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Small budget/nice effect

These two weddings whose pictures you will see below, were both working with very tight budgets,they spent their money differently, but the same end result happened, a good time was had by all attending and great wedding celebration memories were made.

Hyatt HB – Vista Ballroom.  This bride was very soft and lovely, and by using white in the centerpieces, and the lovely new white linens the Hyatt has just received, adding the chivaris and the white dancefloor, the end result is everyone thinking a lot more was spent than actually was.  When they came to me they had their photographer and videographer, but needed music and floral, and the dancefloor/chairs.  They took my advise and used my favorite great value for money florist and dj, quality and experience does not have to be compromised.  But they just couldn’t swing the quote we got for chivaris and dancefloor, so she found someone north LA area.  Well here is the lesson, as long as you have a good co-ordinator, and a vendor and hotel team there for you, you never know what goes on to make it happen.  The dancefloor/chair vendor was 30 mins late getting to the room, and very slow in unloading, I had to ask the hotel if they would mind assisting with their setup crew to put the chairs at the tables, not only did they do it but my dj jumped in too.  The chair cushions were quite stained (but thanks to dim lighting  and us turning the really bad ones over, the guests did not notice,) and the dancefloor did not piece together as it should, not to where it could be dangerous, but this was not the best.  If you were at a location where they were not keeping an eye on vendors (I called to see where chairs/dancefloor were, right at the time the guy showed up at the ballroom all sweaty saying he didn’t realise the hotel was so far south of them (uh hello, mapquest or gps??) and a freeway was closed, and hotel staff willing to help keep things on time, this could have been a disaster.  Just remember, you do get what you pay for.  The good news here is, if you look below it is pretty and calm, and only us professionals know what it took to get it that way for when the guests entered, right on time.

DSCN0095 DSCN0082 DSCN0089

For the wedding below, I started with them from the beginning, budget was tight and guest list was big.  They were not willing to budge on the guest list.  So after securing a church which gave us our date and time (got to get that done first, saves a lot of stress and frustration), I gave them about 15 locations to look at the websites of and see if many appealed, they narrowed it down to about 12, then B&G and brides parents (it was always the 5 of us having fun, lots of pizza and beer after our meetings!!!) and I set out and looked at them all over the course of two nights.  We walked into the Radisson Newport Beach and they fell in love with the Pavilion.  It is a structure with roll up sides, some lovely tropical plants behind where the headtable should go, and the feeling of being in a tent.  We then got  creative with the linens to compliment her colors, black/white & burgundy, using garden chairs to give a comfortable summer feel and overlaying linens that were complimentary, then focused on florals to bring in the burgundy, we kept them low to keep the budget in line and the depth of the burgundy broke up the black linen top.  It really did turn out lovely for them.  Now, this is a party group, so a lot of the guests were staying at the hotel even though they are local), you get great rates at a corporate/airport hotel on a weekend, and today just happens to be very very hot (and here we were a year ago making sure the hotel had heaters they could roll in as well as turn on the ceiling heaters if it got cold!!!! ) so about an hour into the dancing, a lot of the guests went to their rooms and came back nice and comfy in shorts and tshirts, including the B&G, and now they are really just relaxing and having a really good time.  When it ends here, the hotel bar (which has the feeling of an English pub bar which they loved from the minute they saw it) will be the place to be.

167H5332 167H5300

The staff here are very lovely to work with and assist with anything needed.  And the food is always good, chicken was served to all and it was quite delicious, moist/plump and the sauce quite yummy.

We came in on budget and they never had to compromise on anything, so all are very happy.

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