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February 18, 2013 lisasimpsonweddingcelebrations
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I was fortunate to take a river cruise on the Rhine from Vienna/Austrai to Nuremburg/Germany this past December.  The cruise was focused on the Christmas markets and was the last one of the season.  As always I travel thinking I know what areas could be of interest for couples for future weddings, and while I was in Vienna and then Budapest I saw locations that could work, but nothing was really gripping me which was disappointing.  We left on our cruise and spent the next 6 nights stopping at neat villages along the way.  One stop included a monastry which had a beautiful chapel and I thought what a shame it is in the middle of nowhere, how/who would want to make this their destination for their European wedding.  It struck me on the plane coming home, I was actually doing what would be the perfect European destination wedding……………..

Our river boat cruise was operated by a charter company, so you could charter a boat also.  We had 107 people on board, that would mean if you had 40-50 couples or some singles that would come on the trip, perfect.  People could fly into Vienna at their own leisure (we had a few days there prior to departure, but some people did fly in on day of departure) and see or do whatever they want in the preceding days.  Then the cruise begins, it is a great way to relax and enjoy lovely scenery as the boat winds its way along the Rhine.  We had snow and ice on our cruise, so if you were a couple who loved the cold and wanted to do some skiing along the way then Dec is a good month, I hear during the summer it’s also great, as the top of the boat is the sun deck and people relax and enjoy drinks while enjoying the same scenery I saw it just looks totally different.  Vineyards were bare when I cruised by and wine bars were closed, but I can just imagine in the summer stopping at a village and walking up to a wine bar and enjoying some local wine while looking out to the boat and the Rhine.  Then a couple of days into the cruise you come to the destination where you will have your wedding.  Melk is the name of the town, and the chapel (picture below) can be the location for your truly European ceremony for 250 euro, can you believe that!!  Then everyone walks down the steps to the Charles Dicken looking village below, maybe have drinks and hors d’oeuvres at one of the bars/restaurants there, then everyone walks back to the boat where you have dinner and then dancing the night away in the lounge/bar area.  The next few days are you honeymooning with your nearest and dearest, visiting some more villages, and maybe some side trips to Salzberg or skiing or whatever is of interest to the guests.  Then when you get to the end of the trip, you can head off to Paris or Portofino/Amalfi, or Spain and continue your honeymoon, and your guests can head home or head to destinations in Europe that appeal to them.


photo2  photo1I

If this sounds like your dream wedding experience, let me know and I will help you make it a reality.

Till next time


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