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November 24, 2013 lisasimpsonweddingcelebrations
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This couple booked me for a smaller service, and when their service began I was suprised to see how many vendors they had on board providing so many of the elements that it took to achieve this beautiful celebration, but the one they did not have was a florist, still, this close to the wedding. I asked why, and found out they had met with a large number of florists but my bride did not feel any of them ‘got it’.
I immediately knew who they needed, it was Square Root, so off we went to meet with them and of course they secured them, because ‘they got it’.
All turned out fabulously, but a small tip, I am not a fan of vendors that combine services, such a video/photo, florals/invites, djs/lighting etc I always have to wonder which is their passion and which is the element that actually pays their bills which could become their focus, but when it comes to a complete look, when you have many companies providing linens/chairs/dancefloor/furniture/rental prop items etc, you are paying delivery/setup/pickup fees to each of these companies, and this is one time where a floral designer is likely to have in inventory a lot of these items also and you can do a one stop shop, which always makes the floral designer happy as they feel it gives a cohesive feel in all aspects of the look/decor/floral. With this wedding Square Root could have provided everything this couple needed and not only saved them money, but saved them a lot of time and frustration (as some of their vendors were not familiar with the hotel and had to get liability insurance and you could tell were out of their element, the groom admitted he found most of these vendors online), one of their vendors actually hit them with quite a lot of extra charges the week of the wedding when they realised they didn’t have all day to setup so they needed to bring extra bodies in and did not realise how large the property is and load in and out was not direct so added labor for that as well as other things that were just amazing to me, but my couples hands were tied> Some of their contracts had a 30 day out no changes policy so even trying to tweak the contract down to minimum items to cover monies paid and start to move things to Square Root for a more cohesive look, was not an option.

The wonderful suprise vendor, was their photographer, my old pal Victor Sizemore. We had worked together a lot in the mid 2000s and then he moved to LA and then out of state (even though he flies in for weddings all the time) and we just drifted apart. So, yes, they had found him on line, had no idea where he lived, but loved his work and booked him. It was so great to see him again and work with him, hope to do that many more times in the future now.
















Thanks of course to Square Root, Alex as always a blast to work with and have around during setup and he stepped in and fixed some elements provided by one of the vendors (who thought what they had was aok) but it was not up to Alex’s standards and he went over and above to ensure everything was Square Root quality/look in the end. The team at the Ritz of course, my home away from home for the past 12 years.

A note here, no sofreh lady was involved in the creation of this sofreh. The bride has really great taste and she wanted to provide elements that meant something to her and actually put the sofreh together herself as it was that personal to her. So the groom and bride chose to do this together and we gave them time earlier in the day to be able to do that, then go and start getting ready.

I really enjoyed this couple, she was so sweet and cute/pretty, and our groom was just so in love with her, the way he always looked at her melted my heart. I am so pleased they ended up with such a beautiful celebration to look back on.

Till next time
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