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Well this came about without any planning/intention and it was really fun, so thought I would add it as one of my offerings to potential couples.

I had a call from a ‘nearly groom’ to see if I could help him with his proposal.  They would be flying in (all a suprise to the bride) and making their way to their favorite hotel and then flying back home a few hours later.  What could I do on this end to set everything up so this could go seamlessly, hmmmmm.

I came up with three options –

1) a canopy setup on a lawn overlooking the ocean with a table with lovely linens/chairs and flowers.  A waiter with champagne at the ready, and once the question was asked and answered, a lovely lunch. 

2) a hotel room at the hotel with petals leading from the door to the balcony where a table would be setup with lovely linens/chairs and florals, same thing with a waiter/champagne, and after the question is asked, a lovely lunch, and some private time!!!

3) rose petals at a certain spot at the hotel (which I would be keeping others away from) where they would end up, he would get down on his knee and propose and then they could go/do whatever they wanted

With all of the options, I could have a photographer and video there to capture everything forever, and for sure the bride would get to take some of the florals with her on the trip home.  A harp could be added for ambiance or ipod music.

He chose option one.  Lucky girl who was a fiance by the end of the trip.

So if you have a groom who you think may need some help here in S CA subtly leave my name/number lying around, or if you are a groom and want some help in getting things setup here or elsewhere, contact me so I can help you.  Fun and fabulous, what a great start to the rest of your lives.

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