Plaza Room – Ritz Laguna

April 12, 2020 lisasimpsonweddingcelebrations
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Well as you may be able to tell I am using shelter in place/Coronovirus time at home to get caught up on 3 years worth of blogging, yes, how it got to that long i have no idea, well i do, i do it all myself, i don’t pay a company as many others do.  So it’s up to me to chase photographers for pics, then compare them to mine then find the time to sit down and do the post in-between actually planning and doing weddings!! So I had seen where i must have got busy mid 2017 and just stopped and never started again, whoops.  So i am now on track and will be all caught up by end of April, including travel posts, so by May where fingers crossed we are back to planning meetings/tastings/site visits and then June weddings start again, I can then just keep on top of the photographers after each wedding and post as I get the pics, well that is the plan!! lol  This wedding was one year ago tomorrow, so i have done well right??!! lol

So the point of this post is to let you know what is going on if you are suddenly getting notifications of posts and it’s like, what??  And to show a different look setup in Plaza Room at Ritz.  I was actually in Italy so Nicole oversaw/orchestrated the event.  The ceremony was held at a church and we only handled the reception/dinner-no dancing, part at the hotel.  I liked the use of colors and feel this wedding had, thanks to Wildflower Photo for the pic and Rogers Gardens did the floral.

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