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June 16, 2013 lisasimpsonweddingcelebrations
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Teri got to see this celebration through to fruition, as when the location and date was finally found/decided upon (took about 6 months) I was not available on that date.

Loved this couple, so cute, and the groom is a fellow kiwi so it was fun for me to hang out with them, and I was sorry I was going to miss out on seeing all his family and friends from New Zealand that were coming over for the wedding. I had started with the bride & groom and the parents where we had a budget and a vision/style that the B&G wanted. The B&tuand I spent 8 hours one day looking at locations from San Juan Capistrano to park land in Anaheim to a lovely resort in Temecula that had everything the B&G wanted, but the distance was the only negative. Mom found the location we ended up having the wedding at, but the location is no longer available for events and it was touch and go in the end if the event could be held at the location, so be careful when not dealing with a proper wedding location.

The ceremony/dining/dancing was all done outdoors under a canopy of trees which had cafe lights and chandeliers hanging. Everything had to be brought in, including tables/chairs/dancefloor, linens/catering/beverage/ plates/utensils/glassware, so of course a good caterer was chosen who could provide mostly everything, very important because they also handle the cleanup. We also had to make sure we communicated with the guests that they would be taking their vehicles down a dirt road and that the event was being held on land/dirt, very important. More time is involved when pulling an event like this together, especially the more you want to personalise it. Mom had gone to the site a couple of times and come across a rental company that could provide decor elements to add to the atmosphere. Mom’s good friend did the florals and those ladies were at the site for 2 days prior to the wedding getting things pulled together.

You must remember when doing an all outdoors event, you are at mother natures mercy, it did end up being a really really hot day and never cooled down, even when everyone was leaving at the end of the event, rather that than cold though, you could never have enough heaters in an outdoor area if it is cold.

This wedding did cost more than if we had gone to a full service hotel or location, but that was not the atmosphere they were looking for and you can see that from the photos below.





Till next time

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