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As planners we all know the difference we make in an event (ie the little things we do that you don’t notice we do, but if they weren’t done your guests or you would notice), but as much as bride and grooms can be memorable to us for a variety of reasons, I don’t know if we realize the impact we can make on our couples.  In the past few months I got two emails from two brides, one I did their wedding 20 years ago, the other 11 years ago.

From Jina:

On a whim I googled your name this morning and found you! For some reason when you left Disney I thought you had gone back to New Zealand, but here you are.

Twenty years ago yesterday, George and I were married.  We were naturally reminiscing about the day and of course we remembered ALL you had done for us.  I specifically remembered you repeatedly telling me to slow down during my walk down the aisle .. I raced anyway!  Anyway you may not remember us – after all it has been 20 years, but we remember you!  I hope you are doing well, your website looks great and I bet you are making a lot of wedding dreams come true.  You were an important part of our day 20 years ago and we’ve never forgotton.  Best regards Jina and George

Note from Lisa – I always think of George and Jina, they were one of my first couples I really really enjoyed.

From Melinda:

Hi Lisa

This is Melinda Tunnelle!!  You planned my wedding Dec 2003.

Note from Lisa: Melinda was looking for help with vendors for a party she was planning.  Even with the days of the internet, it was neat to see 11 years later she still trusted my referrals.

And we don’t so often get kudos from our peers/vendors we refer, but I got this lovely handwritten note from Larry Crandall/photographer:

Lisa, Such a beautiful wedding and great couple!  Your attention to detail was evident everywhere as always! I look forward to our next event. Larry

Till next time
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Another Thank you note, yay

Just emptied the PO Box and got a lovely card, which has a photo of my lovely couple on the front, that says, Thank you with love and thanks, and on the back in her handwriting ……….

Lisa, Thank you so much for helping us plan our wedding. We were so pleasantly suprised at how amazing the day was and how smooth and stress-free it was for us. Thanks so much! Regards, Noelle & Jeff

Till next time
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November Thank Yous

Thank you so much!! Everything was perfect.
Thank you

I am in the Hong Kong airport. Everything was amazing thanks to you. Thank you so much for sheltering us from the placecard/seating chart chaos, we wouldn’t have known there was a problem. In fact my groom still doesn’t know. I jsut know you worked some magic and I am so glad we had you there to pull it off. I am still reeling over how beautiful everything was.
Everyone has said it was the best wedding they have ever been to and we have been singing your praises since. My Maid of honor is definately using you as her planner as soon as she finds a man. She wants to know if you also match make.
It was so fabulous. Thank you so much, I have an event mid-March I want your help on. Thanks again. Kendi

Till next time
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Special thank you from a 2013 B&G

I got emails from the Bride & Groom on the same day, different times, and I don’t think they even realised the other one was meaning to email me. A very special wedding celebration with two events involved.

From the bride:
Dear Lisa. I just wanted to drop a note – somewhat belatedly to say hello and thank you for everything. Marc and I had a beautiful wedding weekend almost entirely due to your professionalism, skill and contacts. Everything was just as we hoped it would be and even now it seems like a dream. Warm regards, Marc and Ashley

From the groom:
Hi Lisa. I just wanted to express my gratitude for all you did to make our wedding so memorable. We had so much fun working with you and appreciate all of the “above and beyond the call of duty” determination to produce a stunning weekend of events for us.
We were blessed by a superlative team and are so grateful for your recommendations and introductions. We appreciate that you are involved with so many couples, creating these wonderful events, week in, weeek out, however we do hope that we provided some fun and entertainment for you also. We would love to catch up with you when we next visit the West coast and hope we can entice you to enjoy another fun filled “tasting menu” of our own. Hope you will stay in touch, and once again “thank you” for exceeding all our hopes and expectations. We miss you! Marc and Ashley

Till next time
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Last nights couple

Awww, just opened up the envelope my bride gave me as we were saying goodbye last night …………

Lisa, Thanks for all your help! You are the best and made my day effortless! Love Joanna and Alan

Well Joanna and Alan, it was my pleasure. You booked me for Month of service, but utilised my vendor list and thus a great team was there to work for you and ensure all was fab, so thank you for making my day effortless also. Beautiful ocean backdrop for the guests to see while you got married, they came from all around the world, Scotland (our groom’s family and friends), Belgium, Dubai, Norway, Iowa (bride’s family and friends) and many other places that really showed how much they loved and wanted to be there to share with you. Gorgeous sunset, the color of the flowers in your bouquets and centerpieces were just lovely, and thanks for taking my advise and getting the chivaris over using the hotel’s chairs, looked sooooo much more elegant. Your family and friends were such nice people/guests, your vendor team and hotel staff all appreciated how lovely they and you both were. My thanks right back at you!!!!

