the reception room looked awesome.  I will definately recommend you to everyone. Hassan

Thank you Lisa, it was perfect, magical and super fun, we loved it. We’ll remember this day forever. Tina

Dear Lisa,We would like to extend our deepest and most sincere appreciation to you for being such a talented and fabulous wedding co-ordinator at our wedding.  We are sooo happy we had the great opportunity to work with you and we are so glad we did. You did such an awesome job with keeping our wedding day so stress-free and flawless. You were so great at handling all the stressful, last minute, and even emergency situations that came up at our wedding. My family, bridal party, and guests kept saying how great you were at our wedding and that you were so passionate about your work. Thank you SO much for everything, especially for looking after our geusts, and Matthew and I. It was a real pleasure working with you and we hope to see you again at another wedding. Yours Truly, Michelle and Matthew

Lisa, Thank you so much for all your hard work & dedication towards our wedding.  The day of our wedding you were SO on top of things, we REALLY appreciated it. Plus all your great vendor ideas on a dj and florist. Thank you again, Katie & Peter

Hi Lisa, thank you so much for your work today. You did such a great job, I will definately recommend you to all my friends getting married here in the future. I just wanted y to know I really appreciated your effors and flexibility today! it was great. Thanks again Lisa. Cheers, Eric (this was the groom, and he sent me this email about 3 hours after the end of their celebration)

Thanks for all the planning Lisa, You are the best after all.  I will recommend you to friends of mine getting married. I wish you the best. Cheers, Euna

Lisa, there are not enough words to express our gratitude to you. Our wedding was the most wonderful moment of our lives and we owe it all to you. We appreciate your knowledge, expertise, but most of all the immense care you took with us each time we met. We can go on forever, so we’ll just say you are THE BEST and we are the luckiest to have had you as our wedding planner. Thank you again. Warmly, Alexandra & Alexander

Hi Lisa, I was really really really happy! It was absolutely beautiful. The reception room was UNBELIEVABLE … so so beautiful, more than I even imagined. I got many many compliments. You did a great job! Thank you. Thanks again … you are FABULOUS. Ramona

Lisa, Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did as our wedding planner! WE really appreciate the gorgeous ceremony you pulled together and how smoothly everything ran.  It was fantastic how little stress we had leading up to the weekend because we knew you were on top of things. Many thanks, Lorraine & David

Dear Lisa, You made our wedding day truly amazing.  Everything was on schedule and ran smoothly. Thank you for everything from the bottom of my heart. My entire family fell in love with you.  You are a life saver. Thank you for taking such good care of Oren and I. Lisa, what can I say, you are truly the best! Just ask my father! He’s a huge fan. All our love, Oren and Nora

Hi Lisa, Thank you so much for EVERYTHING!  You are an amazing wedding co-ordinator. I can not say enough about you. Page and I had a wonderful time last night and thank our lucky stars that you were able to work with us. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  You made our special day flawless in our eyes. We had such a wonderful time because you handled everything for us. We are so grateful. XOXO Lisa

Hi Lisa, Thank you so much for all your hard work and making our dream wedding come true. Cat and Matt

This TY came in this morning (after I had posted this) from my last wedding of the year Dec 17, so nice to end the year with a note like this:

Hi Lisa, I loved everything that night, I think everything was just gorgeous, all of my friends told me that everything was perfect and everybody had a great time. Lisa, thank you so much for everything, weare so happy that we had a chance to work with you. I think you aremore like a friend for us than a wedding planner. Good Luck. Sara

And now I open the emails 24 hours after I first posted this blog, and here is another email I must share from a couple whose wedding I did in April.  I really am so lucky, I get to work with such lovely couples ………

Hi Lisa, This is Page. Lisa and I just wanted to drop you a line and wish you a very Merrys Christmas and a Happy New Year.  We miss you and hope you’re doing well.  Thanks again so so much for all your help with our weddin. WE still think about it quite frequently and just wanted to extend our gratitude. All the best, Page

The notes below came from a mother of a bride as we were going thru the process this year, ending with her Thank You:

