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Hyatt Huntington Beach Celebration

IMG_1274 IMG_1301

Ashley and mom booked me for a small service but did check in with me along the way when they needed advise/referrals etc.  Such a small world, when we met to interview mom as talking about a friend of theirs/a chef who would be attending the wedding, I asked who it was, and it turned out to be a chef I worked very closely with during my years with Disney, he was as passionate about the food being excellent for the weddings/events as I was about the weddings/events being fabulous.  As the wedding got closer they realized they wanted me there earlier on the day to keep them on track and get them the church on time, it certainly meant a smooth day for them and they knew all was well at the hotel while they were over there.

IMG_1304 IMG_1309

I’m not a fan of headtables being on a riser and you can see why here, unless you cover the stage the hotels black stands right out and it also makes you see a bit unapproachable to guests.  Ashley’s colors were gold, so this was one wedding where the hotel banquet chairs worked/were more comfy than chivaris.  Thanks to Flowers by Allie by doing a great job with the florals and the many many candles and to Monico Décor for the rental linens/draping.  They booked Bruce Battleson to dj/mcee which made me happy, haven’t seen Bruce for a while, and to Flawless Faces for beautifying all the ladies.  And of course to the team at Hyatt HB, as always a pleasure to work with from beginning to end.

IMG_1310 IMG_1316

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Red Chair Lounge/Hyatt HB wedding

IMG_0792 IMG_0794

With the opening of the fabulous Watertable Restaurant at Hyatt Huntington Beach, it allowed the Red Chair Lounge to be offered up as space for events, and so far we have done three in here.  It has always been popular for bride and groom pictures because of its lounge vibe, so we are excited for intimate or larger wedding celebrations to use it.  The patio with the fire pit is a popular place for guests to hang.  The wedding above did have dancing so a dancefloor was put in by the hotel.

IMG_0795 IMG_0796

Everyone loves the existing bar.  The picture on the right is the sitting area end of the space.  Its an L shape space.


Always a few guests sitting by the indoor fireplace/sitting area, no matter how hot it may be outside.  One wedding we did had a pianist using the grand piano in there as background music, one used their ipod, one used the in house music.

IMG_0799 IMG_0800

At the other end of the L there is a pool table which keeps guests entertained and on the wedding above we brought in a photo booth, so we had an entertainment area.  We did a wedding for 30 in here where they had proper dining tables and a sit down meal, the other two ranged from 50-100 people and they used the existing cocktail table/chair setup and had food stations both inside and outside.  You don’t need to décor/spend a lot on florals as it has a lot of atmosphere.  Two of the weddings did their ceremonies at the hotel, and one had theirs on the beach across the street.

IMG_0802 IMG_0804

Our beach wedding had a bagpiper for music over there and then he lead everyone back to the hotel and to the Red Chair patio.

So a new venue, unique, yet attached to a hotel so you get all the amenities/hotel room opportunities for the guests to enjoy.  Perfect for a destination wedding.  Good thinking team at the Hyatt Huntington Beach.

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Hyatt Huntington Beach wedding

photo 3 photo

Quick post today.  Kathy booked me for minimum service, she had all her vendors except video, so Shane Productions stepped in there, yay Kim.  Kathy had listened to me regarding the bridge and covering it so you didn’t see guests walking over it during the cere, and I loved the backdrop she had done for the foyer, as they greeted the guests there and had a picture taken with them before they entered the ballroom, and then later guests were coming out and doing their own pics/selfies.

Till tomorrow

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Persian wedding at Hyatt Huntington Beach

4 5

I loved Amir and Melika (I know I seem to say that a lot, but its true, I receive lovely lovely couples) and helping her vision (that Amir was happy to go along with always!!) come to reality was just a pleasure.

6 7 8 11

I had all the cultural vendors they needed, the sofreh lady, the tea and fruit lady, and my lovely Shahrzad Ardalan my favourite Persian officiant.  For music DJ Julius was perfect for them and I love working with him.  They found the violinist and the crème de la crème of the night was Kamran and Hooman taking the stage, we were suddenly at a concert and the guests loved it!!