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More 2013 Thank you notes

Dear Lisa, You have been so helpful and wonderful. I love your energy and your attention to detail. Thank you so much for making everything go smoothly. It’s quite a blessing to have gotten to know you. Please keep in touch! Sincerely, Sophia for Sylvia & Jared

Lisa, Job well done and greatly appreciated! Sincerely Mark and Traci, Steven and Ashliann

I got this postcard from my couple while they were honeymooning in Fiji:
Dear Lisa, Bula! Bula! Thank you for planning our dream wedding at Ritz back inMay. It was flawless and we enjoyed every second of it. Thank you for everything! We miss you! Patty & Edward

Hello, hello! Yes, we are back from Bali. Oh my gosh, the wedding was absolutely perfect. We got such positive feedbackfromall of our guests – somany people said it was by far the best wedding they have ever been to. So thank you for helping us create such an amazing experience for our family and friends! It was by far the most emotional (in a good way) and absolute best day of our entire lives. You were amazing! So thank you, thank you, thank you, for all that you’ve done to make our day as spectacular as it was. Cheryl

I got this note from the Associate Director of catering at a hotel after a wedding I did there with an unplanned lack of setup time due to a previous wedding going longer than it should have:
Our whole team loves working with you -‘Lisa Simpson is the co-ordinator on this one” has become a synonym for “as easy and pleasant as possible a planning process” and we can’t thank you enough for your partnership with us. In fact two of my team remarked what a contrast you and your attitude are to those of some of the vendors we sometimes work with. Thank you Lisa!

Till next time
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More thank yous from 2013

Thank you, thank you, thank you, can’t thank you enough. Many thanks for a wonderful wedding celebration! The Gernhardt family

Hi Lisa. Thank you so much for all your support and guidance with our wedding! Jeff and I had an absolutely fabulous time – everything went perfectly, we were both a little suprised that something didn’t go awry. We really appreciate all your help and hard work – we couldn’t have asked for a better celebration. We had so much fun that I keep telling Jeff that we need to renew our vows every year in the same fashion. Thanks again! Noelle

This note came with a payment:
Lisa, I can’t wait for our upcoming wedding in October and am so happy you are helping us out with everything. Thank you so much. Yvette

Hi Lisa
Thank you for all that you did in making our wedding a huge success. All of your attention to detail was fantastically helpful. I thought you were very dynamic to work with. Cherille

Hi Lisa
I have been meaning to write you ALL week!! I can’t thank you enough for everything. The wedding was a dream. Truly amazing. Thank you so much for your hard work. I will definately refer my OC friends to you as engagements spring up! Alexis

This email went to myself, the florist & hotel service manager:
Thank you all for making our event so successful and memorable in all aspects. I truly appreciate all the hard work that was put into it. You allcreated a magical experience that my family, friedns and I will never forget. Thank you for making a dream come alive. Best Regards,Azar

I came across this email from a 2010 wedding I did, and wanted to share:
Lisa, the four of us worked very hard to take care of all the details of our Daughter’s wedding, but we could not of gotten through the wedding day without your help, advice, expertise and experience on our big day. Your nature is to pull everything together, “watch our backs”, lead the way and orchestrate everything as only someone can who has tons of wedding planning experience. We could not of done it without you! Thanks, Michael & Debbie

Till next time
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What the heck??!!

I was doing so well, was getting the weddings blogged as the year/season started and then July hit and the weddings happening from then through October got me busy and my blogging stopped. I have so many great looking celebrations to share, so get ready, this has really been a year of lovely lovely couples with great friends and family, and visions that we started with that turned out so fabulous.

In the meantime, I am so fortunate, the thank you cards and emails have been coming in, so I am sharing some more with you below (all the originals are in my office), and I have gotton so many will have to share them over a few blog entries.

