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April 4, 2020 lisasimpsonweddingcelebrations
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Did you know that 80% of my couples do not live in S CA, so that means that the majority of my weddings you see at the Ritz-Carlton Laguna are Destination weddings, with 100% of the guests flying/driving into CA from elsewhere.  So when you see the end result, it’s because of the trust my couples give me to lead them in the direction of great vendors that work for the budget we have/can create the vision and allow the style of event the couple wants, happen, that we end up here, with happy couples and guests that had a great wedding experience.

From the beginning Christine wanted everything outdoors, they had the option of going indoors for the dancing after 10pm but that was not what she was looking to do, so we timed everything out so when 10pm came everyone would be feeling good/wedding ends on a note that no one was looking for more, except maybe some after event drinks up in the lobby bar!!  I have been very fortunate that when we have done these all outdoor celebrations, someone is taking care of mother nature for me and my couples and the weather has always turned out perfectly, whew!!  Remember, we are on a cliff by the ocean, wind, sun, cold, can all be factors that we hope stay away.

We put some lighting in the trees around the dining/dancing area which after dark looked great especially with all the candles on the dining tables, thanks to TMMPRO and EBD Floral for the great job they did as always, and my ride or die, Peter/Vive Entertainment did the music from pre-ceremony till 10pm and boy did they dance!!  As always couldn’t have a great celebration without the team at Ritz-Carlton Laguna, from Michele who sells the dream, to our service managers who put up with all my niggling detailing, to the banquet captain and team on the floor that know what i need and expect without me having to ask at times xoxoxox

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