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DIY weddings don’t necessarily save you money

It sounds romantic/fun to create a vision that is shabby/chic, intimate/personal etc, and have the friends/family all willing to help you put it together on the day, but …..

If you are going the DIY way because you think it will save you money, or you are trying to fit within a budget and think this is the way to do it, you could end up spending more than if you went to a location that provides everything. Maybe it’s the atmosphere you are wanting to create, well your money may now be spent on props and other things that don’t cost a lot alone but after time and adding them up you spend more than you planned/thought.  Also your time, everyone’s time is worth something too, so not paying vendors to do a job from beginning to end can end up coming back to bite as someone has to do it and that is when your cost is frustration/stress/or just being left ultimately responsible to make it happen or clean it up.

Less is more, don’t get so caught up on doing a lot or more, most of the guests won’t notice half of what you did, just a few items at the key areas/times will remain in their memories.  if you are the type of bride who is going to do a lot of cutsey fun signs/things etc and would be upset if the guests don’t comment or notice every thing you put time/effort into, then cut it down to a few and expect to hear lots of kudos on those instead and use the time you saved by not doing more on other things like relaxing and enjoying the process. It could be you find a nice everything included or fits in the budget location, but you add the cute signs/items in the key areas and your quests will still get a DIY feel/effect, but you saved money/time and actually got better value overall than if you went to an empty field or home backyard where you had to rent/bring everything in. Add it up and compare, you will be suprised.

Not trying to put you off, just want you to think it through and do the comparisons, as most of the time brides choose DIY thinking they are spending less.

See the blog below, it takes you through what was involved with creating a wedding that had a DIY/personal vibe to it. After was all said and done, it cost more than if we had of had their celebration at a five star resort, but that wasn’t their type of location. You will see the work that was involved. I hope this will have you reconsider trying to do it all yourself or rely on friends/family members who are also going to be guests, and hire a co-ordinator/planner to help you through it all, or even better, contact me.

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