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As planners we all know the difference we make in an event (ie the little things we do that you don’t notice we do, but if they weren’t done your guests or you would notice), but as much as bride and grooms can be memorable to us for a variety of reasons, I don’t know if we realize the impact we can make on our couples.  In the past few months I got two emails from two brides, one I did their wedding 20 years ago, the other 11 years ago.

From Jina:

On a whim I googled your name this morning and found you! For some reason when you left Disney I thought you had gone back to New Zealand, but here you are.

Twenty years ago yesterday, George and I were married.  We were naturally reminiscing about the day and of course we remembered ALL you had done for us.  I specifically remembered you repeatedly telling me to slow down during my walk down the aisle .. I raced anyway!  Anyway you may not remember us – after all it has been 20 years, but we remember you!  I hope you are doing well, your website looks great and I bet you are making a lot of wedding dreams come true.  You were an important part of our day 20 years ago and we’ve never forgotton.  Best regards Jina and George

Note from Lisa – I always think of George and Jina, they were one of my first couples I really really enjoyed.

From Melinda:

Hi Lisa

This is Melinda Tunnelle!!  You planned my wedding Dec 2003.

Note from Lisa: Melinda was looking for help with vendors for a party she was planning.  Even with the days of the internet, it was neat to see 11 years later she still trusted my referrals.

And we don’t so often get kudos from our peers/vendors we refer, but I got this lovely handwritten note from Larry Crandall/photographer:

Lisa, Such a beautiful wedding and great couple!  Your attention to detail was evident everywhere as always! I look forward to our next event. Larry

Till next time
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