Dear Lisa
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! We seriously can’t thank you enough for all of your help getting this wedding done. You kept us calm, cool and confident these past 10 months and it made all the difference. Also, the big day was absolutely gorgeous! All of the vendors you referred were wonderful to work with as well, and did a beautiful job. I throw a lot of parties at my home and I want you to know that every time I saw you marching here and there across the venue I totally appreciated it and had visions of me doing that and it would not have been enjoyable being the MOB!! All in all we had an amazing day and have the best memories of our daughter marrying a wonderful man who could ask for more. We will miss you and will be referring you every chance we get. Take care. Love the Taylor family

We are alive Lisa!! It’s been two days we are still trying to recover. It was a beautiful day full of beautiful memories and I cannot thank you enough!! Definately our dream wedding and everything looked and worked out perfect! Thank you again for everything Lisa! Xoxo Fatama and Mehdi

This thank you was to both me and the hotel service manager:
Everything turned out great. We all had a great time. Flowers were beautiful, big thanks to both of you. The service was wonderful and all the staff have been very helpful. Thank you two. We are very satisfied. Thanks again. Michael

Lisa, I can’t believe I am just now getting around to this, but I wanted to thank you for everything. The day was perfect and all of your vendors were so professional and easy to work with. Thank you again for everything. Sandy.

Lisa – we had an amazing night last night!! Thank you for all your help and guidance. Jennifer

Then this came across email and made me smile:
Hi Lisa, I was looking through all of my wedding memories from two summers ago and it still thrills me to see the pictures. It was so beautiful and absolutely perfect for Rick and I and what we wanted our day to be like. Even though our wedding was a small gathering it was perfection. You cared about every detail just like I did. Thank you so much for making my memories of it so wonderful. Let me know how to follow you on Facebook and Instagram.

This thank you came by way of a text while I was working a wedding, and kept me laughing and further re-inforced why I love my job:
We are thinking about you Lisa! You are the best….. We will send you pics shortly. Big kiss, Martin and Maude xx I responded
They responded with:
We love you. We are so grateful of what you have done for us. Special lady, special memory of you darling.

I am just so so lucky. I spend time with these couples, some months, some weeks in the build up to the big day, I can see how it is all going to be in my head, and driving to the venue I am always so happy/excited to see it come together. It comes together perfectly and we have lots of hugs and high fives through the night, and then the icing on the cake is these words that come to me after, reaffirming my love for what I do makes a difference in the end result for these couples and their friends/family.

Till next time
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Till next time
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More 2013 thank yous

Well, the season hit hard and fast, I was doing so good with trying to do a post a week, it’s been a couple of months now since I did the last one, yikes. So many great wedding celebrations so far this year and still many to come. Doing a great one right now at Balboa Bay Club, everyone dancing and having a great time looking out to these mega yachts. I had the email below ready to post a while back and now have a ton more thank you notes, so posting this now and will get the next thank you blog started, but inbetween now and seeing that, will get back on track and get some celebration blogs out there so you can see what I have been up to and what a great wedding season 2013 has been.

Hi Lisa, We want to let you know how amazing of a job you did and how you miraculously held up all the pieces amidst much chaos and disorder. We are so grateful that you were a part of our special day. Big, big thank you to you!! Thank you for all you have done. Thank you. Hala

Good morning Lisa, We are still on cloud nine from Jessica and Cory’s wedding. You did a fabulous job in helping us out with all the preparations till D Day and throughout D Day process. Great attention to details and making sure everything got done the way it was supposed to. I hope today you are resting. You work so hard. Fondly, Estela.
Then they dropped a card off at my office which said: Dear Lisa, Thank you soooo much for all your help in putting Jessica and Cory’s wedding together. The wedding day was perfect from beginning to end. YOu worked very hard and put a lot of love and effort into it. Both Sam and I are very happy and impressed with your great expertise, professionalism and passion for your job. You helped us achieve the ‘dream wedding’ for our daughter Jessica. Estela and Sam

And the day after their wedding, I got this text:
Lisa, thanks for making happen a literally perfect wedding. I don’t know if you hid any problems that cropped up, but we didn’t notice anything at all. You’re the best!! Alyssa & Michael

And from this past weekend:
Hi Lisa, Tony and I are sitting in the airport waiting for our flight to Africa, so don’t have much time, but I wanted to be in touch before we left to tell you what an amazing time we had at our wedding! Eveyone has been telling us how much they enjoyed everything and that it was the best wedding they had ever been to. We will send more formal thank you’s when we return, but just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to you, Teri, and your team before we left. A million thanks. Jessica

