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April 12, 2020 lisasimpsonweddingcelebrations
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I do a lot of cultural weddings, now what does that mean? Weddings that are for couples that their family history/background is not American, they have come from other countries – sometimes the couple came here when they were young, or they are 1st or 2nd generation born here, sometimes as with me one of the couple is American and the other is not so you incorporate traditional elements from the culture not represented, and sometimes they are couples coming here from other countries wanting an ‘American style’ wedding celebration.  I love it, my ‘job’ is never boring and you learn a lot about how others live/interact and most of all celebrate.

Sarah and David had a beautiful sunset backdrop ceremony with a style i had not seen before, they sat at a table at the front with the Islamic officiant.  See, learning something everyday.

The cere and ballroom looked beautiful thanks to EBD Floral as always, and TMMPRO for covering the stage/draping and the lighting.  They had a caterer that created this fruit display which everyone expects to see/have, but i have never seen a display like this, it was incredible.  Our bride was married in a jade green gown/traditional and then changed into an ‘American style’ white gown for the reception – she looked fabulous in both.


Thanks to Arash/Rugger Productions for the ballroom pics, Design Visage for hair/makeup, and to Viral Booth OC for the Photobooth that we surprised the guests with after dinner/they setup in the ballroom during dinner in one of the corners, so my guests had no idea until they started seeing people with pics, it was a hit.  Now the fun part of being a planner is especially with cultural vendors they tend to be a bit more, walk to the beat of their own drum, so not going to mention them but just say that when they were supposed to be in the ballroom for doors opening they were no where to be found and when i finally got the band leader on phone they had left property.  The father of the groom was livid but we had no choice but to wait.  Bride and Groom were aware and where normally with a non-cultural vendor this would be your last gig with anyone who ever heard about it, no one was allowed to let the band have it for delaying doors opening because they did not want to upset them/have them not do a good job or want to leave, and during the event guests were saying how great they were and they were going to hire them for their wedding (bride told me this) and thus we have the vicious cycle where vendors behaving badly, because guests and normally our couples don’t know what is going on behind the scenes, get to live and work again and probably keep behaving badly.  Crazy but true and this is not the first time I have dealt with naughty vendors for sure and i know it won’t be the last unfortunately.

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