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Laguna Cliffs Marriott wedding

Before we even had a location, my lovely bride’s request for her wedding was, that there be a black & white checkered dancefloor. So then we looked at beautiful locations from Dana Point to Santa Monica to Pasadena, and she decided the Laguna Cliffs Marriott was the place for their celebration with everything being held outside. In the early 2000s I had done a lot of weddings at this location, but it became a bit tired and even the view could not have you not notice so I stopped having couples consider it, but in the past two years they did a multi million dollar renovation and I have been doing a wedding there each year since, it really has turned out to be a cool hip/top of the hill location with panoramas of the Southern CA coastline.

I ended up deciding that an all black/white checkered dancefloor would be too much, so suggested a black dancefloor with the checkered border, Ashliann loved it. I think it turned out aok also. Thanks to Design Visage for beautifying everyone and doing an awesome job as always, Fusion Linens for the linens/chivaris, Keith Laverty Floral design and the in house at the hotel who worked with our vision for the ceremony, to Sandy at the hotel who worked with us on tweaking things to get our vision/end result. And to Tony Florez for the photos below, as always one of the coolest/calmest photogs out there.

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Special thank you from a 2013 B&G

I got emails from the Bride & Groom on the same day, different times, and I don’t think they even realised the other one was meaning to email me. A very special wedding celebration with two events involved.

From the bride:
Dear Lisa. I just wanted to drop a note – somewhat belatedly to say hello and thank you for everything. Marc and I had a beautiful wedding weekend almost entirely due to your professionalism, skill and contacts. Everything was just as we hoped it would be and even now it seems like a dream. Warm regards, Marc and Ashley

From the groom:
Hi Lisa. I just wanted to express my gratitude for all you did to make our wedding so memorable. We had so much fun working with you and appreciate all of the “above and beyond the call of duty” determination to produce a stunning weekend of events for us.
We were blessed by a superlative team and are so grateful for your recommendations and introductions. We appreciate that you are involved with so many couples, creating these wonderful events, week in, weeek out, however we do hope that we provided some fun and entertainment for you also. We would love to catch up with you when we next visit the West coast and hope we can entice you to enjoy another fun filled “tasting menu” of our own. Hope you will stay in touch, and once again “thank you” for exceeding all our hopes and expectations. We miss you! Marc and Ashley

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St Regis Monarch Beach, Botanical & Club 19 wedding for French B&G

Well this was one of two wedding celebrations Helene had the fun to plan and they were so opposite, one wedding event was being held in Paris where they are both from, and the other was here in sunny S Ca where they are currently living.

Helene was fun, so the colors and feel of the wedding here reflect very much her personality and attitude to life, here she could do bright vibrant colors/butterflies etc and it would work, in Paris that may not have been the case.

She flew her photographer in from Paris, he was doing her wedding there also, and in looking at his website he does weddings in some really beautiful castles and locations all over Europe, very romantic. The pictures below did not come from him though.




Helene let me guide her to the vendor team right for her, my fave officiant Paul Uhlar did the honors, Kimberly of Shane Productions took care of the video coverage so the family/friends in Paris could see how the sunny S Ca wedding was, we had my favorite harpist for the ceremony and cocktails, and the wonderful Peter of Vive Entertainment was the dj. Fusion for the furniture we used in the dancing area of Club 19 and because, remember I said she was fun, we had a nice big photobooth from Larissa/Photobooth specialists, which the guests enjoyed and as happens, carried the props to the dancefloor and used them there also.

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I joined the world of Instragram on Friday, having fun with it. I take the pics and need to post asap tho so not doing the # part properly, will have to make the time. LOL

My handle is Lisasimpsonweddings

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Last nights couple

Awww, just opened up the envelope my bride gave me as we were saying goodbye last night …………

Lisa, Thanks for all your help! You are the best and made my day effortless! Love Joanna and Alan

Well Joanna and Alan, it was my pleasure. You booked me for Month of service, but utilised my vendor list and thus a great team was there to work for you and ensure all was fab, so thank you for making my day effortless also. Beautiful ocean backdrop for the guests to see while you got married, they came from all around the world, Scotland (our groom’s family and friends), Belgium, Dubai, Norway, Iowa (bride’s family and friends) and many other places that really showed how much they loved and wanted to be there to share with you. Gorgeous sunset, the color of the flowers in your bouquets and centerpieces were just lovely, and thanks for taking my advise and getting the chivaris over using the hotel’s chairs, looked sooooo much more elegant. Your family and friends were such nice people/guests, your vendor team and hotel staff all appreciated how lovely they and you both were. My thanks right back at you!!!!

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St Regis Monarch Beach, Botanical/Club 19

I am fortunate to be, as far as I know/am told, the co-ordinator that has done/and does more wedding celebrations from the day the hotel opened until now, at the fabulous Club 19 location at the fabulous St Regis Monarch Beach. And what makes it even more fun for me, is if you look at the photos I post the weddings are never the same, you may see similar elements, but it really is a different/personalised wedding for each couple that chooses this location. I love it.

For the wedding below, what a great couple and what a good time we had planning this wedding. Glenda and Ken came to me through one of his employees whose wedding I had done last year. Teri orchestrated the wedding day of his employee and as luck would have it, I was already booked on their date but was able to have Teri orchestrate their day too.