Hi Lisa, thank you so much for meeting with us last night.  We all agree that we have made a good decision in hiring you.  We were all amazed at the information and expertise you were able to give us and really appreciate the time you spent with us.  Lisa and Scott are so happy that you have the ability to see their vision and help them fine tune the celebration.  Doug and I are happily relieved that someone else actually knows what needs to be done and how to do it. We look forward to working with you! Gratefully Rhonda & Doug

Dear Lisa, WE are so lucky to have found you. Thank you so much for putting in your heart and soul, your effort and funny personality made this process a lot less stressful,  With gratitude, Rhonda and Doug

Hi Lisa. Just want to thank you for working so hard to provide the most wonderful wedding for Lisa and Scott. It was so beautiful and you guided us to making all the right decisions with so little effort on our part.  We really were able to enjoy the celebration and be present knowing we were in your capable hands.  We can’t thank you enough for making our evening such a lovely memory.  Please reference me if anyone would like to know about your work, I would be more than happy to tell how amazing you area. Until next time. Regards Rhonda.

What is really nice is how many of my notes/cards said they would be happy to ‘vouch’ for me.  Touches my heart, thank you. 

I already have notes from next years brides, but wanted to share the ‘after thoughts’ from the 2011 brides that put words to paper (some called and chatted afterwards, but that is very hard to quote/write about).  All these written ones are available to be read/seen in my office, as well as last years and the years before, going all the way back to when I started doing weddings in the early 90s!

I hope you enjoyed reading these as much as I enjoyed the reminising I was doing as I was re-reading and then typing them out.  I am sooo lucky.

Till next time


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Timelines/how I work and Thank Yous

Well, I just got off the phone from a 3 1/2 hour long detail/timeline meeting with a bride in Boston (50% of my brides/couples, and some to all the guests, are coming from other states/countries, such is the call of the great weather and scenery of S.CA).  I mention this due to the length of time our call took.  I am very detailed and am known for that not only with all the hotels, but also some of the djs who consider my timelines overkill.  But in the 20 years I have been doing this, and as I was mentored in the hotel industry by a Japanese man and a  German man, their mantras to me were, it’s all in the details.  So when I tell a couple who are doing an in person detail/timeline meeting we may be 4 hours (shortest was 2 1/2 hours and that was when the B&G gave yes or no answers only, they had a restaurant reservation to make, so no time for digressing/chatting, longest was 8 hours and that was when I didn’t hone the groom in early enough,) or by phone 2 hours (most of the time we are doing these late at night after you are home  from work, so some have gone as late as 1am, if that is what it takes, that is what I do), no-one ever believes me and they can’t for the life of them figure out what we are going to talk about.  Then once we get going they get it, and then totally know everything has been thought out.  This year I had a few moms sit in on the details and this was their 2nd or 3rd child, and each time, the mother would leave saying, none of the other weddings whether there was a planner or not involved, had ever gone over so much of the details pre wedding, and they felt good knowing that some of the suprises or things that could have happened would not be happening at this wedding.

No matter how big or small a service you book for me, the meeting above happens, as I will never take on a wedding where I have not had contact with vendors prior for confirmation of services/timing/details, and I have not been able to create my timeline/script (normally 4-6 pages long).  All hotel staff know/see me carrying each page of my script on the day as to where we are at and that I am going by it, unless of course there are things happening that are needing us to divert a bit, and if needed, of course we do so.

