Ritz Carlton Laguna – Terrace Salon

April 22, 2020 lisasimpsonweddingcelebrations
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Another Ritz Laguna November 2019 wedding and it was a beauty.  When they booked me the first thing Ashley showed me was an Instagram pic of a wedding with the hanging flowers over the dancefloor, that was where we started from an inspiration stand point and with Square Root’s expertise and beautiful work, we exceeded her expectations and both Ashley and her mom are still in happy mode about how wonderful it all turned out, 6 months later (I know this because mom sends me Instagram messages all the time, lol, loovvvvvvve her and the family)

Lots of cool elements that gave the guests lots to wow about and the poor wedding they go to next, it will seem boring in comparison.  We did two things unique in Terrace Salon, first time anyone had done the ceiling treatment over the dancefloor in there, yay for us, and we draped the whole room, has only been done a couple of times, but just like it does with any other room you drape, it was transformed into a beautiful romantic, soft, beautiful room.  With the draping you cant have nasty black speakers and dj equipment, their dj did not have any of the white speakers or facades my normal guys do so we added a dj façade through Square Root and hid the speakers behind the draping!!  Mom wanted a live artist, my fave @laurajanestudios was not accepting any new bookings when i first reached out, but mom also reached out and low and behold something cancelled and we got her, yay.  Above you see the start of the pic and then how it ended.

Purple was the grooms fave color but we had no purple elements in our design/feel, so he had to wait until after dinner then we turned the purple lights on and that is how it was until the end of the wedding, lol, somehow we always incorporate the groom!

Martini luge with the purple uplight in the ballroom, after the guests got to the top of the staircase to get to Terrace Salon, they were greeted with the Drunk In love wall (OC Flower Walls, I started using them quite a bit in 2019) with the champagne they would use for the toasts (I think there were 8 of us pouring quickly once we knew the guests were on their way, it was lovely expensive champagne and as a champagne drinker smelling that and it getting on my hands if i happened to ‘spill’ was horrible torture, lol, then the went around the corner and saw the mirrors with their table assignments and then they went into the beautiful ballroom which took everyone’s breath away

The Bluff lawn was looking pretty good for the ceremony!


The size of the florals was amazing, huge, and in-between the hanging orchids over the dancefloor were hanging strands of twinkle lights, quite magical

Take a look at the cake above and below, yes it had two sides!! that was the bride’s idea because guests could walk all around it so it didn’t really have a front, turned out great!

Their sweetheart table and backdrop was the center of the action and we draped so you could not see the service doors, think I may start making that a ‘normal’ in this room .

This was a wedding where teamwork really came into play, David/Square Root was an awesome trouble shooter on the day when the logistics of doing something in a room that had not been done before started having wee challenges, that my friends is where our relationships come to play out for sure, and i have strong ones with all the vendors i refer/use for that very reason.  The Trotts officiated and did the same day marriage license/so convenient for my couples, especially as most of them are coming from out of state, cere/cocktail music was a string trio by Naples Strings/always fabulous, dinner/dancing music was by Elevated Pulse and we had Mike that night, we also had a violinist during dinner which was lovely, through them also.  TMMPRO did the dancefloor/decal/draping/lighting/cake & sweetheart tables, we also added bistro lights to the outer balcony area as we had the bars down there with a backdrop of two huge trees, which had somehow become important for the groom to have trees at the wedding, lol, hey  our job is to make things happen and we do, we just make sure we place things where they make the most sense and don’t detract from the other beauty that may have been created, lol.  Square Root did the amazing floral for cere and ballroom obviously, they provided/found the huge trees for our bar backdrop and they did the hedge wall & initials behind the sweetheart table and of course the ceiling treatment, awesome job team.  Viralbooth OC surprised the guests after dinner with a photo booth on the balcony (we love having that balcony so people can run in/out and never feel like they left/missed out on anything, you can see/hear everything.  Thanks to Adrian Jon for the pics and being so easy to work with pre/during and post wedding.  We of course did a late night snack and as much as they would have liked to do the In N Out run I am known for (as they are from Canada and live also in AZ and all the guests flew in) they couldn’t do it as they own quite a few McDonalds, so it just wasn’t politically correct, lol.

When the stars align and you have a gorgeous couple so in love, bride’s parents/mom especially that is just too fun, and dad was too, but mom was more, lol, and can create a wedding of someone’s dreams and have the perfect team on board, you go home and sleep really well after xoxox

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