Through the planning months the couple were at their home here in the OC a bit but mostly in Washington DC where he works, so there were many emails/phone chats along the way, but when they were in town we had a great time pulling everything together, a lot of laughs. They made great selections from the vendors I thought would work best with/for them and everything was of course smooth as silk on the day/celebration. I really loved the color palette we ended up with, very rich/sexy, perfect for this sophisticated couple.



Thanks to our good pal Tony Florez for the photos above,

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More 2013 Thank you notes

Dear Lisa, You have been so helpful and wonderful. I love your energy and your attention to detail. Thank you so much for making everything go smoothly. It’s quite a blessing to have gotten to know you. Please keep in touch! Sincerely, Sophia for Sylvia & Jared

Lisa, Job well done and greatly appreciated! Sincerely Mark and Traci, Steven and Ashliann

I got this postcard from my couple while they were honeymooning in Fiji:
Dear Lisa, Bula! Bula! Thank you for planning our dream wedding at Ritz back inMay. It was flawless and we enjoyed every second of it. Thank you for everything! We miss you! Patty & Edward

Hello, hello! Yes, we are back from Bali. Oh my gosh, the wedding was absolutely perfect. We got such positive feedbackfromall of our guests – somany people said it was by far the best wedding they have ever been to. So thank you for helping us create such an amazing experience for our family and friends! It was by far the most emotional (in a good way) and absolute best day of our entire lives. You were amazing! So thank you, thank you, thank you, for all that you’ve done to make our day as spectacular as it was. Cheryl

I got this note from the Associate Director of catering at a hotel after a wedding I did there with an unplanned lack of setup time due to a previous wedding going longer than it should have:
Our whole team loves working with you -‘Lisa Simpson is the co-ordinator on this one” has become a synonym for “as easy and pleasant as possible a planning process” and we can’t thank you enough for your partnership with us. In fact two of my team remarked what a contrast you and your attitude are to those of some of the vendors we sometimes work with. Thank you Lisa!

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St Regis Monarch Beach, Mediterranean Room

Mom and bride were a lot of fun in pulling this wedding together, starting from doing our budget and ending up with the result below. Their whole intent from the beginning was to keep it intimate and they chose the Mediterranean Room for that reason, it has a capacity that was not large – this is a great way to keep yourselves on budget.

They were also part of a trend I saw this year, couples picking 5 star hotel to have their wedding reception at, not booking it for the ceremony/view, the ceremonies were being held at churches. So these couples were really booking the hotels for the service/guest experience that they knew their guests were going to receive/enjoy.

I think we created a romantic/elegant/soft experience for all. Keith Laverty/floral designer was back in the OC from Texas and this was the first wedding of the year that we got to work on, always entertaining/giving me a hard time (oh, and me right back at him) my Keith, and the wonderful Larry Crandall wedding photographer who provided me with the photos below, and as always is a pleasure to work with (we did around 6 together this year, so some of my brides appreciated his eye and chose him from the options I suggested would be a good match for their style). And of course the St Regis team, Marissa from the sales/service team, and the banquet team on the floor on the day itself.

The only thing I wish we had of done, and it was not in the budget and was considered seriously in the last two weeks but then decided against, was to drape the whole room, or even along the wall behind where we had the sweetheart & cake tables. Would have just made it seem more romantic, but as you can see below, it looked great as we had it. The white dancefloor makes a difference in any room, gives it a complete/finished look/feel, so that is a component I normally have stick in the budget from beginning to end, even if we overspend in some areas.

Crandall 01


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On my way to hit 40,000 views of my blog!!!

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Plaza Room, Ritz-Carlton, Dana Point

Another location/room that I am fortunate to be known as the co-ordinator that does the most weddings in/at.
For the past 12 years I have done groups of as few as 15 and maxing the Plaza room with 74, all different looks/styles/visions
/feel, but the constant that ties everyone together is the backdrop for the ceremony and cocktails, that beautiful Pacific ocean – whether it is a grey day, sunny day, ocean is smooth or rough, it is always a stunning backdrop. Then into the Plaza Room everyone goes and it feels like someones beautiful dining room, fireplace/chandelier, not stuffy/formal, just warm and intimate, and …….. access to the balcony to keep popping out and looking at that view.

With Robin’s wedding, we had a merging of families and an intimate group invited and she wanted to have everyone feel important to them, so I reverted to a table style I have done a few times in the Plaza, the U-shape with people on each side all the way around, so everyone is at the same table. I think you will agree it looks romantic, elegant, and special. We had a pianist provide the dinner/socialising music in Plaza Room using the hotels grand piano and that completed the atmosphere of romance/elegance/special. A really lovely celebration.



Robin, used all my vendor suggestions but had her own florist and he did a really lovely job and was very nice to work with. Thanks to Karen French for as always being a pleasure to refer to my brides and to work with on the day, and for the pics above. Of course, the wonderful team at the Ritz-Carlton upstairs and downstairs, who are a joy to work with and give each wedding the service/attention on the day that you would expect/deserve at a five star/five diamond property.

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