14 15  19 21 22 23    27 33

The rest of the vendor team was hand picked and perfect for their celebration; Frank Salas Photographer (thanks for the pics above), Newport Bay Productions/video, Royal Bakery for another one of their spectacular cakes/display, White Flite for the dove release at the end of the ceremony, Elegant by Design/florals, Henry/famous hair and makeup artist in the Persian community, and TMMPRO for the round white dancefloor (my fave for 2014&15) and the acrylic chiavaris, and Wildflower Linen for our bride and groom chair covers!!  As everyone walked in behind the headtable, everyone saw them and took pics of them!!  And of course, the Hyatt HB & Cheryl for always being so easy to work with/helping me make the dream come true.

Till next time


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Hyatt Huntington Beach fun celebration

photophoto 2

I really do get the best couples, so so lucky.  Samantha and Chris were just awesome, we had way too much fun pulling this celebration together.  They are both from England but moved to Huntington Beach to work, so we had a great mix of locals and English folk!!  Fascinators in the house for sure.  Fun details that were obvious reflections of them, Sam lived on Etsy and the signature drink sign was perfect, it actually keeps getting re-grammed on my instagram when friends of brides see it, Sam’s bike/noted below, I showed them my neighbours fun program from his wedding last year and they took it and ran with it, full of fun/interesting facts that totally get the guests involved and they learn stupid stuff about the couple/wedding planning, which they love.  Right after the ceremony I went to pull Sam and Chris back for the group/combo pics and guess what I found them doing, a selfie, you can see that below, of course my first question to them was, who the heck had a cell phone on them, yes groom guilty as charged at least he had it on silent!!  Too funny

We pulled together a great team to reflect how they are; Joel Austell/photographer and thanks for the pics, Linda Trott for as always officiating a great ceremony and is one of the few officiants out there that can provide the marriage license and we had the B&G sign it during the cere as that is something that is done in Commonwealth countries, I did it during my ceremony too.  Design Visage for beautifying the ladies and they looked great until the end, Karla Flores/Elegant by Design for hearing us and bringing the vision to reality. Jim Vita/guitar for cere/cocktails, Peter/Vive Entertainment for djing/mceeing wonderfully as always and keeping that dancefloor full until the end and the encores!!  Monico for the rentals, Luxe Linens for the perfect shade for the napkins, and 4 Snapz for the photobooth/backdrop which incorporated Samantha’s favorite thing her beach bike which Karla decorated.  And of course to the Hyatt HB, they picked you because Huntington Beach is so important to them and their lives, and as always the team worked flawlessly with us to bring it all together and create a great celebration/memories for everyone involved, thank you, thank you, thank you.

photo 3photo 5Sam and Chris 8-21-2015-01378Sam and Chris 8-21-2015-01397Sam and Chris 8-21-2015-01441Sam and Chris 8-21-2015-01162Sam and Chris 8-21-2015-00711 Sam and Chris 8-21-2015-00747 Sam and Chris 8-21-2015-00780 Sam and Chris 8-21-2015-00783

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Fountain Room Hyatt HB wedding


I swear I take pics at all weddings when I get a minute, but could not find my pics on this one at all, so thanks to Jim Kennedy for coming through and getting me these pics.  They don’t do a lot of wedding receptions in the Fountain Room, in fact I think this is only my 3rd since the day the hotel opened, but it is a great way to have your daylight wedding/cocktails then move the guests into an enclosed room where they immediately feel they are at an evening wedding.

Emily’s colors were gold/white and pop of tiffany blue, so as you can see the hotel chairs worked for a change, we had tiffany blue linens on cake and sweetheart tables and of course the napkins and by using the hang fold it really allows the blue to be effective in pictures and when guests first enter the room.

franco_4424 franco_1727 franco_1874

Till next time


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Destination wedding to S CA


This is when you really know the world is a small place.

I was booked by the groom who lived in New Zealand with his American bride (her background was Swiss, but she grew up in CA, and her parents live here). Her mom lives in Huntington Beach and choosing the Hyatt HB was logical to them, me being from New Zealand was co-incidence.  They chose January and because they chose that month they got a bigger room to use for the reception which they would not have been given the choice of in the summer, so with a smaller group, we were able to really spread things out and use the whole room in a really unique way.  The ceremony was on the lawn with a great CA backdrop, palm trees and beach, cocktails were held on the balcony with the same view, and then dinner/dancing was in the ballroom, with windows to the beach also.  We reused the arch from the ceremony because it was so unique, in the ballroom as cake backdrop which was nice.  Brian knew they didn’t want rounds or a big table, so he actually came up with the X table design, and then Keith Laverty/florist ran with that thought for the floral design, but we knew because of the table design we wanted to do something different in the center.  Keith came up with this really over the top tall piece, that was awesome and the comments started on how fabulous it was when the guests first came in the room, to even after the event was long past.

