St Regis Monarch Beach Brunch wedding

September 22, 2013 lisasimpsonweddingcelebrations
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It’s a beautiful Sunday afternoon and after doing weddings at this hotel since the day it opened (so nearly 11 years), I have had my first wedding that incorporated the fabulous Sunday Brunch that is done here.
We had the ceremony at Botanical Gardens at 10am (you could do 11am if you don’t like getting up too early), then the guests came up to the Sunset Terrace area which they had rented out, and we had cocktails on the lower part, as well as some furniture and a small dancefloor, the dining tables/sweetheart table and cake table were all on the upper part of the Terrace with the view. We had 5 tables that could do up to 12 each, so you could get away with 62 up in this area, we had 53 and it was perfect.
After the B&G were done with photos after the ceremony, we did a grand entrance to the dancefloor in front of the fireplace, they did their 1st dance, we then did father/daughter/mother/son dance, then everyone went up to the dining tables, we did the toasts, then they were invited to go up the stairs to Motif where the brunch stations are, and for the next 3 hours they have been able to eat/graze (you would understand that word if you have been to this brunch), socialise etc.
A really lovely relaxing wedding celebration/event. Beautiful in both weather and couple. This wedding was very much a reflection of this couple, their style and how they wanted to celebrate.
So another option to consider at this fabulous hotel.

Till next time
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