Elopement Monarch Beach Resort (now Waldorf Astoria)

January 16, 2021 lisasimpsonweddingcelebrations
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……..and then elopements became a thing in 2020. Can’t blame the couples, for some changing dates 2-4 times, dealing with guests who were overwhelming them with questions they could not answer, stress, stress, stress, so instead, have just the two of you, make it special, and really, isn’t that what it should be!!

There were more of us than them, lol, Wendy/Harpist, Frank Salas Photographer, Kevin/Luxury Lifestyle Studio for the video, Jeffrey Alan Holmes/Officiating, Bouquet/bout by Elegant by Design, me, and Eileen and the F&B Director from the hotel, as in June when these weddings were happening there was no such thing as banquet staff scheduled.

They had a lovely ceremony, i helped the bride finish dressing after Design Visage finished her hair and makeup, then drove her down to the ceremony in my car. After a lovely ceremony at Botanical Lawn, Frank took them for a walk through the hotel grounds/staircases getting great pics, and they ended up at a sunset view table at Bourbon Steak House for a delicious dinner, then off to their suite where they had a lovely few nights. Sounds just perfect, right!!! After the wedding the groom had me go back and use a compass to get the exact spot they were standing at so he could have them inscribed on a bracelet he was going to gift her!! Let’s all say awwwwwwww

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