Mariners Ballroom Beautiful

October 11, 2012 lisasimpsonweddingcelebrations
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I was so thrilled with how everything came together/looked for this beautiful bride.  The eventual layout was not her first choice and even though I told her we would orchestrate whatever her preference was, I gave all the benefits to the layout we ended up with, but it really wasn’t her first choice.  Until she saw it.  And then she got it.

Remember, if you have a planner who has worked your location or room before, all we want is for your and the guests experience to be the optimum.

Together with Nisie’s Enchanted Florist signature look/feel she creates and the color palette the bride went with, all I could say when we were done putting it all together and dimmed the lights was, this is beautiful.  Soft, romantic, their theme was Parisenne but in a mild way, starting with an accordian player at cocktails, thru subtle Eiffel towers placed with the hors d’oeuvres, their table names were photographs taken around Paris ontheir engagement trip (he propsed there and she had no idea) they were done in black & white and looked very Paris, the menu card with the french wording for each course and the final item, a Thank you sign written in french at the water table with a picture of them in Paris on it, for the guests to take.

As you may know, I love a good placecard table, to me it sets a tone, gives a hint of what is to come, is the center of a cocktail area if room or the entrance to the experience the guests are about to have, the guests came down the stairs and were greeted with probably my most favorite placecard centerpiece of all time, to date.  Again beautiful described it and the feel it gives.

Dancing to the end thanks to wonderful Tim of Invisible Touch, Jim Kennedy and Lauren from his studio taking the photos you see here and of course all the people pics the couple are going to love, and of course the great team at the Hyatt, Cheryl and Javier and Glenn and his team, all the right players were in place to make this the successful celebration it was.  They are on a plane right now heading to their honeymoon, enjoy guys, and mom enjoy knowing it is over and it was all worth it!

This service for us was a hotel reception only as the church provided a church lady that really doesn’t need or want co-ordinators around.  Mother of bride wanted someone from my team there just to support and then I like it as I am kept in touch with what is happening and where everyone is.  So Teri was at the church, then kept things moving and shadowed during the photos at the hotel.  Mom said to me at the end she was very happy she added that option on as it gave her comfort knowing someone was there keeping them moving and taking care of little things for them.

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