Our detail meeting whether by phone, small (meaning the week of the wedding for a day of service) or large service, comprises of, the first hour or so is spend on vendors/who you have hired, confirming you know what you have hired them to do/finessing timing-your needs of them (then I contact each vendor involved to be sure they are in agreement-no misunderstandings), then we create the timeline/order of events, first the basic order of the important things from ceremony on (takes sometimes 2 hours), then I back everything  back and start with the hair/makeup beginning times-where groom will be etc, who/where for photos, all leading to the cere time, then it gets really detailed as to who walking with who, to what, etc.  At the rehearsal I verbalise the key times for everyone involved, if no rehearsal (which happens a lot now) I send a copy to you day prior with the key times/people indicated so you can pass that info onto them so hopefully they won’t be bugging you on the day) I give you options, you make the final decision (obviously the flow I suggest if you are amicable  is what I see as being the most successful, you can’t do weddings as often as I do and not get a feel for what the reality will be).  There is no right or wrong way, it really is what you want/are happy with, and I do guide you but what you say is how it will be is what we all orchestrate.  Normally what we put down during the meeting is how it stays, sometimes couples change it after they have thought on it, and this year I had two different grooms that re-worked it several times right up until a few days before the event,  and kept asking me what I thought of their tweaks, in both cases I did not feel there was a flow, it was a lot of start/stop, and I would give my thoughts back, but ultimately with both these grooms we used their order of events during the dinner/dancing portion (I think with some of these the brides have no idea how often the groom and I are corresponding/going back and forth), with one of the weddings, the groom was actually having an issue with the band they had booked (don’t think the bride even knew), he did not feel they were responsive to him at all, I chatted with the band rep about the timeline etc , he then became much more responsive to the groom (who thanked me for that) and in the grooms words the band rep ‘was very complimentary about the conversation with you and it really sounded like you had it all under control. To which I told him you absolutely do.’  In the end. this band rep was not a fan of the grooms order of events but went along with it also, and to this point due to the flow not being the best (again grooms end decision no other way he was going to have/want it) the groom became  quite panicky each time the band was not in the room playing when there would be a bit of a lull.  So do listen to the suggestions of your planner who is suggesting things from an overall perspective, to an individual vendor who is of course doing it to make themselves look fab and forget that they aren’t the stars, or that may not be the type of event you want.

But my point is, even with a  service that starts the week of the wedding, I go through this same process with you.  It means you have thought about everything, all the important moments have been incorporated, the people involved/doing anything have been told/know, and on the day there are no suprises from an orchestration point of view. and you can relax on the day knowing I know what is supposed to happen/when and will make it happen.  I am also known for keeping meal times within 5 mins of the time on the hotel paperwork.  Ceremony may start late, cocktails may go over, but I have buffer time in my timelines that covers all these things, but as the meal is what you have spent the most of your budget on, I don’t want that food compromised.

So anyway, as I started off, I just finished a 3 1/2 hour phone detail with a bride, now her event is 1 1/2 days so a bit more to go thru, thus the longer time.  All open items  are then emailed to you to check on/answer/tweak/change etc.  I do everything by email so you can always refer back when you have time and update me or change things, and from my perspective I have what you told me written down/know that I have covered everything with you/heard back on open items/decisions,  and can always refer back.  No stone is left unturned with me, believe me, ask your hotel person.  So feel safe and confident knowing you can enjoy your day, I am doing what I was hired to do ultimately, run your day with you not having to worry about anything.

I have been doing weddings for over 20 years now, first in my hotel life, and now 11 years independently.  I am referred by the best hotels in the OC,  since the day they opened (St Regis & Hyatt HB) or as with the Ritz-Carlton for 11 years, others have come and gone off the lists (as with my list you can be pulled off at any time) so that tells you a lot I believe, and that my formula/way I work suits the hotels and has meant many happy couples/families. 


I was in the office sorting some filing out on Friday, and counted up thank you notes and emails from 26 weddings this year/2011, thank you to you all for taking the time to think of me after, always touches my heart (I have books of thank you notes from all the years I have been doing this, I have kept every one, one day I will count how many are there, with email now it is really easy so they come nice and quick after the day-instand gratification for me!! LOL).  Some even sent me wee items from their honeymoon or make sure I see pics from the wedding.  I also got xmas cards from a few couples already this year,  some it’s their first year married, for others I am getting cards 3-4 years into their marriage, brings back memories.  I also came across an email that touched my heart, it  came in Oct, it was from a groom saying they had been in S CA during the summer with their 2 young kids, and it reminded them of me, and he wanted to check in and say hi (internet is a great thing for finding people that you would not have found otherwise) and let me know they still thought about me and had great memories from their wedding, which was …. back in 1994!!!! Wow. 

