Nearly all-inclusive 82 person wedding in Riviera Maya

April 9, 2013 lisasimpsonweddingcelebrations
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Well, if you have up to 82 guests and want to host a destination wedding for them, this may be the perfect op for you.
The Viceroy at Riviera Maya (so you know the quality is there) has created a package for $125,000 that starts on a Thursday and ends on the Sunday which is nice, included are: airport transfers, 41 villas, all meals, pool and beach daily snacks, unlimited domestic drinks, transport to Playa del Carmen (which is a neat town to walk around), and some other neat things that will make everyone feel special. For the actual wedding that will happen on the Saturday at a beach gazebo, they include some florals and the wedding cake (again all food/beverages are included). The bride & groom also get a moonlit couples massage which sounds lovely.
Now you may look at that dollar amount and go whoa, but think about it, for a wedding that size at a 5 star location in S CA you are going to be looking at $50k or so plus vendors, so if you put it out to 41 couples or some singles that would be happy to share and offer them an all-inclusive 3 night trip to come and celebrate your wedding/vacay at the same time, they all pay their own air and then you come up with a reasonable sum to offset the total (if you don’t wish to host the event and just have them pay for their air from the US or elsewhere) and that will bring that dollar amount down.
Destination weddings are great (and 50% of the weddings I do here in S CA are destination weddings to here) not only does the couple relax more because they are separated from the home/work environment and once they arrive they can let all that go, the guests get to experience more than a 6 hour wedding event, they have a vacation with a great wedding celebration thrown in, so it really becomes a wedding to remember and talk to others about.

For this package, you would need to add photographer, video if doing, music for both ceremony and dinner/dance, lighting/special linens/chairs if not wanting to go with what the hotel is providing, and me. I would be involved on this side to be your communicator between here and there (we could certainly take a 2 night trip down so you see/feel confident with what you are booking, and that would not be expensive), keep you on track with the normal tasks that need to be done in the planning months (or handle those for you), help you secure the other vendors/vision you are wanting (I would suggest taking photographer and possibly the dj also from here). By having me involved you will have less frustration with communication and any possible mis-understandings.

Contact me and let’s get your Mexican destination wedding planned.
Till next time
714 305 7112

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