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Westin Cabo

Another great resort in Cabo along the corridor.  I had driven by many times and finally stayed there.  One of the friends I was with said it was the nicest resort he had ever stayed at!!  It’s big, lots of options for ceremony locations and receptions to follow, for intimate or large wedding groups.  They have normal hotel rooms as well as 2 bedroom suites that have mini kitchen style services.

Let me help you plan your Cabo wedding here!!  My travel partner can handle all the guests air/hotel and group excursions we setup, so nice and easy!!

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Sheraton Hacienda Cabo wedding

There are so many great hotels/resorts in Cabo now to have your wedding at, or use as a base for the guests and have your wedding elsewhere, hard to pick which one, so there will be a bunch of blogs from here on out, focusing on one property so you are able to get a feel for the one that may be more for you.  Then let me help you get your Destination wedding to Cabo planned and happen!!  I have a travel partner that can handle all the room blocks and guest air/transfers and excursions also, so nice and easy.

This resort is between San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas, along the corridor (which used to be bare but is now full of resorts so the ride does not seem so long anymore) and they have a shuttle that you can take into Cabo San Lucas to hang out etc, or of course you can get taxis/uber etc.

Great restaurants and pool areas, it’s a huge resort with regular hotel style rooms and up to 3 bedroom units with kitchens and 4 bathrooms, so great for groups wanting to save money or just be together/close during the stay.

You can get married in the gazebo here with ocean backdrop or on the beach or many other areas around the resort and plenty of options for the reception/dinner/dancing also.  Another great thing about a wedding in Cabo, firework shows are very inexpensive, so most weddings along the coast take advantage of that and have it at the end of the event or at some point during.

Let’s do this!!  I have been to Cabo around 8 times, so very familiar with the area and resorts as you will see in the upcoming blogs, so you are in good hands.  Plus for any trips needed down there, it’s under 2 hours for me and inexpensive.

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Cabo wedding

I have been to Cabo 8 times and seen most of the fabulous properties there you can have a wedding celebration at, actually getting ready to head back there in July, so from a standpoint of working with someone here in the USA, no matter where you are, to help you plan then orchestrate your Cabo wedding, you are in good hands.  For me, i can fly down in just under 2 hours and the fares are reasonable, so pre trips to ensure all is perfecto is not an issue.  There will be more posts, but this post is just to give a tease of a property i stayed at a few years ago that had lovely touches all around, the normal part of the resort and the private accommodation area (where I stayed and there was a celebrity there at the same time, hmmmm), the food was awesome and the all the pools, there were many, were fabulouso, i used them all.

We ate breakfast in this restaurant most days because the views were awesome.  Most nights there were fireworks somewhere down the coast, most weddings do them because they are extremely reasonably priced, how great is that as a finale!!

The pool we spent the most time in, there was never anyone else there.  Sunsets in Cabo are lovely!

We did the all inclusive option after the first few days where we had gone into town and eaten in there, its really hard to beat those packages and you aren’t getting slop!!

This was a trip with my US bestie, we go down each year and stay somewhere different each time.  We found a cabana like you see in the pic, and i am on it taking this pic and we would spend the latter part of the day there reading and listening to the waves crashing and watching boats heading back to Cabo, so relaxing and peaceful

The pic right above here with the beach/sand and the white hotels is the main beach in Cabo, we always go here a couple of times for really cheap massages and to eat/drink in the middle of the hustle/bustle at one of the beach restaurants.  And never fear we do always have a massage at the hotel we are staying at Spa for sure.  On this trip we went out whale watching as we normally do, but this time we got a whale breaching right beside us, we were on a small boat with just 8 of us and it was amazing.

Let’s do your Destination wedding in Cabo, let me help!!

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Destination wedding – Cabo

IMG_1808 IMG_1876

Well as someone who probably has 100% of my weddings being destination to S CA, either the B&G, and  one or all guests, I understand for sure the appeal and romance of doing a wedding in a location that creates great memories for you and the guests, and possibly has some personal connection as well.

A big part of being able to plan a destination wedding and do it calmly/enjoy the process is to have someone on the ground at the location you can trust and work well with, however when going to destinations where your language is not their first language or if you are an A type personality their culture is more relaxed/laid back in communication, theprocess for you may not be enjoyable, I met a couple once who were on their 3rd trip to their hotel in Cabo because their contact who was handling everything for them and being their co-ordinator had changed twice and they from the beginning never felt a comfort level that everyone was on the same page.  Could have saved a lot of money by having a planner in their area or somewhere else who handles the communication for them, a lot less stressful and overwhelming.

From an American couple’s perspective most want their destination wedding to be accessible to most guests they want to invite, have English spoken, be reasonably priced in air and costs once there.  So Hawaii, islands in the Caribbean, Mexico, ie Cancun and Cabo are top choices.  This blog is on Cabo as it really encompasses all those wants.

The great thing with Cabo is, from a floral/décor aspect they are on top of it and sometimes I think have ideas/do things we have not even seen anyone do here in S CA.

The two pics above are the view from a suite (at one of my fave Cabo resorts) of the Pacific Ocean, I loved watching cruise ships going by, whales, and the local fishing boats and tourist boats.  Some of the suites have really large balconies so great place to have a small get together pre wedding, they have lounge areas and kitchens so you can have food/beverages you bring in to keep peeps happy pre and post wedding to keep costs down if you want. The other pic is one of the areas at this resort you could have a ceremony or cocktails at sunset, pretty awesome view/backdrop.

IMG_1889 IMG_1944

Of course a lot of couples want the ‘rock’ as their backdrop, so sunset ceremonies on the main beach on the Sea of Cortez is no problem.


You could have a pre or even wedding reception outdoors looking out the sea, this group looked right out to the ‘rock’ all event.   You can all be staying in this area or guests can come in from wherever they are staying to where you are having the event if for budgets that works out better.

IMG_1990 photo

The chapel is at the resort I was referencing at the beginning and the patio with the loungers on it are on a really secluded spa/zen resort where the area gets cleared and after a sand ceremony you have cocktails/dinner/dancing right there.

I love Cabo and have been many times and would love to help you with your destination wedding here.

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