Hyatt HB – Fun Vista Ballroom wedding

April 14, 2020 lisasimpsonweddingcelebrations
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From my first meeting with Greg and Arlynne I knew this was going to be a fun one and i said to Arlynne, ‘your life is never going to be boring with this one’.  Greg constantly makes jokes and is just funny and he wanted the wedding to be that way and incorporate elements that guests would know he had input, Arlynne just let him do his thing and he took the lead.  He came up with some wacky ideas that i would at first say, yeah sure lets do that, then i would realise he was being serious and have to say, oh hang on let’s really talk this through.  lol


From the get go the donut wall was major, he really wanted donuts from his favourite store as everyone knows he goes there everyday, but unfortunately that was not able to happen so the hotel provided the board and donuts and they did them in blue which was the wedding color and did them in a heart.

From the Blue wands with bells that everyone waved during the ceremony when it took their fancy to when the Bridal Party exited the cere (the wands had meaning for the bride and were her one important item), the LOVE sign in the foyer, the mirror seating chart,  the best band ever (lol, as Greg and the guests were all saying at the end, and yes they did extend the band because that dancefloor was full and they couldn’t get enough of Adam and the Full Spectrum band), to the In N Out cake (also made by Sweet Traders that made the wedding cake) because everyone knows Greg also loves In N Out-that his bride surprised him with, that was the only item he knew nothing about and we pulled that off, whew!!  There was always something that the guest’s were saying, this is awesome, what a great time.

They sat at a small oval table with their bestman&wife and matronOH&husband and the guests were at rounds with a mix of tall/low centerpieces (florals all by EBD of course!!). To Jacqueline Kay Photography (the pics above are a mix of her’s and mine), Shane Productions/video, Design Visage for hair/makeup and keeping the ladies on time, TMMPRO for my fave round dancefloor/lighting/chargers/stage cover, thank you to our custom vendor team who got the vibe and made it happen, and to our friends at Hyatt HB always xoxoxo

And yes this is cake!!! from vendors to hotel staff to guests, people were amazed!!!  Someone even asked me, will it taste like cake or a burger, and what about the French fries?  Hmmm, good question, i had no idea and as we did not cut any of it, it went to the B&G room to enjoy the next day, i never asked, so we will never know, lol!!

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