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Awesome St Regis celebration

Just had two days of an awesome celebration for a couple I have really enjoyed and know will share many champagnes with in the future.  Ceremony and upscale barbeque on Friday, then the shi shi cocktail party followed by dinner/dancing event on Saturday night.  Fab u lous, is the only way to describe the couple and the events.

We started out where they really didn’t know what they wanted, allowed me a lot of creative freedom to come up with thoughts/ideas, and being very busy professionals and living in Texas and only having two trips out here during the planning months, went along on the ride with me.  So I was full of excitement and anticipation both days, knowing I could see how everything was going to turn out, and being beside myself waiting for the moment for them to see the end result.  Tears, hugs, happiness.  I was sooooo happy for them and their response to both days.  Great group of family and friends I got to know over the two days and they were there to celebrate.  Intimate group of 65, but that dancefloor never had less than 60 on it, and they danced for 3 hours non stop!!!

Thanks to the great team that had the product and expertise to make me look fab, and the couple so happy, Square Root/David you went over and above, tx.  Fusion for the dancefloor/furniture and other elements I needed.  Classic for the chameleon chairs, leather or suede, well suede of course, and they were fab.  E motion picture studio, thanks to Kimberly and Marc for both nights.  Julius our dj (who I worked with earlier in the year) and was the only component on board before me (small small world this biz is), then we confirmed the hotel and started with the rest of the vendors.  Along the way I tried to come up with unique/different elements to incorporate. 

The details: now, I have to admit I ‘borrowed’ the thought from another florist I love, but it was the first time Square Root and the hotel had done it and they were both a bit sceptical, but as you can see below, the ‘suspended cake’ was wonderful and definately caught everyone’s attention and was a center focal point of the dining area. We did mirror tops on the rectangle tables, and by positioning the furniture the way I did, we made 2 sofa/chair sets, look like a lot more.  The couples sweetheart table was a water filled box with orchids floating in it.  We framed the center tables with the icon Square Root look on the outer tables.  We used the drapes in Club 19 to reveal each area at the right time to reveal, ie, when the guests came into Club 19 for the grand entrance and a few dance songs they only saw that setup as we opened the drapes on their way in, after the few dances we swung open the drapes to the dining patio with the couple leading the guests in, and a lot of gasps and oohs/aahs photos were being taken as they went in and found their seats, with all the candles it looked spectacular.

As everyone knows, I am too busy at a wedding to take pics, so James Johnson thanks for these great pics and for as always being the great sport, creative soul, and the just nice guy you are.

Of course, can’t forget, Kelly and her bosses at the St Regis for helping us make these events happen.  The guests were telling me how fabulous the service had been all weekend and the staff in all depts/areas at the hotel (all the guests were staying in house).  Jose, Blass, and the banquet staff, thanks as always, we are a team and the guests feel it, and appreciate the respect we all have for each other.

Now out to the pool and a champagne with a big smile on my face

Till next time


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