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August 3, 2012 lisasimpsonweddingcelebrations
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What a great planning time we had and it all resulted in a fabulous celebration for this so fun couple and their guests.  I have never laughed so much at every meeting than I did with mom and bride when we were interviewing vendors, and the tasting was just hilarious, I am sure Mark from the Hyatt wondered what the heck was going on, they were just fun fun people.  My lovely bride got busy so the groom stepped in and became my partner in the details/planning and boy what a great job he did, and he never became a bride or groom zilla much to the disappointment of the groomsmen who wanted to know and I think really hoped I would say he did!!!

I could see where we would end up with colors/feel, and it did not disappoint, the dark burgundy linens with a blackish hue to them along with the black chivaris and then the black vases for the florals just looked fabulous. 

From the beginning the groom had wishlisted a casino, and as time went along it got put further back on the list due to spending in other areas that became important as we were going through the process.  But two weeks ago I gave him an offer too good to be true, I approached a vendor who had just bought some brand new tables and was going to start rolling out that he had them, and I asked if to get the ball rolling he would give me a great price for this groom that I just enjoyed so much, and he did (another reason why using a seasoned/known co-ordinator who has relationships with locations and vendors can be so beneficial to you), and the groom was so happy, and so was the lady last night that won the IPAD that was the prize for the raffle tickets that were either switched for raffle tickets, or if you played the more you won the more raffle tickets you got.  Between that and the photo/prop area they had and the only band I refer/endorse, this party went on until midnight on a Sunday night with probably 80 guests still there at the end, not bad.

Thanks to Frank Salas for the great photos. below:

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