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Club 19 wedding reception, St Regis Monarch Beach

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Steve and Margot were just a joy to work with and then see their celebration become a reality.  It was a whirlwind romance which worried some, so they changed their original date to a later date so everyone A) could come and B)some felt they had more of a waiting period.  It just gave us more time to ensure we pulled in all the elements that would be important to them.  They got married at their church where they met, then we had a garden party style cocktail reception on the lawn next to Club 19 and the informal food station reception and dancing inside Club 19.  Once the groom did his welcome, it was party on for the rest of the event with music by the band Undercover Live, people could eat, drink, dance, chat, whatever they wanted to do until the end.  We had a mix of tall and low cocktail tables as well as a couple of larger tables so guests could sit where/when they wanted throughout, a very relaxed format, yet we rented napkins and put favors around the tables to add as décor but also let the guests know that even though it was informal, those things were important, and in case you are wondering what the program looking pieces are on the tables, it actually listed what food station options there were, the couples signature drinks and a thank you to the guests..  My fave memory of this wedding is the bride sitting on the grooms lap on one of the sofas towards the end of the event, chatting with friends.  Thanks to Tony Florez for the pics, and of course to the team at St Regis for as always being fabulous in all respects.

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For my past and present brides, you know the only thing missing in my mind here would be the white dancefloor, but it just was not important to this bride and groom, had nothing to do with budget, so can’t argue with that, right!!

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