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Who said weddings are a no repeat business!!??

Well if you are fortunate to love what you do and the couples you get to work with, then you do see them again.

I have married two of my brides twice (new grooms each time), I have done weddings for sisters, brothers and sisters (love to keep it in the family), friends of past brides and grooms (yes I will even hear a past groom told someone to call me), and I just did a 40th birthday party (themed to the Hollywood of old) for a past groom, pulling it together with his wife/my bride (I did this grooms sisters wedding before his wedding, and I did their wedding about 5 years ago), and believe it or not guests at this party were the parents of two sisters whose weddings I both did, total suprise to me that they even knew each other. It is a small world and the great thing about being in this business for a lot of years, as it becomes smaller and smaller, or maybe it actually becomes bigger and bigger!

I get random emails from past brides, and calls, when they see something and it reminds them of me or their wedding, or as seemed to happen a lot last year, see my past couples at their friends wedding that they had referred me to, so nice. In fact yesterday a box was delivered to my house, I was not home and the person delivering it called me as she wanted to make sure would be home soon as there were perishables in it, after chatting for a few minutes, she said to me, Lisa you did my wedding 7 years ago. Wow, so we chatted for a bit, love it. Another past bride sent me pics of her baby shower and happened to mention where it was and who the hotel person was helping her with it, and I said to her, well you say hi from me, because we did her wedding a few months ago.

Here is a note from my lovely Amita – over a year after her wedding –

Hi Lisa, hope all is well with you. I wanted to write to let you know that we finally received our wedding albums and DVD of wedding images – it gave us a renewed appreciation of all your hard work and help leading up to our wedding. We can never thank you enough.

Since Amita’s wedding I have done one of her friends, and seen my lovely Amita pregnant.

Thanks everyone
Till next time
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