Brian loved the idea of a martini luge, so we created a lounge area which was well used once the party started after dinner.

So where is the small world part of this story you ask.  We had a total of 56 guests, a good amount came over from New Zealand, the rest from all over the USA.  So not a lot of opportunity for me to see someone I knew right…. well guess what, I never connected the bride’s last name to someone I worked with many years ago, turned out that her dad worked with me at a hotel many years ago a good 6 years.  I got a tap on my shoulder and I turned around and it was like life went backwards about 20 years, could not believe it.  He said Alexandra kept talking about Lisa her wedding planner, but never heard my last name, so he never connected the dots, plus he had no idea what I was doing now.  Too funny

Thanks as always to my trusting couples that let me lead them and when you don’t get any pre-trips to the actual wedding, you really are trusting me and I appreciate that.  Our vendor team for this wedding was great: Larry Crandall/photographer and thanks for the pics below.  Keith Laverty/floral designer, Design Visage for beautifying everyone beautifully as always.  Carvin Ice for the luge you always create for each of my couples.  Epod for our fun photobooth that talks back to you and I knew the kiwis would appreciate even more later in the night after a few martinis!! Monico Décor for the rentals.  As always to my companions in creating great celebrations, the team at Hyatt HB, love them all







Till tomorrow


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Hyatt HB wedding

IMG_1259Longley_0991 Longley_2388

Sometimes its not until later that you realize you did not have time or got the pics you wanted on a wedding to post.  So I am blogging this wedding but don’t have the pics I wish I did.

James and Emma came from London for their wedding, and so did 30ish of their family and friends.  Such a fun bunch, we even did a selfie with everyone in it, including me, that they instagrammed for everyone at home to see the fun they were having.

My brides seem to always be ahead of things, in 2014 I had 3 brides do/want to do babies breath for their florals.  Emma did only baby’s breath and it looked lovely from ceremony to dining table.  They wanted everyone to feel as important as each other/see each other, so the dining room was set up in a u-shape with people only around the sides and the dancefloor in the middle.  Emma does events for a hotel in London and focused on the little details, note the table setting above.

They did not want a dj, had an ipod with songs on, in my mind this never makes for a dance party, but had to eat my words as on this one, after dinner the music went on and they danced for 3 hours, they had a great time.

Thanks as always to a great vendor team and Emma and James trusting me with who I knew they should work with, Paul Uhlar/officiant, Karens Flowers, Monico Décor, Wendy Smith/Harpist, thanks to Jim Kennedy/Amber for the tall centerpiece shot above, and as always to the team at Hyatt Huntington Beach.

As a side note, Emma and James have already celebrated their 1st anniversary and came back to Huntington Beach.

Till next time


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Hyatt HB wedding-CA Courtyard&Sandpiper Room

photo 10

I had such a great time working with Marcella and Javier from beginning to end, with the end being when I waved them off to bed at the end of the celebration.  Marcella likes pretty and bling and all Javier wanted was a great B&G seat.  When you look at the pics below I think you will see that me and the team helped them achieve everything they wanted!!  Thanks to Keith Laverty/florist, that I knew would be perfect for them/their style/get the vision/exceed their expectations, and to Edna/Square Eye Photography for being so easy to work with and for getting me some of the pics below, to Creative Cakes/Cheryl for creating Marcella’s dream cake, Monico Decor for the rentals and of course to the Hyatt HB team for being fab as always.

photo 11photo 2photo 3photo 4photo 5photo 6photo 7photo 8photo 9photo2014_09_13_10_40_07_0370E





Till tomorrow


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Another lovely Hyatt HB wedding

This bride booked me for a Month of service but used my vendor list and that of course meant, great quality and a lovely calmness on the day.  Thanks for the pics Frank Salas, thanks for the beautiful décor Flowers by Cina, and thanks for beautifying the girls Design Visage.  Love you all.




I love that Frank took this pic, don’t think I have ever had a photographer take a pic looking back, had a groom once want the hotel to be the backdrop to the ceremony, but the bride wanted ocean, so guess who won!!





Reuse of the arch clusters


We don’t see bright colors very much anymore, nice for a change


Mix of driftwood, lanterns and flowers

Till next time


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