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Lovely thank yous already in 2013

It’s always nice to have couples remember you for how instrumental you were in their celebration. Here’s some Thank you notes I have already received from this season:

Thank you again for a wonderful day. Rod & Tracey

Thank you for such an amazing day. Best day of my life. You are so awesome. Erin

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been a week since our beautiful wedding day. We want to thank you for helping our vision come true. Our wedding day was exactly what we envisioned and it was flawless thanks to your experience and awesome timeline! It felt like a fairytale wedding, I couldn’t have asked for a better day, it was perfect. Sincerely, James and Jennifer

Now that the wedding weekend is over and we’re back in New York City, I just wanted to thank you again for everything you did for us. I thought the whole weekend went flawlessly. We were all so pleased with every event, and with everyone we worked with. You truly work with the best people. Your attention to detail is amazing – just the way I like to do things! We even got a picture-perfect sunset. Thanks again and hope to talk to you soon. Malerie and Steven

We want to thank you so very much for making our wedding such a perfect and memorable event in our lives. You helped in every aspect of the planning, I trusted you and your opinions completely, and on the wedding day you made me relaxed and comfortable. Hiring you to help with our wedding was the best decision we could have made!!! Once again, thank you soooooooo much, and please don’t be a stranger! Sincerely Meredith

Then two notes from Helene, the 1st one while on her honeymoon, the 2nd one arrived this week in my mail:
The wedding went really well. The timeline that you drafted was perfect. I was able to enjoy the day to its fullest which I didn’t expect at all (almost no stress). Thank you so much Lisa for everything. Cheers Helene
Thank you so much for all the help you gave us for our wedding. All your advices were precious. Your timeline was just so perfect. It made our big day go by so smoothly. So thank you, thank you, thank you!! Love Helen and under her name the groom had written Thanks, Xavier

The wedding was absolutely beautiful. Glenda and I had such a wonderful time and other than having a universal time delay device that could have slowed time that evening, it could not have been better. Much of that is testament to you and all the planning that went into it. We would be happy to serve as a reference for you any time. Thanks so much for all your help. We look forwward to working with you again in the future. Ken
NOTE FROM LISA – I think he meant because they each have grown kids and they will be in touch when it’s time for their big days. Then I got a nice card from the bride:
Thank you so much for all that you have done for Ken and I and making our wedding planning process as stress free as possible and making the event such a huge success. You made the planning fun, your recommendations were amazing, your organization unbelieveable, and your humor – priceless!! We have so enjoyed working with you and would recommend you to anyone. Thank you for everything!! Glenda.

The wedding was more beautiful that I could ever have dreamed. You did a fantastic job from start to finish and I am so thankful you were my wedding coordinator! I do not know what I would have done without you. I knew NOONE in California! Every detail was perfect! I heard not one negative comment about anything. The band was incredible!! Everyone in attendance loved the band! Leading up to the wedding I was most concerned about the florals but they were exactly what I wanted and absolutely gorgeous.l can’t believe how much money you saved me on florals – not to mention entertainment of that caliber. Thank you so much!! Lisa, I really would love to write a glowing letter of recommendation about my experience with you that you could possibly use on your web site. Please let me know if that would be an acceptable thing to do. I will keep in touch! Thanks again!!! Judi
NOTE FROM LISA; Thanks Judi, looks like you just did. And as if this is not enough, she sent an email to the Director of weddings at the hotel and copied me:
We are from the New Orleans area and know no one in California. This fact made the task of planning a wedding so far away very scary and intimidating. From your vendor list I chose Lisa Simpson to coordinator my daughters wedding. I had to put total trust in her and I knew from our first conversation I had made the right choice. She put me at ease from our first contact and was incredible to work with! She not only anticipated my every need but connected me with the PERFECT vendors for both the wedding and reception. I can honestly say there is not one thing I would do differently or one vendor I would change if I had to plan the event again. I owe that to Lisa! Sincerely Judi

And from two weekends ago:
Jenn and I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful job you did. All of the vendors were top notch. Both families loved everything – and they are not easy to please! More importantly, Jenn and I loved everything, especially the PDR. Best Mr & Mrs ……………….. (aka – Ed & Jenn)

I am so fortunate to have such lovely appreciative couples who were a pleasure to work with and even more importantly it was my pleasure to bring their vision to being.

Till next time
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