Fashion Island Hotel NYE wedding

April 10, 2020 lisasimpsonweddingcelebrations
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It seems every 3 years i get a NYE wedding, and i don’t mind at all.  You see people not just celebrating a wedding but really celebrating, lol.

So the weather held out for us and it wasn’t that cold so we kept the ceremony outdoors, that blur you see is a chandelier that EBD Floral did as well as all the florals, unfortunately their photographer was a guest and from England and he promised to get me pics but never did, so i am finally posting this with my iPhone pics, so sorry.

Inside the ballroom where the dinner/dance was held, the lighting, dancefloor, draping along the service wall & chargers were done by my TMMPRO team, yay as always.  The dessert table was done by Simply Sweet Cakery, and the band was a cover band of the Dave Matthews Band, the bride LOVES and i mean LOVES Dave Matthews Band, don’t think its Dave Matthews more than the band, but who knows, lol, she has been to a few hundred concerts/somewhat follows them around.  So after dinner when the dancing got going Tracey was on that dancefloor singing/knew the words to every single song.  I loved watching the groom sitting at their table just enjoying watching her have fun.  We saw the NY in in style with balloons and a group photos of everyone on the dancefloor who made it till then, these people partied!!!

Now what Tracey never knew through our planning months was that one of my husband and my good friend is best friends with Dave Matthews Tour Manager and we have been backstage and to a concert which was fab, so i reached out to the tour manager to see if on the wedding day i could have Dave call my cell and i could have him personally wish her a happy wedding day, alas they were on xmas break and Dave was not to be bothered/family time etc, geez, lol, so instead i gave them the brides address and when she got home from honeymoon there was a package from Dave Matthews to her where he had signed a bunch of stuff for her.  She was thrilled and surprised.

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