I have had couples call me from their 1 year anniversary dinner, and this year even had three couples call me when I was driving home from their weddings (so around 1am), I see their number and have a panic as to what the heck can be wrong I knew they left the wedding and all was well, and it is one or both of them on the line thanking me for such a great day/celebration.  Of course, I say thanks, but please, get back to what you should be doing right now, which is not thinking about me!!!! Oh dear.  So thanks right back to all of you, it really touches me that I have a special place in your memory/heart, just as you have mine.  I was shredding files from 2005/06 about a month ago, and when I saw the couples names was able to recall  things about their weddings, always seems like yesterday.

So lucky lucky, can’t imagine doing anything else and don’t want to.   And if you are reading this, then it means you have checked out weddings on my blog, maybe pics on my website, so you can see how varied my brides and their visions are, and that I have the experience to help you too, you are not  trusting all the money and most important hours of your life so far, with a novice or someone who doesn’t really care if they do this for a short or long while. This is my life and career.

That’s definately enough words for today.  But if you are looking around/considering a co-ordinator, the above info is the reality/truth of how I work, check with your hotel person if you need extra confidence, they are not going to steer you wrong, it only comes back on them.  Anyway, email or me call, let me know your date/time, how many guests, and how much or little help you are looking for from a co-ordinator, and I will email over a detailed service option for you to look at, they are in full and have pricing showing.  Then we can phone chat or in person meet/chat, and see if you would like to move forward.  I have a lovely office where you can  see tons of albums/photos of past weddings, and get inspired if needed, or at least see your room/site and get a feel or what you may want to do/not do, based on what others before you have done.

Looking very forward to hearing from you

Here’s to your wedding


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Thank yous

Sometimes things happen when you least expect it and you realise that something you love doing makes a difference to all those involved and when you think they have moved on and forgotton all about you you are proved wrong ………

I am very lucky that during events there are normally guests/bridal party members/family thanking me for my hard work or what they are experiencing, and of course always a hug and thanks from the couple before they leave, and I have been fortunate over the years to have ended up with books of Thank You notes/emails/cards from parents and couples.   But a couple of weeks ago I had some moments all in a run that blew me away.

I was heading home after a Friday night wedding and my car phone rang at 1;11am, I picked it up, and there was the couple I had sent off to their room about an hour earlier, calling me to tell me how happy they were and what a great celebration they had.  I couldn’t believe it, firstly I told them at that particular time I should be the furthest thing from their minds, and secondly of course, thanks and it was my pleasure and honor to be a part of it all.

Then the next night I was leaving at 1:18am and the exact same call came in from the couple from that night.  Wow.

I went into the office on the Monday and a box was waiting for me, and inside my favorite champagne, chocolates and some other fun items and a special card another couple had made for me. 

The next day I turned my computer  on to a nice long email from a couple who got married a month earlier and had just arrived back from a nice long Italian honeymoon, wanting to have dinner and continue our friendship we had begun, and then in the mail a very heartfelt  Thank You card from a couple that I had loved working with also.  Later,  a bride I had spent a lot of time with during her planning had called prior to going on honeymoon and said such lovely things to me on how happy she was not only with the event but the process and planning months leading up to it, and wanting to dinner also.

Then the icing on the cake, that night my phone rang around 8pm, I looked at the number not knowing who it was, and it was  a bride and groom from three years ago at their 3 year anniversary dinner calling me to say they were reminising about our journey together and what a fabulous celebration they had, and they wanted to say hi.

This is all so humbling, and it seems so backwards.  The thanks should come from me, I am allowed to do what I love for lovely people, it is all good.  Not being in the corporate environment where your boss lets you know how you are doing, your thanks and appreciation is my fuel and lets me know I am doing it right!!  It also takes a team, so the kudos I receive are even more special when you have trusted me to direct you to the ultimate team that matches your budget and style and I know going in the experience and professionalism they bring means there will be nothing to worry about on the day and result in  good memories for you to have.  So thanks to the great vendors I have known for years, and the new ones who I am meeting and enjoying working with and getting to know.

I have said this before, it is my pleasure, and whether my journey with the couple is from  beginning to end, or somewhere in between.  seeing people so happy for those hours  celebrating and being together whether the group is large or small is an absolute honor.

Life is a journey and if we allow it, it takes us where we are supposed to be. 

Till next time


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