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March 15, 2013 lisasimpsonweddingcelebrations

Over the past few years we have had technology, and couples have tried to work out how to have grandparents or special people who can’t make it to the ceremony, be able to see it live.

We went through companies offering live streaming which was expensive, and last year for a very ill mom a videographer taped the ceremony and went immediately to the mom’s home/bed and she was watching it 15 mins after the cere.

Not sure why it was hard, maybe wi-fi issues or things, but …….
A dear friend of mine died in New Zealand on Sunday and the funeral was going to be Thursday/our Wednesday, so there was really no time or way that I could drop everything and head down, so I asked one of my friends that I oovoo with (I find it a clear image than skype) would she take her iphone and oovoo me on it and hold it so I could watch the service. She did much better, she hooked her phone to her ipad and put me on a stand at the back of the aisle, so I had a great view down to the casket and looking at the pews full of friends/family. Prior to the service people were coming to the ipad and saying hi to me and afterwards they walked me around the friends/family standing outside by the hearse so we could say hi or chat further. Total of 2 hours of being there and being involved with everyone, yet sitting here in S CA in my home.

So next time you have someone far away that can’t be there but really wants to be or you really want them, do this same/similar setup, it was priceless, and literally it cost nothing.

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